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  1. HI, hope someone can advise - had reply from NW today saying charges are fair. I had already sent LBA but am thinking maybe this is response to original request for refund and possibly need to resend LBA? Thanks in advance Jayne
  2. Quick update and question - I've had a reply to my initial request for repayment. They're saying it may take them 6 weeks to look into my claim fully so to be patient with them. However, it's now time for me to send the LBA so my question is this - do I send it or give them the 6 weeks? Thanks in advance Jayne
  3. Hi, I started a v small business last year and opened an account with Natwest. Unfortunately I've accumulated some charges due to payments missing to me from clients. I've been successful on our personal account reclaiming charges and wondered if it was worth going after the charges on my business account. As I said, I'm a very small business and things are very slow moving for me at the moment. If I could claim back these charges it'd help me out hugely. I've already requested copies of all statements and should get them sometime within the next 7 days. How does the OFT case affect
  4. Thank you for your reply. I'm sending them the 2nd letter today, giving extra 14 days before reporting them to FOS. Jayne
  5. I had a loan with Welcome that had PPI on it. It was all done over phone in Nov 2005 and I was never told PPI was not compulsory. It was inferred I'd not get loan without it. Have sent first letter and got the bog off reply. Is it easier and quicker and more likely to succeed with FOS rather than going through courts? Also, if I win will they take the £600-odd off my current loan (without PPI, I might add!) or shall I get the refund direct to me? Many thanks Jayne
  6. Hi, we had a mortgage with GMAC and got into arrears. During the time of being in arrears they charged us £50per month. On top of this, they charged us £15 per month for not having a DD in place. This £15 carried on being charged even after clearing all arrears and even up to the day we remortgaged away from them. I phoned them a couple of weeks ago and spoke to someone who gave me the list of dates when we were charged over the phone and I sent the first letter asking for refund. Got the usual bog off reply. My question now is do I do the LBA threatening court action or do I go
  7. Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of my aunt who has a Studio Cards account. She's paid PPI on it until last year when she queried it and cancelled it. However, during that call they refused to refund the payments made back to her. Her reason for cancelling is simple: she's on disability living allowance and income support and has been for years. She's told me that whenever she spoke to them about it and explained her circumstances they fobbed her off by saying it was there if she needed it!! Am I correct in thinking we need to do a SAR first? Thanks in advance Jayne
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