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  1. Let's try again. Why should the taxpayer pay for the pope to come? Should the tax payer then pay for every single religious leader in the world to come at the same expense (or respective cost) Or is the pope special because he precides over approx 1000 people? Why the celebs? Who cares? All religions have them? Surely that didn't make even one point. Do I have to name athiest celebs, no, I thought not. Should I mention people who are against this who are celebs, nope? Let's leave that one! Sorry Daniella, 'real murderers' doesn't compute. I'm not going there, though. Also, who cares who has money or not! Now't to do with it, except to say they should fund their beliefs by themselves. I mean this type of event.
  2. Well done Latty - I'm knackered if I run to the shop! :D
  3. Fine, but where is the discrimination? I am saying all such expenditure is bonkers, innit? I don't see a 15 million arabic visit or athiest party? If they want to come then fine - just, err, pay for it. The pope is head of state, but isn't recognised as one, he has no immunity (real immunity) that's why people are trying to have him arrested. Also, head of state my arris, as the article explains, it is of no economic benefit to the country unlike real heads of states popping along. Nah, I agree things get spent that doesn't benefit all - but this one is a pure waste of money that the queen, seemingly, has had the taxpayer shoulder.
  4. I am not against the queen purely because of the effect she has on the country's balance of payments or trade account, and I would argue that if she was booted out or anything that feeling of 'catching a glimpse' would be gone if it were just a tourist attraction rather than a residence. It just adds to the intrigue? Guessing. However, she definately costs more than that per capita (taxpayer) as evidenced here. BBC News - Who should pay for the Pope's visit? I'm not getting into this waste of money on the religious front because I can't be ar5ed. But, the queen is basically spending this money by inviting him, isn't she? So there is 8M plus many more millions in security costs. The stinkly wealthy church is chipping in 7 million - how kind, and I'll wager all of it was taken by those that dug deep in their poor pockets. So, in a time of cutbacks, is this really necessary? Here was me thinking he was going to get locked up when the crim landed on our shores? (ahem). Not blaming the coalition or labour (who will have authorised this I assume) but I'd like to see the coalition bloody stop this madness!! (There, I managed to keep my Catholic hatred to myself) *goes and spits expletives in the corner*
  5. I signed up with Experian at my last address - well, sort of. I couldn't finish the application since I couldn't remember the post code of the address I lived at some 5 years ago. It was a new build and wasn't available on the web. Even though I never finished the application they kept the data as I turned each page and along came the enemy - so you don't even have to submit the application and they help themselves. I have the post code now, but I won't be doing that again. I won't be applying for any credit I do not need, and I won't be checking to see what 'new defaults' the DCA gits enter when they purchase any debt (rather than updating the original default date) until another 4 years have passed.
  6. Thank you. You managed to say concisely what I was trying to say. Btw AC, I assume '? or homosexual' was a mistake.
  7. And if you are so fed up, maybe you should stop making wrong statements about people. Just an observation.
  8. 'misconstrued' You said it out loud? I never wanted to argue with you, but you said what you said. It was offensive and wrong, to me.
  9. That's the thing, isn't it. You have me defined - yet are a million miles away! No offence, but you are indeed off on one. It's just what you see. You think I'm on some sort of mission, which, I might add, I half don't blame you since you know how anti-catholic I am. BUT, no - your wrong, DD. Don't judge my 'angst' honey, I just don't like comments such as 'I think NOT' and thoughts of HIV (which are always aimed at gays no matter what excuse comes up) I am sorry about my 'misery' but I think you confuse my frustration with what has been said. Such a lovely story though. Still, 'None of them carry on like me' WOW. Here was I thinking I was just defending 'orrible misgivings about HIV which won't be deleted? You don't know me at all, and nor do I know you, so lets stick to the facts of what have ben said. Maybe you should read AC's posts again, but, I fear it is lost on you.
  10. So??!! At no stage have I attempted to mock your rightful opinion, but good grief, how does that claim make one iota of difference? Especially in view of your latest mis-informed claims. I feel I am now taking this further off topic, but my word, is it any wonder. We should just agree to disagree.
  11. I do hope peeps are getting your 'tongue in cheek' Anyway, I heard you dabbled in '81....could be a rumour, but it seemed real -so I'm gonna stick to it and pass on my feelings about your bi-ness.
  12. LMFAO! No, just a trainee. I want to go pro, but people who have never lived it seemingly know more than me about it, and due to these thoughts, or passed on thoughts, I think I'm going to fail and 'choose' to be straight. HURRAH!! Normality resumes... I would have gave up my wage as a boy to be straight - if only I'd known. Meh.
  13. Whilst you keep providing reasons for not being a homophobe, you still seem blissfully unaware of how hurtful the things you seemingly believe and say can be. Not for me anymore, but I remember. Does your darling man not tell you it is not about choice? Just asking. Also, it is too hard a concept for us all to just not make assumptions about others? (too young, yes). I'm not having a pop, I loathe religion and I don't exactly love those that follow it...but that is about something that is truely held by belief, not reality, and young 16 year old homosexuals are ruled by their feelings - something that is not easy considering how others think - I should know, I remember those dark days. I remember at 10 feeling awful about it, only to find out 16 is still taboo.
  14. There's you're problem. It being your use of the word 'decision'. There is none. Yes, you are 'old-fashioned' and that was never any excuse by the way. Still, it's your view and you are welcome to keep it to yourself, lol. Very pleased you admitted that. I knew when I was about 7 for the record, and hearing that tainted view is beyond annoying me anymore - it is plausable you fell foul of ridiculous stereotypes and listened to people who knew nothing about it. I ain't having a go - but you are incredibly incorrect in your view. I'm not being funny with you, because I understand why you think that, but you need to stop that now. (IMO, of course).
  15. Don't let an emotive issue stop you! Nothing wrong in free speech - I loathe it being muted without good reason. If it upsets or not is subjective; we all have our stances! Out and out offence is bad, IMO, but you haven't done that AFAIC. However, whilst you made a comment that said 'I think NOT' in regard to the age of homosexual consent, I would ask that you explain it. I'm glad bookie posted - because, yes, the red mist had descended after reading it. All the posts after stating there was no offence meant fell on deaf ears because, I don't understand why you said it. So, please tell me why you felt the upper case was neccessary, and the whole 'think NOT' thang just smacks of 'isn't it obvious'. If you don't agree that's fine, but I would like to know why 16 is so, um, 'not'.
  16. Oh, and just to add - people are offended by other people's political views and I don't see why religion should be any different.
  17. Can I just get some clarification here. Catholics (I am talking about the Vatican here - not so much the follwers) 'live' but they do not 'let live'. They order milllions of Africans not to wear condoms and great numbers subsequently die. Fact, yes? So are you saying that these things should never be discussed and just 'live and let live'? Whilst I am sometimes over the top, and I apologise for that, it is born out of the frustration of having to watch these people get away with what they do. I am not going to say nothing and exercise my right to free speech (within rules) as I was stating an opinion about what they get up to and is not my intention to flame or mock individuals. The pope is due to visit claiming he is head of state (which he is not and not recognised by the international community in any case). He allows his mob to not report child rape. Another fact, and I do not see why I should not mention it. I am not looking to argue with you on this Caro, but 'live and let live' just doesn't cut the mustard. If anybody is offended by my words then they can post that, albeit I hammer home the point that my words are not aimed at any individual, although it may leave a bad taste in my mouth which is just tough on me!
  18. I'd better keep my big mouth shut about religious people. However, an example of what they are capable of: YouTube - Creationism propaganda for children caught on camera Child abuse in my book.
  19. Walking towards the departures lounge in terminal 3 with a big grin on my face, then noticing out of the 50 flights on screen one is cancelled; mine. Up since 2:00 and I've seen enough drunks on trains to last for the rest of this year! Had to pay for the train home again, too! Bummer. Next time, dear Lisboa....
  20. Brilliant!!!! If Hitchens and Dawkins get their way and have the SOAB arrested (if he dares to come) they should play this as they cart his carcus off to the nick. :D
  21. That's not working for me either, PF - wonder if it's my PC or just that FB has been playing up all day! What's the name; I'm curious!
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