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  1. Yes, that was the post that wound me up so (and your comments thereafter). Why are you apologising? Do you think that your misgivings over statute excuse you? The point is, law or no law, you shouldn't think that way. Fine, we're all human - but my word did your post lack any merit. Yes, I have to say that I am gay to show my understanding - but this was taken out of context and it was also inferred I was on some kind of gay mission. No matter, thank you for your apology. Theresa May is a w*nker - end of that discussion, and don't compare yourself to her. Yes, Monx's post was spot on! keyword 'parity' added to one's dictionary.
  2. Fred, I know from where you commeth. Know that religion is even more 'lose-lose' Doesn't mean it shouldn't be discussed - it's all hot air and excuses pandering around offence - this is why I don't mind people disliking gays (yep, I still have an opinion about it but I really understand people's fears*) * N.b...I have no fear of religion. *bites tongue with the religious bit*
  3. I've done the same Fred, more than you know. My point was aimed at your agreeance with AC/DD...it never stops and I understand that. Look, I don't disrespect you Fred, so we must agree to disagree. My posts aren't quite clear, in fairness, and you should know I don't have any 'gay agenda' I just know, in my heart, what displays of bigotry I have witnessed, Now and prior. What irks me most, tbh, is AC's disgraceful comment about young homosexuals, yes, it was that bad. I can't even think as to how I might address that ridiculous comment. So, my back is up and I may have wandered off one one a touch. That is why. Still waiting for your approval of large scale expenditure in austere times. Sauce for the goose. (AC) And I do not see myself as a victim!! If you knew me better you'd also laugh at that! I also agree with your last sentence (since I was not thinking that way). In any case, I think my earlier comment was a touch rude - therefore I apologise, but I don't think you know where I am coming from. I also appreciate people's comments, but we, as a race, don't always agree, innit.
  4. Your post was in contravention of the site rules, you showed your hand by editing the moderation...it is that simple.
  5. You and DD/AC should marry, Fred. I know, I know... Mrs Bassett would be let down and we'd live in a scary world, but whatever. I think you'll find it is you that is ranting. Did you realise your first sentence made sense! It isn't rocket science. I hold, as you do, that discussing gays is not fit for the layman. Bigoted laymen. 'Twisted and turned' dream on, and I called no-one a gay basher (I realise it sort of seems that way - but it is not my intention, rather it is what has been said historically that winds me up) Do you really think I'm that way out? Rights for gays etc? NO. I just don't see the reason for bringing it up - pure and simple. As for refering to my post - you crack me up. sarcasm being your tool - oh, maybe not...but what other excuse have you got? It may have escaped YOUR attention, Fred, but there has been rather large displays of all factions of bigotry on this thread, and yes, I'm sensitive to the gay nonsense spouted on here and on threads that preceeded it. Stuff your gay suffering, fool, that's just YOUR take on it.
  6. Dosser. The re-emergence of your referral link has been, yet again, reported. Good job I'm not in charge, lol, 'cos I'd ban you ar5e.
  7. But then I am, again, guessing because I didn't want to read it. I'm human. The same way Catholics, like yourself, don't read the Irish reports of child rape/torture because the truth potentially hurts. You know, criminal abuse in the name of religion (It's lost on you...don't fret) I'm not sure there is a parallel there, but I didn't read it for some reason...guessing really.
  8. No, I do not go of the deep end. Whilst I confess it reads that way, it is what has been said previously that sticks. I am not, in the slightest, referring to David Laws. I posted that link up on facebook many hours before it turned up here - and TBH, I didn't read it (flatmate told me about it). My comments, again!, are nothing to do with that and I echo a previous comment (Bookie, I think) that said something along the lines of 'his homosexuality is no excuse' it certainly is not.
  9. Damn, I missed the boat there... should have PM'd you a referral link!
  10. Thank you for the homepages...I know them. Your first post remains a referral link.
  11. TCB rules all..it is a real god. That site you posted is terrible. Still, we lives we learn. It's Symtec or something. Don't post referral links though, buggars up your credence.
  12. I really hope that god awful link is taken down. And I think it's a referral link at that.
  13. This site is a white label website owned by *forgets name - begins with 'S'* It is basically Greasypalm and should be avoided like the plague. Stick to the mother of all cashback sites; Topcashback. Failing that quidco. Though Cashbackkings is OK amongst others (avoid wepromiseto an all! another Greasypalm poor CS crock - 100% CB it might be, but the affiliate rates blow chunks and don't get me started on their CS)
  14. I didn't read the link 'cos I am well lazy, lol, but it might have mentioned that it will be an AF Concorde to start with....so our musuem beasts are safe - for now.
  15. Got a link about HIV in ghana mixed up with the above quote by DD - my bad. I was referring to this:
  16. Oooohhh, inference inference - ignoramus. Oh, hark at you again. I know you'll get away with excuses, but I got you pinned. Just WTF do you mean by this (as if I don't know). Some gay people just get on with their lives? Smacks a little of your pathetic assertions aimed at me, what with you being a clever little sausage. You make sweeping general assumptions about people and you are UNAWARE of it. You infer, deny it or not, that the gays YOU like don't do such things - but you are talking out of your behind. Are you an expert or what? Are YOU gay? Oh, no, probably not, you just know best. I can smell where you are coming from and it sucks....know nothing/big opinion. 'Ooohh I've got gay friends, so I'm clued up' jesus - I bet you don't really know them. The whole gay thing is irrelevant, so stop making parallels. You should you're clearly wrong. It is ALMOST as bad as AC's disgusting '16 is too young' embarrassing post (another that knows best). Eejits. You need to understand why you say 'some gay people'. Yes, that's fine in itself, why not, but you have personally given me the whole 'holier than thou' rubbish in defining your ill-conceived assumptions about me, and you are at it again miss knownufink. You know nothing about it, so keep your rubbish to yourself - free speech - ok, but I won't see that go unnoticed. Say a prayer for me, lmFAO. Now - I need 15 million so I have an athiest parrrrtaayyyyy, AC will allow it (avoidance of question taken as gospel) can I have it?? Off topic, I know, but fun all the same. I'm thinking we need est. cira 5 Billion to make sure we all get to celebrate stuff...cough up! Assuming you are a taxpayer of course, otherwise I'll have to seek my permissions elswhere.
  17. I love John Prescott! Loved him for chinning that dude wot frew an egg at him, and for getting out of his car (when he's in Blackpool) and having chish 'n' fips at Harry Ramsden's with the people. He seems down to earth to me, though I know nuffink much about politics.
  18. LOL, no, I mean those that can just afford to as cheap air travel opened up the skies to many more millions of passengers. Those working classes maybe that float around the level at which every penny counts might be affected (amongst other changes going on?) I don't know - just guessing out loud. Back home with you, worm!!
  19. UK airports to become "better not bigger" - Travel Trade Gazette Not really sure what any of this means, but the CAA was useless to me before. I know I've read the airline industry wants EC261/2004 weakened (they never played ball with it anyway!) and that they wanted the gov. to help them out. With the proposed changes to APD and this, I think they are looking to boost the airline industry somewhat - who have had it tough! But I think they will try and shaft the consumer more at the end of the day. So, maybe less flights - higher fares due to the per plane new tax - less need for new runways/infrastructure & green benefits (not that a single penny of green tax has ever gone to a green issue, lol) but it sounds good enough - I just think the consumer will be hit somehow! The well off will be able to fly, but the poorer less...this also has a great effect on the balance of payments again! In other words, less flights, less regulation, less consumer rights & less leakage. I'm only guessing and can see a good side to all that, I can just see a bad side too...time will tell - but I'll be looking to get a cheap flight in soon!!
  20. LOL, you can say bum, I don't mind in the slightest, haha Although 'Thia' sounds a bit camp and I don't do drag.
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