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  1. I heard loads of strife about OTB, Seq, in the days of reading loads about hols, but then look at their Facebook page. They, at least used to, got up to allsorts of cheeky stuff.


    Not long back from Turkey with Fleetway Travel via Teletext, £179 inc. Twin room, B&B and transfers. Company was alright but the holiday was turnips. :D Bloodthirsty thieving transfers driver didn't help!


    The two scrapers not to be without if you want to look at the DIY element...


    I'm sure Mr Seq will be paying by CC if available. ;)


    Cheap flights | Compare cheap flights at Skyscanner.net


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    Often with TopCashBack. :D

  2. an airline takes the tax but the flight is not taken, they keep the tax.

    they then hide behind "costs" to prevent you getting your money back and keep the tax that does not belong to them.


    That's exactly how it is. An airline win-win revenue stream. Don't ask for it back and they win, ask for it back and they win. Good on easyJet for paying it back no quibble. The banks at least stuck together, whereas here, easyJet prove it to be a money making racket (as if we didn't know).


    I'd like to see the likes of Ryanair prove their costs are £17 higher than easyJets, or argue that easyJet are absorbing a £17 loss every refund. :lol:


    The point is though, I'd like to see any of them justify the fee covering admin.. hehe, bunch of greedingtons.


    This really should be quite straight forward - do airlines really want to go to court to justify the fee? I know people have successfully reclaimed them, just not with Ryanair where service is an issue - though possible.

  3. I have a Tesco 5 minutes to the east, and 5 minutes to the south. I would have had one 5 minutes to the north had the locals and local traders not won round one. I bet they get it on appeal. How many bloody Tesco's do we need! I've watched and read lots of stuff on them and they are outrageous. I started a ranting thread on them in here! :D


    Last I heard, Tez, it was £1 in every 7 but could be wrong.


    Time called on Tesco battle pub - Blackpool Today

  4. I always check to see what I'm in for before I buy them! Having just come back from Turkey with TC (the meal was seemingly included - though they aren't officially) I can say the brekky was exactly as shown on this site.


    AirlineMeals.net - Airline catering * the world's largest website about airline catering


    I would guess that you are ordering a 'meal' so that is all they should provide whilst noting dietry requirements. If the meal was unfit for consumption, for any reason, then a complaint (with photo's or some kind of confirmation from a steward/ess) to the TO/TA/Airline may result in a refund...but I know what airlines are like. :rolleyes:


    Bit of a captured audience up there, with little will to sort this situation out after a lenghty journey, but I agree with you.


    I once paid more than I was comfortable with so I could fly Emirates, and my mates got their dish. When it came to me they had ran out, so I had to take the other which I didn't like. Bit petty, but it really annoyed me.... I'd have rather had some kind of small refund because I couldn't eat it -though that 'choice of meal' was included in the price - a standard they aim to meet rather than promise to deliver.


    Ooops, I'm whining. :D

  5. Just my thoughts - await a proper answer!


    I would have thought the medical was outstanding, and you wouldn't be recognised as a driver as such as you have no valid licence. I think it is 11 years until you need not declare it (and 5 for insurance unless they ask) so you're OK on that note.


    I doubt you'll need to re-sit any test.

  6. dont forget that if you move,


    royal mail will pass on your redirection details to tv licence


    local authority


    it goes on and on


    they dont tell you that in the LARGE PRINT


    I'll wager RM are paid handsomely for it, too.


    Data is moneh... loyalty cards, ISP's, telecoms providers, store cards, 192.com et al and so on and so on.


    CRA's use every trick in the book too - they harvest data whether you accept their terms or not (harvested when you turn over the page) and they have other tricks too. 'Just Rewards' from Experian looks like a survey site at first glimpse and they pay around 25p - £1 at the cashback sites as an incentive - what they don't make clear is they are lulling people into a trap to update their bum chums.


    I have filled out hundreds with nonsensical info, and they paid me for the privilege too. I also like to click the CRA's sponsored google links and tan them for a bit more and they deserve every bit of it. :D


    I would never use RM redirect, nor, as an aside, would I buy a television signal receiving device without paying cash and giving the name of Mr Figment Ofmy Imagination at some random addy (hoping they do have one!!).


    Data is precious (he says with a chuffing Clubcard).

  7. Quote:

    Originally Posted by angry cat

    Please, do not lose sight of the fact that, there are so many wonderful 'Roman Catholic' priests, monks and nuns who have devoted their lives to helping others; good people!


    by Thailand:

    Forgive me if I lose sight of that twaddle.


    Not twaddle, Thailand!


    It is complete and utter hogwash. Since you are welcome to believe that tosh, I am also free to dismiss it. Murder and rape included.


    Dear chancellor.


    You are aware of the many silly religions in the world, but I hear you pay top dollar to invite their leaders (some of which boast head of state - despite the UN disagreeing).


    I will require 10 million pounds to bring a s***head to our shores. Oh, wait, I don't believe in fairy's so you can keep it.



  8. AC, for 'god's' sake...it isn't rocket science to use that phrase yet again. The bankers have messed up as usual with their greed.


    Point being, the country, no matter how it is dressed up, is skint.


    The treasury WILL spend circa 10-15 million on bringing that turd to our shores...simples. Now, if you agree (which you have atested to) you won't mind my 15 million to have an athiest event. To be clear - if every man and his dog gets this - we're knackered. Are you aware of the cut backs? Or do you think ALL should have this pathetic right of way?


    Unless, maybe, you think the Catholic church is special (puke).

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