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  1. I like the quick link to the debt forums (I do so love reading about people learning their rights and sticking one in the DCA's eye!)


    Also like seeing how many people are viewing which ever forum. I'm not surprised to see the debt collection industry sub forum being the busiest, what with the havoc they reek.


    Like the new version alot now I've got used to it - though the edit thing is annoying (Can't manage a wholly positive post without chucking a neg in, lol) happy0193.gif

  2. Anyone know how to find old threads now? Normally I would click on "Statistics" and "Find all threads started by..". I desperately need to read through an old thread of mine but when I click on the link in the post, it says "Server not found and Error 404"


    Try google 'consumeractiongroup+brassedoff+thread title' that might bring it up hun. :-D

  3. Can you open an account online?


    I'd say no, or not in the immediate future.


    I emailed them asking this, and about their fee structures as I would like to know this before opening an account (I have no interest in opening an account, however)


    In true banking form, they answered none of my questions (I asked 3), though inferred it was only possible to open an account on the high street.


    Thank you for your enquiry.

    We would love to help you open your account. We offer a great range of competitive products and Amazing customer service. To open a new account, all you need to do is visit our new store in Holborn (One Southampton Row, Holborn WC1B 5HA). Bring your photo ID (Passport) with you and proof of address. We will go through all the details with you and even print your new debit card in the store.

  4. Now i have a letter from 02, O no i dont, it is from lowells ,pretending to be 02, rang number on letter (141 in front of course) and it goes through to lowell.


    Careful with the 141 thing, it has been stated on here many times that some DCA's etc have software that allows them to see your number regardless.


    Throw away SIM cards are great if peeps absolutely have to ring these critters.

  5. Ooooh, Mr Carter... I love you!! :p


    I now know what date I'm heading for, and even better, thanks to our 'iccle greedy far-from-following-procedure sweatpea Bryan, the most anyone can ever enforce on me, or otherwise, is 15% of the debt, or around 10% without the fees and interest levied thereupon. That's the remaing debt, as I had cleared a third of it.


    You really shouldn't split your claim, sir - I know that you have no chance of getting anymore than the amount on the CCJ and you, or anyone else, can't see me back in Court again.


    That is my only (and last!!) CCJ and isn't life funny at times.... I knew how rank DCA's were, but knew nothing of the trickery of splitting claims. How I have wished I found CAG before burying my head in the sand with this, but, and as it turns out thanks to Carter, he helped me considerably with my Natwest card.


    I do feel naughty as tax writes offs and what I paid is short, although interest on the fees etc wouldn't have been that far off if I had charged their rate and dealt with the claim properly. Oh well, I'll never be reliant on any credit ever again, lesson learnt.


    Seriously Bryan, thank you chuck xx :p

  6. I don't know which Court, but I assume the bulk centre as it never got to allocation I don't think. Oh, I really don't know, lol.


    Still, that's a great idea... if I feel I need the info, i'll start by calling them. :D


    I do know what address the claim was issued at, but £8 my eye if Northampton will give it to me for gratis. Hmmm, might even try that tomorrow giving them only the address at the time.

  7. Oo-er, mother in law collections. Just love that image of a guy rolling his sleeves up ready for a fight. :rolleyes:



    I like the way you can request a more detailed brochure and then they have a line at the bottom that says your ip address, pity when I checked mine against this it was different, must be a way of stopping people making bogus request, by trying to frighten them away - idiots


    They had mine right!

  8. I have just deleted a complex story with Carter that was that complicated I confused myself. :D It really is a mess and my recollection of things is messed up! I do know the account (CC) was opened in February 2004.


    To cut a long story short, I have a CCJ off him that will be SB'd for enforcement (save an application) sometime in 2011-2012. I think he played the splitting game and that is one reason I *may* elect to check with the trust to see all the details. I have read on here that no CRA's are involved, but can anyone cateogorically state this is the case? I'm sure I've read some murky posts about the trust. I don't even like the idea of paying with my visa debit!


    I haven't applied for credit in a long time, and have no intentions of doing in the future, save for a possible mortgage, so feel I want to be in the know with as many details about this as possible. If I get the old DCA re-defaulting rubbish on some minute and not owed debts, then I need to sort that out after this is SB'd. The less nudges the better with potential enforcement potentially days away. Some off this debt is owed, though most of it is not and with the interest... I know they only have an application FWIW, as I remember filling it in, anyway..


    I'm not interested in setting aside or anything.


    I don't know why I am posting this really, other than I want to know if I can spend my 8 pieces of gold without nudging the back scratchers.

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