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  1. My first comment is that the German stuff I love was too expensive, so went for the chardonnay! I am a heathen, I'll neck it out of a chipped mug (well, not really, lol)


    I only bought the, rather delicious looking, rose as it brought me closer to the £100 threshold than anything else - such is my desire to not splash out and maximise the deal! :lol:


    Have you had a dispatch email Fred? Mine is rather ominous in that it could just be one bottle of the chardonnay! I'm not fussed, suspect there will be more dispatch emails to follow. (Doesn' mention the x6 or x12... just has the name of the wine) Suspect it is 18 out of the 19 bottles *hic* :madgrin:



    Thanks again - well chuffed. The timing couldn't be better - flatmates new super-dooper fridge freezer arrives on Thursday for the hallway... well, can't be not having all our beverages chilled, and the reviews of the chardonnay were such that I felt ordered to chill it.

  2. I agree that it's sad to lose experienced members, but the bear garden is not the be all and end all. What matters most is the main site and the advice given to members in difficulty. It's not apparent to me that this is deteriorating in any way.


    Yeah I'd agree with that. I don't know really, but hope the main site is flourishing. Lord knows (so to speak) people need it more than ever. It's easy to forget all the good, when seeing silliness in here - which in the grand scheme of things.....


    Of course most members have left due to events on the main site, but don't want to drag up some of those issues - best left to die anyway. Just have to realise the BG has died! No debate, bah bah coloured sheep have you any wool.


    Anyway, I have nothing left to say about it - BG and content - words games and PC stuff.


    Just hated it that Bookie has gone.... though she may choose to come back at some point in the future. :-)


    It seems obvious to me why she has gone, but it's not for me to comment on it.

  3. Or so it seems. It does look like our Bookie has gone :frown:


    I am in contact with her, but she is very vague! I take from that contact that we are all unlikely to hear from her again unless she or CAG has a change of heart. How much longer is the list of good Caggers leaving this site going to get before CAG stops treating people like children? My words, not hers I should add. Perhaps I should mute myself before it is done for me. :roll:


    I am not expecting any response of the ST (or certain members of it) - the idea they would care is bordering on hilarious. Well, we know people don't like to apologise for mistakes and that's that around here these days. No offence meant to those ST members who are not party to some of the ludicrous decisions taken around here. I think this is why Dave himself did one!


    I think the world of Bookie and would like to see her back - anyone else? It's all a bit rich coming from me because I don't post much at all, and was never very good at helping because I'm not very clever, lol, but Bookie not being around is the opposite of that and was very much part of the fabric of CAG.


    No more Bookie is like a death to CAG! I don't deal with change very well, lol, but new CAG is nothing like it used to be. Look at the BG - am I the only one who sees the tumbleweeds? Any good threads get deleted.


    I'm not saying this to stir up trouble, but c'mon.


    Love you worm!!

  4. Hi dk,


    In reference to the (3) deleted threads, it is true that if it were banks etc it would be fine, but as it is facts about religion, they are not allowed by someone or some people on here. They are highly emotive, so understandable to a point, but facts nevertheless. I think it was Mighty Mouse who pointed out the effort that went into them, and they were certainly important and interesting to me. To have them deleted is an abuse of power to me, and of all the fantastic questioning put forward, no response has come forward. Just a couple of bits of limp justification.


    As Bookie said, what would happen if a rape victim came here for support and stated the same facts. Well CAG would bin it if they thought it might offend someone of religious persuasion, and that is the problem right there. No, it's a disgrace.


    As Tez said 'wholesale' deletion of facts in the public domain. They can get heated, but no attempt to clarify anything - just silence and deletion. I know of three people who are witholding funding due to it - not for effect, just simply won't tolerate this madness any more.

  5. Aye, MM. Think we're talking to ourselves though. It wouldn't be so hard to implement, would it? Or would it be like taking the sign of the lollipop lady. I hate saying these sarcastic things, but people (ST) will be eternal mutes and refuse to engage in this forum, and that may be for a bloomin' plethora of reasons. I still think a good leader is required to manage this, and not be eejits about it. I know the perfect bird, but she is having to put up with it now.

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