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  1. where does it say befriend Barracad? lost!

  2. You're welcome Baz, love GB. :D

  3. Yo Jo, I have dry-cleaned your habit x

  4. Pass me a Royal Bill, feel like donkey droppings today :o

  5. Morning ladies. :D

  6. Think about it Baz, if you call me a GB then you are a FT! since you haven't got it yet, I'll give you the next letters. ;)


    Fu Tw :D

  7. Hi girls (that includes you Barra) xx

  8. aahhhhh yes, I now realise what GB stands for you FT! what the hell is going on with new new feature? me and technology mix like vodka and tea.

  9. GB? I am soooo lost with this new feature!

  10. Helpp!! what's going on! technology not my friend!

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