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  1. Hi Chris Just to let you know that I WON. Got cheque today. Full amount plus interest and a bit more. Debbie
  2. Thanks exmonkey I hope you get your money too. At least you know it will be when not if. Seems like they are paying out quite a bit a the moment. Debbie
  3. I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON ************************************ Received cheque this morning for full amount plus interest plus £200. Received nearly £4000. Can't believe it. Me and kids have been jumping up and down. Christmas holiday here we come. Thanks to everyone for all their help. Please can the powers that be change my threat title to show I HAVE WON. Thanks. Debbie
  4. Called the Court today. They said my case was going before the judge for him to issue a court date. Unfortunately they have a large back log and my date will definitely not be before January. It has been quite a few weeks since my offer from Cobbetts and I am wondering whether they are going to hold out until the very last moment. For me that might mean no money before xmas. I am still keeping my fingers crossed cos you never know.
  5. Hi Smudgeless Thanks for your advice. Will call the court on Monday. Debbie
  6. Hi all, Havent posted for a while as there has been absolutely nothing to report. Heard nothing from Cobblers and nothing from the Court. Any ideas as to how long to wait before getting in touch with the Court?
  7. Well done Chris. So pleased for you. Have a good spend up. Debbie.
  8. Hi Chris Great news for you. Means you will get your money before xmas. I am about a week behind you so I hope I get a date soon. What documents would you be taking to court if you went? I havent even thought about that. Just assumed I would get my money before that happened. Debbie
  9. You may be right Michael, however, if Natwest claim never to have seen your schedule of charges, which they seem to do, how will they know what charges were on your original claim. Your end figure will change slightly but this would change with the extra daily interest anyway.
  10. You wont need to start again. At some point they were challenge that you have not given them enough details of the charges (this is standard) so you will be able to add any charges up to that date with interest then.
  11. Hi Chris Every day I look at your thread hoping that you have your money. I received an offer from Cobbers today, but only half of what I am claiming. I am sure you will get your money soon. Debbie
  12. Congratulations. Enjoy spending all that lovely money.
  13. Thanks Lager Lou. I just want this to be over now. I am fed up thinking and worrying about it and I really need the money for xmas so fingers crossed.
  14. Received a letter from Cobblers today offering me £1750 in settlement. I respectfully declined and hope to get the full amount soon.
  15. Sent another Schedule of Charges today and added all the charges since this case started plus interest.
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