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  1. This topic was closed on 08 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. What is Thomas Cooks history with court papers being raised - do they generally defend or concede defeat.
  3. Usual BS reply from Thomas Cook - they seem to just ignore the issues I raise and just state they cannot add anymore to the complaint. So next course of action? Letters to the directors or go to ABTA?
  4. I would never pay for Sky to come look at my box... the way I see it is if the equipment is faulty then they don't have a customer therefore thats why they do it for FREE... for that reason I would never insure or cover a satellite tv, cable box, cable modem etc - in the contract period you are covered by manufacturers warranty anyway and afterwards your in a even better position as an out of contract customer!
  5. Taking into account the Hotel has 66 rooms and this Rugby team would have occupied at least 16 of these rooms if they were double occupied.
  6. In my first response it stated something along the lines of "we only received three other complaints about noise in the hotel during this period, therefore is seems that most other guests we satisfied." So thats 4 complaints... to me that indicates a problem as not everyone is inclined to write letters into companies... typical english attitude is just to put up with it!
  7. Heidi1 (or anyone else on this thread) - do you work for TC if so PM me as I have some questions. Your right I have asked for compensation as if you dont ask you don't get but if Thomas Cook were to refund my out of pocket expenses and actually investigate the complaint properly instead of trying to fob me off with statistics about other peoples holidays?
  8. Yes Thomas Cook did book them all as the property is a Thomas Cook exclusive this is the blurb in the brochure... "UK Exclusive - Sometimes we come across a property we like so much we reserve it entirely for our customers; though sometimes we do have to share with overseas operators. Every Thomas Cook Sunset UK Exclusive property is highly rated and available in the UK only through Thomas Cook Sunset."
  9. Obviously the banks are trying to close all the doors as it's costing them a fortune, my case was stayed until 2007 too but Lloyds still settled it - maybe because it was only £250 - who knows but my advice is get in as quick as possible but make sure you do everything "properly" as people have been known to make mistakes...
  10. >As for the behaviour of other guests, no tour operator can be held >responsible for the actions of other guests. If you look in the booking >conditions it will clearly state this. You might get an apology, but dont pin >your hopes on a payment. I know thats not what you want to hear, but i >am not going to try build your hopes up in any way. So cos Thomas Cook decided to book 32 rugby players into a hotel I have to have a dimished quality of holiday for the entire 2nd week - thats not right!
  11. Hang in their peeps no ones going to court anytime soon on this they are just inventing ways to drag it on further and further....
  12. Should I be concerned as I have no communications for SCM that they have settled.
  13. But the company is not abiding by these guidelines I am having to phone them up to remind them of these timescales and then they get a letter in a post to me asking for 28 more days.... I've made a little more progress I have a senior manager who has asked me to specifically put in writing what I require and she will investigate it - to be honest all I am asking for is a apoligy and a partial refund for the services I was not able to use, due to sharing the hotel with a unrulely team of rugby players. If I don't get anywhere with this letter then I will contact the CEO directly and if that fai
  14. I have contacted them and recently got a 2nd response, a half page letter saying they cannot add anything more to the initial reply, except when I asked them to look into it again it was because areas of my complaint were not addressed in the initial response, and because dismissing a complaint statistically is not in my opinion investigating a complaint.
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