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  1. As i have been really poorly, i too had wrote seeking to settle out of ourt. In a nutshell, i offered to settle for the original amount claimed as long as they paid the interest amount to children in need. Not really a reduced amount overall then but i'm sure they could have claimed something on the amount paid to charity - no response was forthcoming. I did also make a great point of saying that wherever possible i thought we should be try and save the courts precious and valuable time etc etc. They never even f-ing well acknowledged my letter lol. nor have they acknowledged or
  2. I just typed out a small chart detailing my name, account number, detailing each fee, what it was for, the amount charged and then the total at the bottom. you'll only be adding and claiming the interest in any court claim that you make. i.e late fee £20.00 01/01/2005 late fee £20.00 03/05/2006 overlimit fee £25.00 06/06/2006 total £65.00 simple pimple. Chin up and keep at the swines!
  3. Oh yeah. Notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing) Allocated 1 and a half hours, Scúnthorpe county court on December 18th. Bring it on Citi
  4. Claim for both Dan Good luck, Scoobyandy
  5. Good luck but i wouldn't hold your breath. Scoobyandy
  6. Sounds just about the same as the defence they sent to me - except they claimed that the diff between £12 and £25 has already been paid to Cabot financial (debt recovery). The debt with Cabot was settled in October 05 (in full) and i even asked Cabot the other week if they'd received any payments from Citi and the answer was "No payments since the account was settled" - ooh what competence Citi. I have now written a letter asking that judgment be made for this payment (diff between £12 & £25) and sent to me as the account with Cabot was settled a year ago. No reply yet - nor
  7. Yup - objection letter sent. (From template on here) It'll take me a week to get to Salford if it gets transferred (stifling snigger). Scoobyandy
  8. AQ from Citi says: see attached: and then: Would be grateful if court consider remitting to Salford etc. In keeping with overrinding objectives of keeping costs down and courts local familiarity etc. Spates of similar cases identical pleadings. From the cpr, notes on allocation at 26.2.1, it is also clear that justice ought to be "local" to the defendat, and that this principal is of general application. Client - national customer base, currently defending loads of identical claims based on OFT report etc Defendant will be relying on its director of finance to explain cha
  9. Apparently, their AQ is in and the whole case has been paased to the district judge on the twenty-something of October. I'm off up there tomorrow as i want to see what there Allocation Questionaire says and see if they are trying to drag me, a disabled man on benefits - all the way to their local court instead of it being heard local to me - the individual.
  10. Any updates worth pm-ing me about anyone? I'm at the stage of having filed my AQ. Looking forward to reading anything about how Citi are digging their own grave or worthwhile ammo... Scoobyandy
  11. Update: Got defence through. Basically reads thus: 1. Their details. 2. Their business and address 3. I had one of their cards 4. Admits agreement contains standard terms and cond's and that same t&c's entitled defendant to levy charges. Avers claimant signed agreement agreeing to and knowing the incorp of such terms. If claimant denies this then he is put to strict proof of the fact that no such agreement was signed by him. 5.Defendant admits the dates of charges i refer to and the amount debited. Due to breaches of the T&C's. 6. Defendant denies that the charge
  12. Second letter received reminding me that i could still accept their offer of £200+ (the difference between their charges and £12.00 figure). Amazingly, this arrived the same day as their time ran out before i filed my claim at the court. The claim is now filed at County court for the full amount and as soon as the stamped paperwork comes through, the details will be posted here. Cheeky ^%$£s expect me to settle for 200 odd quid when they now owe me £900.00 - yeah right - i might have been dumb and desperate enough to have one of your cards years ago, but i'm not sitting back letting
  13. Well, i got a reply to my preliminary letter - same old template that everyone seems to be receiving and offering me the difference between the 12.00 and what they actually charged me. As they asked me to accept the payment in full and final settlement, that was duly rejected completely, and i've now sent my LBA. Whats remarkably crap about it all is that when mr Udy offered the £260-odd, he referred to it settling a balance of £190 - something and the balance would be forwarded to me as a cheque. I hope this is indicative of the standard of competency i can expect from Mr Udy a
  14. Claim number: 6SC01281 Amount: £475.00 plus £181.68 interest TOTAL £656.68 Deemed served: 21/09/2006 Acknolwedgement of service filed on 22nd September, signed by "B. £$%^&&" (Illegible) "In House Solicitor" - now i'm worried - really worried. NOT. Mine will be in S****horpe County Court by the way if any locals or near-by people are interested. Scoobyandy
  15. Trouble was, my balance was made up of old debts/balances that just snowballed with their fees etc. The original amount was £475.00 and with interest at 8%, my claim has been submitted for £656.00 or so. details to follow to a mod as and when i get confirmation that it's been served and have my case number. Sounds brilliant claiming an even higher interest rate but to me personally, it's not clear cut and simple to find out the figures. A cop-out some may see, but i also see that most people are sticking to the 8%. I'll see how this one goes and may look into applying the contractual
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