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  1. at the end of the day, the best part of £400 is better than nothing, but £800 would be far nicer. i'll await some other answers on here and see what others think i should do.
  2. the thing is, other than these charges abbey national have never really been any problem for me, and it would be a fair bit of hassle for me to change to another bank. my overdraft is £1500 interest free as a student. i don't wanna end up going somewhere else and finding they won't give me an overdraft due to my credit history.
  3. but what i'm saying is.... if i accept the 380 then it will come off my overdraft and at least i will make some use of it, whereas if they did refund me the full amount, but shut my account, then i'd actually be in a worse position than i am now as i would have to pay back the remainder of my overdraft straight away.
  4. right, basically i'm a student and i have an interest free overdraft. over the years i've had just under £800 of charges i've started my claim for these charges, and today recieved a gesture of goodwill letter for £380. now here's my dilemma...... i am around £1300 into my £1500 overdraft. if i don't accept the gesture of goodwill and i proceed with the claim to get all the money back, then can abbey ending up telling me they want to shut my account? what would happen with the overdraft that i'm in? basically i can't afford for them to shut my account cos then i'd have that big chunk of overdraft to pay off. what are the chances of abbey telling me they don't want me as a customer anymore? would i be best off just accepting the £380?
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