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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi I Know I Put This On Here On Friday But For Some Reason It Not Showing But I Won They Paid Up In Full On Friday Then Had There Normal Letter On Saturday Saying Would Cost To Much To Defend Blah Blah. We Would Just Like To Say A Big Thank You To Everyone And A Personal One To Jonni Who Without His Replys I Know We Would Not Have Gone All The Way (very Glad We Did) Donation On It Way Thank You
  3. hi you can write and say you will not accept if you like. i just wait til 14 days was up and sent the next letter, couldn't be bothered to reply as i thought it was a joke considering the amount i was asking for back but do what you feel is best for you. good luck
  4. hi just to update you all, we had letter today from northampton courts ( which we thought was quick as we didnt file til late on tuesday)saying it will be deemed as served on the 29th and they have till 12 of june to reply. lets hope they just give up and pay but cant see that but we can hope anyway will keep you updated as and when.
  5. hi and thanks jonni but if you read the post i put before my last one you will see i did manage to find it and have filed the claim i have also put the claim number on there in case you wanted it. i dont know how or why my last post is coming up before that one?
  6. hi update i am at this minute trying to do the claim through the moneyclaim site but im stuck when it comes to put in words why i am taking them to court. i know some of you have posted what to say before but i cant find any of your threads so can someone please give me a rough guide because getting it under the amount of words they give is proving hard. your advice would be helpful.
  7. hi just to let you know i have now put my claim in via moneyclaim will see how it goes. claim number is 6QZ33175 for those you may need it the post below was earlier on in the day not 15.55
  8. well i have just spoken to some guy from halifax named jules hurl ( anyone heard of this one?) he has just said they have had the lba letter dated the 25th april and even read it to me (so why cant royal mail find it then) he said no-one has looked at my letter yet and would get someone to do so but and it is a big one i have just sent a e-mail to them with a copy of the lba letter does this mean i am now going to have to stand by that e-mail and give them another 14 days? any advice would help here as im really in a pickle dam royal mail got alot to answer for.
  9. well what a dam mess my claim is turning out to be. As you will know from my last post i was about to file claim with court and thank god i have not done so as it seems my second lba letter sent on the 25th april never arrived dispite sending recorded delivery. I have phoned royal mail who have confirmed this and say they dont know where it has gone and i will get a book of stamps as compensation what a bloody cheek. So now i assume i must now resend the lba letter giving the dam halifax another 14 days?
  10. hi guys just a quick update, well they didnt pay up so i shall be filing my claim this week. done the spreadsheet which was easy once i got days since offence sorted. will update you once i have filed and thanks to all because without this site and the comments i would never of done this.
  11. Hi Guys Well It Has Been 14 Days Tomorrow That I Sent The New Lba Letter And I Have Heard Nothing This Time From Halifax So Unless They Pay Up Tomorrow ( Cant See That But Hey I Can Hope) I Shall Be Filing My Claim On Wednesday Morning. Getting A Little Nervous Now But Wont Let Them Know That Anyway Will Keep You Update.
  12. Hi Quick Question I Sent The First Lba Letter On The 17 April Given Them 14 Days To Refund Taking Deadline To 2nd May But Then Saw Wrong Amount So Sent New Lba Letter On Tuesday Should I Of Given Them Another 14 Days From Tuesday Which Was 25th Or Should I Of Stuck To My First Deadline. Sorry To Be A Pain Just Want To Play Safe Incase It Goes To Court
  13. Well I Have Spoken To Halifax Yesterday And Told Them That Amount Was Wrong And That A New Letter Was On Its Way With The Correct Amount Owed All I Got Was Thank You And A Note Made Of This On My Account. However This Morning I Had A Letter From Them Offering Me £1057.00 Instead Of £513.00 As Previously Offered.this Must Be Based On The £4000 As I Know They Would Not Have Had The New Lba Letter Untill This Morning. Well My Answer To That Offer Is The Same As First One No. So Now I Wait Until Tuesday And If I Dont Get The Whole Amount By Then Its Off To The Courts
  14. well having gone over them all god knows how many times im sure we have put wrong amount (thanks to them repeating themselves) so new lba letter going out first thing monday morning for just over £2600. shall keep you updated
  15. thanks for replying jonni just going over them again and trying to come up with all the answer's and will then hopefully come up with if i need to send a new one or stick with old, will keep you up to date anyway thank again
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