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  1. Good morning. In January 2003 I took out a car loan with Direct Car Finance. The loan for the car was with Welcome Finance and front loaded with PPI of over £1500. At the time I was employed as a servant of the crown and as such can't be made redundant. I was also entitled to full paid sick leave so PPI was not needed. I was not worldly wise and was told that I needed the PPI to be accepted. I took there word for this and signed the agreement. Over the last couple of years I have tried to reclaim the PPI with the following results. Welcome Finance originally said that I fall outside of the agreement due to the date the loan was implemented. They directed me to the PPI underwritters who at the time was Norwich Union, AKA Aviva. Aviva have looked at the claim and said "we're sorry to advise that Aviva is not responsible for investigating the sale of your PPI policy. This is because the policy was arranged and sold by Direct Car Finance (DCF)" They have included the address for DCF. Has anyone successfully claimed against either Aviva or DCF? Is what Aviva has said correct? I do not want to give up but they make it so difficult. Thanks for your help, Rob
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