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  1. Always refuse to speak to them. A debt collector came to my door about six weeks ago. My wife answered the door and I heard him say he was from Robinson Way (I didn't know they operated in NI). When I came to the door, I told him that I’m not going to speak to him and closed the door. He looked surprised and had to leave. I haven’t heard a thing from them or Cabot who they were collecting for since.
  2. Maybe they get their letter writing ideas from watching Minority Report. I have a few debts with capquest that I'm currently fighting and live in NI. I wonder if I'll get one of these too!
  3. I noticed Aktiv Kapital wouldn’t comment to the BBC – how typical. DCAs don’t like their foul business practices being questioned.
  4. Does anyone know when this might become law? 2010? 2011? And is it likely to cover the whole UK and not just England and Wales?
  5. I am about to send a CCA request to Eversheds for an old Cahoot loan (£2700+). The last payment was over two years ago when my IVA failed. Does anyone know how this company deal with CCA requests? Are they generally able produce enforceable agreements or not? Also, does anyone know anything about this Max Recovery crowd? Do they have a web site? John.
  6. Credit Today online What a shame! Maybe these 40 people will need the help of these boards soon.
  7. You haven't masked your details well enough. Your details can be read.
  8. Thanks ODC! I get letters all the time from ScotCall aka Belfast Collection Services threatening home visits, etc. These letters have a return address in Scotland. I guess that’s were they are sent from.
  9. I am about to CCA a few companies (namely Cabot, Lowell, ScotCall and whoever else comes knocking). I have a few questions before I do this. 1. I live in Northern Ireland (I see there’s a few from these parts on these forums). Should any DCA/creditor actually take me to court, do they have to do so using a local court over here or can they do using their usual favourite, Northampton? I assume our court system over here is different from England/Wales or Scotland? 2. From other people’s experiences on these forums, are they more likely to attempt to obtain a CCJ if you own proper
  10. Maybe I'll not bother - I couldn't afford that many washers.
  11. I’ll buy Cabot for a fiver and then dissolve the company. That’s all they are worth and they’re so-called employees considerably less than that. Once I get a few things sorted out, I’ll be firing a few CCA requests off to Cabot. Personally, I can’t wait for the games to begin.
  12. I would assume that all debt collectors are helpful when you’re doing exactly what they want i.e. paying them in full. Funny enough they have never been that helpful to me. I wonder why that is? I’m about to start a battle with Cabot and a few others, and I’m looking forward to it.
  13. I have been browsing these forums for a while and wish CAG all the best in the upcoming libel case. I have donated £5 today and hope to donate more over the coming weeks, as funds allow.
  14. I got the same date for my claim against the A&L (24th October) for my claim posted 2nd September. I had to sign the same form and return it. No doubt the A&L will drag this out to the last possible minute. John.
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