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  1. Thanks for responding! Do you know if their policy is to close accounts is charges are reclaimed? I live in my overdraft of £1250 and am worried they will insist on closing the account and me repaying the overdraft straight away...Can you give me any info on that? If I do decide to proceed, how do I go about arranging a court date etc? I have read the FAQs, but to be honest I feel a little thick as it doesn't seem to explain it. I really want to get on with it pronto so any help would be appreciated. This site has been so helpful. I will definitely be donating that 5%!
  2. Anyone have any experience of Natwest closing their account after returning the charges? They have offered me a refund of £612 as full and final settlement, although they owe me £1400. Problem is, I live in my overdraft which is at £1250 at the moment. If I try and claim all of it back, will they then tell me they are closing my account and want me to repay the overdraft? And if I just take the £612, will they do they same or leave me alone?? HELP!!
  3. Ok, I sent back a letter saying that I accept the refund but am pursuing the rest of it, etc. They have written back to say that that's the best they can do and the £612 is there for me if I want it...I'm tempted just to take it and consider it done and dusted as I really need the money, but I can't make up my mind. Also, they put in the letter a rather interesting paragraph..."Much of the recent media coverage on bank charges has been fuelled by the Office of Fair Trading investigation earlier this year, but that was limited to administration charges on credit card accounts and did not e
  4. Also - another question - at what point do I request the interest back too? These charges go back to 2001 so I expect there's a fair few extra pence owing to me...
  5. I can't wait to get it all back, the money-grabbing monsters...
  6. Today I received a letter from Natwest saying that they would refund £612 as a gesture of goodwill (out of £1400) but I have to sign to say I take it as full settlement. I have heard about this but unsure what to do...I've been told to accept the refund but make it clear that I will be pursuing the rest of the money. Is this right? And if so, can anyone point me in the direction of what letter to send back?? Thanks! At last I can afford to get my car fixed and back on the road.
  7. I have received all my statements back and am wanting to send the second letter, however I am having trouble finding the Schedule of Charges template for listing all the charges. Can anyone help?
  8. Don't worry Lazza - this family member knows you'll do it!!
  9. Am sending off my initial letter to Natwest tomorrow. When I went into the branch they said they had changed their policy and were now chargin £10 per statement page printed!! Hopefully this letter will scare them though.
  10. Thanks Dolly - I've just been reading some of the success stories and they have strengthened my resolve!!
  11. Hi - I have just registered and am itching to get started claiming back charges from both Nationwide and Natwest. Could someone please point me in the direction of how to get started? Maybe I am missing a link here but I think I need some help! Many thanks!!
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