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  1. Hi honeybee13 Thanks for reply. Ive tried but had no joy getting through, guess they are busy, no surprise there lol. Could you advise me as to where or which address I could use in order to receive the orginal agreements and do you know if they would have a copy of the summary & recommendations or would that have just been kept by my sister? Thank you for all your help, maybe I should start a new thread or maybe you could move the last few posts to new thread? Dont want to divert the thread starter from their issues.
  2. Hi, is they any update on this case? I am trying to help my sister with what she believes is a mis sold policy. Just wandered if a Subject Access Request to gain orginal documents in which she signed, works in the same way for these companies, as it does for the banks. We have spoken to Scottish Widow but the information they send ever included the signed agreements. Someone please help
  3. Hi Great news and well done you. Im having the same problem and wandered how you contacted them as my emails are now getting returned. Who and how can I contact them, I agreed to pay them £20 per month, made the mistake of giving them my card details to do this, they have now wiped out my bank with 4 card payments totally over £140 the day my job seekers was paid in leaving me with no money to feed my children. I need them to get in touch so PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!!! Many Thanks
  4. Hi Frank Thaxter, Go into Halifax branch and ask them to put in offical complaint for you. They will take your details and explain what has happened. I did get them to refund me. Also open new account so that this company dont have access to your account again. Secondly read other threads here and get after the people who took your money. There are always they will refund you if the bank doesnt. You are in your rights to get this money back, be strong and know there are people here in the same boat that can help and support you. Good Luck
  5. Hi all, Im so glad many of you are finding this thread useful. Thats why I started it. Sorry so not being on here for a while but Ive been very busy at work. Update on my Watchdog contact, (if you read earlier posts you will know about this), Im still trying to get more info together in order to forward it, this is nearly done and feel that with the number on posts here, and people effected by these monkeys, it would certainly be in their interests to view/contact them and challenge companies like this, certainly make more people in general aware of the dangers of these types of companies taking money for the poor and in need. geoffb377 my advice to you is open a new account and you have totally peace of mind that this company have no way whats so ever, to take more money from you. It has been reported that they can keep your details, then months later, bang you for another £70 odd. If any one else has had issues or stories, please write and add to thread, more stories and advice given maybe we can help loads of others in getting their money back. Regards Super Saints, ( we are top of the league, say we are top of league) ha ha
  6. Hi all, Im happy with the arrangement i now have in place, but can any one here confirm 110% that payday loan companies can only enforce loan total + 1 months interest? Many thanks
  7. Hi all, Tracey that is great advice, some info has now been sent to my friends friend who works for Watchdog. Waiting to see where she wants to take it. If she needs examples, I see your happy to be included, is that correct? Regards
  8. Hi alibal704 I went into my local Halifax branch and the manager there was already aware of this company due to other customers having the same issue. Get them to raise a compliant for you and call the fraud team on your behalf, and make sure they take all you details. I had a letter back from Halifax saying that although they do not need to refund as a good will gesture they will on this one occassion. The refund was back in my account within 5 days I believe. Can you please private message me the contact details you have for Power Loans, as im building a case for a friend of a friend who is hoping to get Watchdog to bring these companies to the public, and hopefully stop others getting into the same problem. Good luck, I hope this helps you and please update me with how you get on. Kind regards x
  9. For the small price of a phone call, it is worth a shot. Ill phone them in the morning and update here for any other people in the same position. Thanks again
  10. Hi again and thank you for your quick response I will be breaking the news to them when they get home, as its a share house, we all have our own locks to the bedroom doors with names on the outside so worse case senario is that they come in the front door but only hopefully enter my room so they shouldn't be effected. I hope your right and it wont come to that. Do you have any knowledge as to how I could spread the payments over 6 months? Maybe speak to the courts again and get them to authorise Marston to allow me that time to pay, hopefully when I pay at the end of this month it will show willing that Im prepared to stick to it? What do you think?
  11. Great, now i'm really worried !!!! Just wish I hadn't bother making contact with them until I was in a position to pay them in Full !!!! I live in a shared house now to reduce my outgoings, and I have nothing here of any value, I live on the bones of my arse as it is and just work full time to cover and pay bills. This is the cheapest place I have found to live in, and if i get kicked out of here by them breaking in, than I really will have no where to live. I just couldn't afford to live anywhere else. What are the chances of them breaking in, would they put letter through door first requesting payment, even though I have offered to pay £200 on payday. I am so so scared right now.
  12. AT LAST A RESULT WHICH IM HAPPY WITH ........................ Got the interest frozen and along with future charges , able to spread the payments over a number of months at a rate i will be able to afford. Only downside is the £36 but to be fair, if i had contacted them earlier I know that they would have wiped that charge to, so lesson learnt on my part. RULE OF THOUGHT If I can fight against these people anyone can, just dont give up and dont accept everything they say or offer you. You will be able to sort things the way you want them to be sorted, take control but commiuncate with them and they will communicate nicely with you. I hope others reading this gain strength and knowledge as to how and what you can do against WDA, good luck. If you need any help or advice I am only happy to help as many people have helped me along the way. Thanks all Take Care
  13. Hi WDA Thanks again for your help, Fair enough. You have been understanding enough with me, so lets just get this repayment plan in place, so we can move forward. Can you re send me the new settlement with details of no further charges and interest, amount to pay back is £636 I will set the standing order up for £50 for the next 3 months and payments will go out on the 1st of every month. Is that ok? Regards ***** Dear ******, Thank you for your email. I will resend the payment plan schedule minus the interest. We will allow a few days after the 1st each month to allow time for your payments to clear into our account. Regards WDA
  14. Hi WDA On what day did you send the direct debits then for the August Payments? ******* Hi *******, The direct debits were sent on the 26th August. Regards WDA OK, IVE CHECKED MY EMAIL AND I CONTACTED THEM THE NIGHT BEFORE PAYMENT WAS DUE, OOPS. I WILL TAKE THE HIT OF £36 AS ITS A LESSON FOR EVERYONE ELSE OUT THERE. IF YOU KNOW YOU CANT PAY THESE COMPANIES, GET IN TOUCH WILL BEFORE YOU PAYMENT DATE !!!!!!
  15. Thanks again ploddertom. Ive just bitten the bullet and come of the phone from the Magistrates Court and Marston. Court phone call as ever was I nice experience and very helpful. Cleared up what I owe, also detailed the payments made in the past, where my account is at and although Marston did pass it back to the courts, they have sent it back to Marston to start tracing me down again after my house move. So phone call to the lovely people at MARSTON !!!!!!! I counted to 3 and dialed the number, They confirmed what the courts had just told me, account balance currently £524 plus £275 ( £75 admin + £200 bailiff visit fee) = £799 in Total. Because I didn't inform them of my change of address, after my most recent payment and they have dates and times of Bailiff visits to old address there is nothing I can do to clear this additional charge. I then tried again to sort a repayment plan out with them, what was offered = £200 payment today to hold off the bailiff and I must clear balance within 8 weeks of today. As I have no money until pay day (last working day of the month) that just didn't happen. I said i'll pay the £200 then but wont be able to clear the remaining balance within 8 weeks of today, but was told "well I will put note on system and now we can trace your new address, I cant promise that you wont have a visit before then". I asked if they came to the house before the end of the month, do they carry a warrant to entre and cease goods? her reply was YES, they can contact a locksmith and call police if needed, the courts have given our bailiffs the right to entre, is this the case? Oh she offered to hold the £200 offer for 14 days, which was clever as I get paid in 17 days time lol but the 8 weeks starts from now, not when I pay the £200. really want to get cleared of this fine, but they make it impossible. No wonder why we have so many people on the run and not paying fines when you have to deal with MARSTON. I work hard, I made a mistake and missed a few payments, I want to pay you back !!!!
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