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  1. Ok, No statements have arrived despite a phone call to Abbey who assured me they would despatch as a priority so I have now sent of my prelim with estimated charges. LBA to be sent 15th Nov and I return from India on the 6th Dec to put in my claim. thanks settingsun
  2. thanks bish, yes very helpful thanks. have decided on a course of action... i'm due to go to India on the 16th Nov, my sar 40 days is up on the 30th oct so I thought I would give them the full 40 days then put in my prelim then the 14 days later my LBA which would give another 14 days by which I would be home a few days later. i just want to keep a close eye on proceedings and as people have said keep to MY timeframe. thanks for the help really appreciated!!
  3. also... taken from the prelim template: 'What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX '. what interest is it referring to as I thought you only applied interest when you made a claim? anyone please, this is driving me nuts!!1
  4. Hi Bish, No, no box for estimated charges. the interest (s69 8%) for 1 year of charges came out at 14.71 so i'm assuming that when I reach the point of making a claim i multiply this by five to cover the years I am estimating . Does anyone know the address I should send my prelim? ta settingsun
  5. here is the one without interest over the last year, how do I add on the other four tears estimate? and how do i calculate the interest on these four years any help really really appreciated ************ ABBEY NATIONAL ******** ********* CLAIM DATE: 20-Sep-2006 TOTAL CLAIM: #VALUE! TOTAL AMOUNTS 450.00 Charge Reason Charge Amount Charge Date CLEARING CHEQUE TRANSACTION 30.00 10-Nov-2005 CLEARING VISA TRANSACTION 30.00 10-Nov-2005 UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT CHARGE 20.00 11-Dec-2005 CLEARING VISA TRANSACTION 3
  6. also how do I enter the previous four years estimate?
  7. Hi all, right I have entered the last twelve months of charges into the spreadsheet (simple google with interest one, is this right?) and have exported it to both pdf and xls. i now have a copy detailing the charges and a copy showing the interest as well. I put the date I sent in the SAR as the claim date, is this correct? if anyone could look it over for me i would really appreciate it as i'm panicking that it is not correct. thanks settingsun p.s my next step is to send in the prelim letter with a schedule of charges only is this correct? thanks
  8. Should I change the titile of my thread to settingsun vs abbey? and could someone give me some advice on the above questions. many thanks
  9. thanks bish, i have 20 months of statements which totalled £650 but from sept 06-sept05 the total is £450. I was thinking of putting in the estimate based on this and multiplying it by five going back to 2001, would this be ok?. I know I got hit for lots of charges in 2004 as my daughter was born and it was a tight year financially. just to recap: SAR sent 18/09/06 microfiche argument - recieved 02/10/06 dpa request - sent 03/10/06 20 months of statements recieved 10/10/06 obviously they have not completely fullfilled their DPA obligation, what are my next steps? do i wait
  10. Many thanks Karnevil, just to be crystal, do you mean if i have 12 months of statements which show £500 I then just list £500 for 2005 £500 for 2004 etc sorry for being a bit slow and cautious ta settingsun
  11. hi all, I have been reading the forum for a couple of months but this is my first post. I sent the S.A.R on the 18th sept and recieved the microfiche letter on the 2nd oct. I then sent the DPA request on th 3rd oct and have now recieved statements dating back to jan 05. my questions are these: Q. i seem to remember reading a thread on an estimated claim covering 5 years based on the statements they had which was about twelve months of statements. can i estimate the charges I have no statements for based on what I've got?. if so how do i do it? any help really really really appreciated as
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