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  1. Just wishing you all the best with that one, Chez, matey !! And, actually, what happens is - if you send them something totally silly, you get an intelligent reply for once !!! XXX
  2. I think that because CI is claimed in lieu of s.69, then it can be viewed in the same way as s.69 by the court for fee assessment. This seems a grey area, but if you can get it under the clerk's radar, then go for it, I reckon !!
  3. Well done, doo - good to see you knocking 'em off, now !!!
  4. All the best with that, Delboy. Don't forget - "He who dares......." Oh, and it's "Mainwearing" - by the way, dear boy. Sssh - Don't tell him, Pike !!! Bill
  5. Well done, and belated congrats, Pondy. Bill.
  6. San143 - How rude of us not to welcome you !!! Have a read of the forum rules (very important !!), the FAQ's, and step-by-step guide. Then you should be able to start assembling your claim. Bestest, Bill:)
  7. I hope I am permitted to express my appreciation of all the hard work that Chezt has done in this thread. I know what scary things spreadsheets can be to many people, and I hope others here will be able to help. Thank you Caro and Janet for your input, and your implied thanks for Chezt's hard work here. If subscribers to this thread are to claim statutory interest, they will still need help with accessing and using the simple interest spreadsheets. The help which Chezt has asked for included making these accessible, but this still doesn't seem to have been achieved. Thank you. Bill.
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