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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I do have legal cover but they are only interested in uninsured loses and do not negotiate over the valuations given by the assessor!
  3. Thanks, I do have a courtesy car that is costing them £72 per day. I have gathered some ads so I will forward them on. Hopefully they will offer me a figure that allows me to buy something like what I had!
  4. Hi I hope I am posting this in the right place! My car was parked outside my house on 08/08/2012 when at 11pm a drink driver came speeding up the road, clipped a curb and ended up smashing into my car and also my niece's car who lives three doors away from me. The driver was 4 times over the limit and is going to court at the end of the month. My insurance company has just informed my today that the assessor has written off the vehicle and decided on a value of £500 as there was pre-accident damage on my car which is a scuff on the wheel arch, a scuff on the front bumper and also something
  5. Hi, Finally I have received my tax credit notification and have enforced the judgement against Abbey on Tuesday. The court advised me that if Abbey do not pay up within 7 days then the baliffs will call but she was unsure what would happen when they visit my branch as the correspondance I have recieved from Abbey throughtout has come from different people and different addresses. Can anyone help in letting me know what Abbey are likely to do next and if my money may finally be insight!!
  6. Hi, I also started my claim in March and have been issued judgement by default. I am going to enforce this on Monday at my local county court but judging by the mess around you have had I realise that Abbey wont be paying me in the near future! Your thread has been really helpful in preparing me for what will be a long process. Thanks and good luck with your case Simone
  7. I have received a bank statement this morning and it appears that Abbey was going to charge me £190 again this month but they have refunded them before I knew that they existed! it seems that these are also part of their GOGW. Abbey keep telling me thay they send a letter out every time for every charge they are going to take - but I have only received one of these letters in the last 10 weeks or so, does this happen to other people? Altogther Abbey have given me £787 as a GOGW only £597 relates to charges already levied on my account and are listed in my court claim. Am I right in assuming th
  8. Thanks for that Glenn. I will contact the court first thing tomorrow. I didn't say earlier but when I ordered a mini statment from the bank it showed the £787 as individual transactions described as FEE REFUNDED for various amounts between £20 and £32. Will this affect my case? Is it likely that Abbey will respond to the court requesting the additional two weeks? Simone
  9. I have started court proceedings on 24th Sept and Abbey have until Oct 9th to respond. So far I have received two standard letters from Abbey which have basically said that they are sorry that I have felt the need to complain etc but offered me nothing, however on Friday I recieved another letter from Abbey which I assummed would be about the pending court action but no it was someone else from Abbey writing to tell me that he could assure me that the regime of charges are not unlawful or even unfair. He pointed out the term and conditions of my account and decided that Abbey are right in ta
  10. I have sent Abbey the final letter before court proceedings but they are saying that they havent received the first letter. I have checked with the post office and they have indeed lost the letter. Does anyone know if I have to give Abbey another 14 days before I take them to court because of this lost letter. The final fourteen days runs out on Monday. I have received the standard reply saying that they will only refund me one charge for customer service but nothing else! so much for their customer service, I am still waiting for a call back from my branch manager and for this refund to be
  11. Have received another standard letter from my branch manager offering to refund me one of the charges for customer service! after they received the final letter before I start court proceeding. I have also found out this morning that royal mail did not deliver one of my letters sent to Abbey that was sent recorded delivery in July requesting that the charges are refunded. They are offering me 12 first class stamps as compensation! why do they think I would be in a rush to send 12 letters when they cant deliver one sent recorded delivery! I am waiting for the branch manager to phone me back a
  12. Thanks for that I will send the letter off tomorrow!
  13. Just a quick update - Still missing the 5 months of statements so I have taken the average amount and added that 5 times. Altogether they owe me over £3500 and I am a bit annoyed with the printouts I have received as they dont tell you the date the transaction occured which means I cant calculate the interest properly. This has dragged on so long that I dont know whether to add a bit extra on the final figure to the cover charges that no doubt I will incurr over the next few months, is it wise to do this? I want to send this letter off asap but I am concerned that once they receive it they
  14. On Friday a received another load of transaction information from Abbey - I cant call them statements because they are nothing like them. This time I received sheets containing tranactions only - they show the charges being deducted but they dont say what they relate to or on what date the transaction orginally incurred. I am still missing about 5 months worth of transactions, does anyone know where I stand as Abbey have until tomorrow on the court proceeding I started last month. I do now have the majority of information requested but I am sure that there wil be charges deducted during the
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