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  1. i have nearly completed my moneyclaim and filled in my particulars but the only thing im stuck on is how to attach my scedule of charges as it wont fit in the spoace of particulars as it only allows a certain amount of characters and ive nearly done that so i would be really grateful if someone could help me with this one .............. ive searched faqs hi and low but cant find anything thankyou

  2. Hi Ker7085

    I was there a couple of weeks ago.

    Don't give up, it is there standard letter. It's like a game of chess. You send a letter, they reply saying no and threaten. You reply by telling them you don't believe them and threaten back, etc.

    I have rejected their 50% cheque and threatened court action and now recieved a reply from them saying, go ahead then !

    My next step is to work out the interest @ 8%, costs, and add it all up. Then I can issue the moneyclaim.

    Good luck.

    hi glenn good luck let me know how you get on because were at the same stage how do find moneyclaim i think after youve read the guidance notes about twenty times it kinda makes sense lol:cool:

  3. ive done it ive sent my Lba off two days ago and feeling more confident as i know i have the support of people in this group. the only thing that worries me is the alocation questionaire i wouldnt know what to put in it but im trying not to get to wound up about it.ive been on money claim just getting familiar with the site and reading up on the quidence notes and ive also satrted filling it in so any additional info on this process would be useful from anyone who has been through it.also i wondered if a experienced reclaimer could maybe be my buddy through this i promiuse i wont bug yeh.....................lol.:D

  4. i have been claiming back my charges from yorkshire bank and had sent my pre lim letter after working out all my charges i have recieved a horrible letter basically saying get notted and added to it was this............................................please note that should you proceed straight to court action against the bank in respect of this matter, the bank reserves the right to lodge a counterclim against you for damages suffered as a result of the breech by you of your contract with the bank its really worried me i dont know if i should carry on or is this just a scare tactic

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