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  1. yes they have sent paperwork back to 2001. I am going to check everything in hand in case there is something I have missed will make them revisit as they have stated they will do. I just feel that thier finding documents and sending them back to 2001 3 months after the offer was made appears rather odd when they did not send it with SAR . I will keep searching just one piece of paperwork will do it. Musnt give up . They still have not sent the brakdown after chasing numerous times. Thanks for help
  2. just noticed a thread where someone got thier data back to 1998 . Do you think its worth trying c/court. I've got as far back as 2001 which they sent when I insisted they check the redress, Funny how they found them 3 months after they made thier offer ???
  3. Just had a call from Executive Office at B/Card. Will not change thier stance on calculations for average and the use of 4 0 balance statements . Say if we can send them a statement prior to 2001 they will revisit. I have sent all to FOS can anybody tell me if they will look at the way this average has been calculated and look at it differently. 4 months with zero balance in 2001 surely cannot cover 1992 to end 2000. Any comments would be appreciated
  4. Found a phone number for Executive Office so thought I would call on the Off Chance that they had something to do with Star Chamber. Got really helpful person who is following this up and calling me when she has some news. Maybe action at last but in the queue with FOS if not !!!
  5. Well DX I have been looking at a few other Store Cards via Santander pre 2005 and find that Genworth are the people to go against so I am going that route and see what happens .
  6. Thanks Dx I will looks good to me. Can we take this to FOS it was taken out in 2001 I also believe it was originally a GE Account taken over by Santander so how can they know what processes were in place all very confusing . I'll post my letter up when I have completed it and maybeyou can tweak it for me I'm not the greaest letter writer more an accounts person
  7. No further news sent to Ombudsman now . Barclays say still with Star Chamber been there since december 18th. so now for the long wait all because they wont send breakdown !!!
  8. Well they upheld the 2 loan claims but have refused the Mortgage and Credit Card Claim . Will look at the letters tomorrow as been away . Seems odd loans agreed as ppi was sold in the same branch. The credit Card was by phone . so will needto go to Ombudsman I think
  9. Santander & Halifax are really hard to crack I'm working on a couple at the moment . Really wanted to get this sorted as my nephew isreally going through a hard time divorce etc but looks like Ombudsman case. Yet it was sold in store. I have written another letter but not sent yet think I'm clutching at straws they are just playing for time
  10. Letter received today very short . This matter has previously been in full and we issued our final response on 18th January 2013. Our position remains unchanged. Should you require anty further information please contact me etc etc etc. What next ????
  11. His family must be so proud that he he helped so many people and was selfless with his time and patience in helping so many people. R.I.P Martin3030
  12. I have been helping my Nephew with His PPi on His Mothercare Card. He honestly didnt know what it was. He even had Menangitis and was very ill and didnt claim. Had problems with DCA but has caught up and nearly paid off . Only realised he had PPI when I looked at his statement and told him. Put in a claim for him and this isthe response. Absolutely terrible was sold the card at a till in the shop. The card was originally issued by GE Can you advise next move please.
  13. Good morning I have reconstructed the spreadsheets with each individual APR rather than an average as stated on thier breakdowns and still am not near thier offer acc 1 =£4113.15 as opposed to £2994.27 Offered and account 2= £2456.43 as opposed to £1732.59 offered . Should I go back to them and ask for the actual workings . The lists they sent were just of the monthly balance PPI and interest rate which I already have. The compound interest runs rather short or should I just accept it any advice would be welcome I used the Compound Interest Calculator regulatory Method
  14. Hi IMS What an idiot I am they have sent the balance on the account the interest and the PPI paid but not thier workings what they have offered is on Acc 1 PPI Charged !1244.12,Contractual interest £989.72 8 % Interest £760.43 Total 2994.27 ACC 2 PPI Premiums £720.09, Interest Charged on Card 581.78 8% 430.72 Total £1732.59 I am going to do a spreadsheet with the correct APR for each Line to see what the difference is. Sorry if I have wasted your time, I might need you to look at new s/sheets
  15. Not yet but my case is with the Star Chamber which is the top and was sent there on 18th December . Barclays are slow thats why I maile CEO . I sent copy of the maile by post and faxe so there are plenty of copies in B/card to hopefully get something done
  16. Well this is very unusual. halifax have made 3 seperate phone calls 1 for my friends Mortgage PPi 1 for her 2 loans and 1 for her Credit Card. She has already had a refusal from the Mortgage. I need to read thier response. but she did say it felt like she was being questioned as an accused person should they be doing this . The credit Card guy spoke to me she had sent a letter of authorisation as she has a lot on her plate at the moment with her husband being ill. He asked some really funny questioned like did she have death in service insurance from her employer. Is this relevant she did have a good sickness package and had already stated that on the form which I faxed over as they had lost it. I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience with Halifax ??.
  17. Try emailing [email protected] he is the CEO of Barclaycard . If he gets enough mailsmaybe he will get something done
  18. Hi IMS wondering how things were with these workings. I have been trying all over the weekend to see where they get thier figures from . There is a gap on the no 2 account where the balance was at nil I wondered if that made a difference. I cant even fathom out 1 line. I dont really wnt to accept thier offer if its wrong I know they have been wrong before . Really appreciate your help !!
  19. I hope you have better luck than me. I am STILL trying to get a detailed Breakdown after my first offer was received dated 20th August. I have emailed the CEO David Chan and sent him an example of what am I looking for and asked why it seems a problem with Barclaycard. so lets see if that works . I think if enough of Barclaycard customers do the same we might get somewhere.
  20. Had a phone call again this morning so all claims moving fast
  21. http://www.ceoemail.com/index.php This is such a useful site for CEO mail addresses
  22. Sorry IMS interest was stopped in an agreement on 19/11/2011 on number 1 account and 19/09/2011 on the number 2 account sorry should have told you earlier. I have tried to fathom out thier workings but just hit a brick wall . Cards are still running but no interest being charge as my friend reached an agreement through ill health.
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