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  1. This is the final letter from Cigna . Will this be enough to send to the FOS . How would I complete the questionaire
  2. Its a store card so same as Credit Card so Compound interest then !!!
  3. So may be lucky. I'm going to try with Cigna and Ge at the weekend send to FOS always worth a try
  4. If Genworth pay does it mean they pay the compound interest or just the 8% I have been looking at other threads and it looks like they just pay the premiums plus 8 % is this right
  5. Letter from genworth. I write futher to your correspondence realating to PPI . I am sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced to date. Some time ago we advised you that we were awaiting direction for cases such as yours from FOS In order to dteremine potential redress which may be due to you, Genworth will now write to the seller of the policy to obtain details on th policy, including details of premiums you have paid. It is anticipated that this process should take approximately 2 weeks Once we have details required to assess your complaint further we will be in touch with you. Not sure how to look at this could be promising at least its not a NO
  6. Can someone check my Spreadsheet for Account 2 as in my thread 4 just to make sure I have it right prior to pushing further.
  7. well still no breakdown just another letter attached which ups the offer very slightly as they appear to have missed 1 months PPI Do I send another requets ??
  8. I hope you have better luck than me . I have had to go down the Ombudsman route as they just wont send a proper breakdown
  9. I think more than luck is needed against this lot . It needs some media hype to show how bad they really are. but who to go to thats the problem !!!
  10. I've SAR CIGNA but nothing just a letter saying its down to GE so may try a claim and see what happens
  11. No I haven't heard a thing since sending paperwork off I may give them a cal. I dont expect an early settlement
  12. This is exactly what they did to me. Sent to FOS and see what happens
  13. Yes I did on the SAR . They couldnt find anything on either so I sent them copies of the agreement & the receipt for settlement payment. Is my spreadsheet correct ??
  14. Yep I had to send them a copy of this agreement and the receipt to prove there was a loan. It was originally Benficiaial. I'm sure thier offer is wrong !!
  15. I have covered the address part with the receipt for the settlement of 4703.32 which was paid 22/12/2003 so took 16.4% of that to get the PPI settlement figure from that amount which was paid . I have no paperwork at all for the other loan so HFC say cant claim .
  16. That is 16.4% of the settlement figure of 4703.32 . The £ 27.38 equates to 16.4% of the monthly payment of £166.88 I hope thats right.
  17. ppi redress calculation under fos rules - single premiuHope this is ok m
  18. Hfc sent a letter after a claim asking for copy of the agreement and proof of final payment. The offer they have made falls short. I tried to phone the number but the guy I spoke to does not appear to understand what I'm saying. Again a call centre abroad. Can you look at this agreement and figures my spreadsheet so simple but they cant seem to accept it. They have stated total payments £526.75 = 8% 388.93 Total 915.68 Falls short according to my spreadsheet . They cant tell me where they got figures from in fact no help at all . Just need it checked prior to me sending a letter requesting breakdown.
  19. Thanks DX not mine again helping a friend whos having hard time !!
  20. Cigna have sent letter stating they have sent everything thing they had which is not much and basically they are not liable and dont want to know. If I send this to the ombudsman under Cigna will they look at it. I'm at my wits end with this now !!!
  21. I sent a copy of your template letter to Credit Solutions Re doorstep visit. This is the paragraph I received back . Please note that you are not correct in your assertion that,under OFT rules, we can only call at your home if you agree to make an appointment. The debt is not reasonably disputed or deadlocked, and we are giving you reasonable notice of the timing of the intended visit. In Law, a creditor is in a different position to a postman or a member of the public asking directions. When you opened this account, you impliedly agreed that the creditor could communicate with you to discuss repayment. You do not have the contractual righ to revoke that agreement until the loan has been paid. We will not disregard any reasonable requests you make as to the timeing or method by which we have these discussions. Unless we hear further from you with such a request, a doorstep visit may still be a viable option for us to discuss repayment of the account. The Armstrong v Sheppard (1959) case you quoted is dependant on each individual circumstance and only such order to refuse access can come from a Court and not from the individual. Your Comments would be appreciated. My husband has been ill for over a year now. So no money comming in as his business collapsed. As I am earning all the bills now fall to me to pay I have kept in constant touch with all our creditors and this is the only one who has got heavy handed. This is a Capital One Debt which I have been paying £1 a month off as agreed . They have suddenly passed it to Credit Solutions
  22. Now that is really odd that is exactly the same months at Zero which mine were. I have been going through some printouts and found that a new card was issued in April 2001. May they swapped cards or cahnged something at that time seems to be too much of a coincidence I wonder how many more like this ???
  23. Still haven't got the breakdown after numerous letters . You may find this interesting which I found today http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2277503/Barclaycard-offered-22-000-compensation-mis-sold-PPI--changed-3-500.html
  24. That is odd Mister M do you know what dates the 4 statements relate to ? . Have you had a breakdown ?
  25. I've been looking at print outs they sent found a few interesting notes. The new card wasissued in April 2001 I didnt think they changed them without some sort of history. There is also a line which states last authorisation 7/02/1997 does that mean it was used on that date if so that proves it was used prior to 2001 which is what I need to prove loads more to go through
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