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  1. They were awful to my grandaughter I am going to send a letter of complaint company were equita one was eating an apple and they phoned for a van to take her furniture tv etc. She was in a terrible state baby is only 2 months old. Why are there human beings on this earth so cold. I understand they have a job to do but surely they can treat people with some compassion.
  2. Thank you for your response. I have been working on the PPI spreadsheet not sure if its right or wrong but honestly this girl borrowed £1800 in 2004 hit hard times and now owes £3629.65 Please see PPI Spreadsheet not sure if this is right. Managed to get Interest stopped in 2011 .
  3. Charges ready to claim will follow with PPI . Not tried this since I claimed my sons charges in 2007 . Can someone please check sheet for me. I will need help along the way. Thank You
  4. Just working out PPI on this do I take the % of the monthly PPI and % of the monthly interest as the total PPI charged and then the % of the payment. Not as straight forward as other loans as they add the total interest on at the start . I would appreciate help Thanks
  5. How on earth can I work out the interest on the PPI.
  6. Hi I am just starting out looking at my friends welcome accounts as she has had some real hardship. I know there is PPI on there but Im not sure how to go about claiming the charges or do you do them both together . I have attached the account .
  7. Bailiff came today to my Grandaughter re Council Tax . She had a payment plan in place and because she paid 2 payments on a monday instead of a friday they came. She was on her her own with a 2 year old and a 2 month old baby. I paid over the phone by card in the end were they within thier rights or should she complain. I spoke to them and found them very rude and cold
  8. Letter From Fos saying they will have a go at Cigna . So just need to send the CQ so still a chance on this one
  9. Yes I will go after them next I just found it strange that they had from April 10 added a note of Insurance Insurance Charge. I have left this off to make it easier on the spreadsheet is this ok
  10. This is what Santander sent me to work from there are charges and goodness knows what else on there. Not very professional. Wasnt the easiest thing to work from there are charges etc but need to sort PPI first with Genworth
  11. I have just received an offer which is far too low so will copying this in and sending a copy of the spreadsheet and asking them to calculate as per FSA guidelines which means the 8% should be added when the account other approaches taken by businesses Some businesses take a different approach, or at least present their calculations differently to consumers. Some businesses present their redress calculations as: a refund of the PPI premiums plus interest at the credit card rate; and interest at 8% per year simple (without identifying what they are adding this interest to). An offer set out like this could indicate that the business has calculated compensation using a different approach to the one we would usually expect. But it could be that the business has carried out a full hypothetical reconstruction of the account and simply presented its results in a different way. In our experience, setting an offer out like that is likely to be confusing for the consumer. is in credit. On the other payments it should be compound interest at the rate on the card mostly on these around 24.9%
  12. Yes but santander cancelled ppi when I claimed against them I think about January they refused the claim so tried Genworth !!!
  13. Letter received from Genworth redress doesnt look right can you advise response please.
  14. Latest letter from Halifax Credit Card . They couldnt speak to my friend as she had a day off work and that is the only number she gave them so decided that they would refuse the claim for a second time. They did call me but refused to speak to me even though they have authorisation. She has already gone through the third degree with them. Called them back on the Monday with me by her side and couldnt answer why they called. It was the call centre in Phillipines I believe.
  15. Yep DX really love helping my friends will see them soon and request a donation when the money arrives. Now Halifax who are giving me a really hard time 2 loans paid up straight away credit card and mortgage PPI a no no! putting copy of latest letter up shortly on my thread but a win Spurs me on !!!!
  16. At last HFC correct amount and breakdown sent. A WIN *****
  17. Genorth are coughing up for a Debenhams card which went via FOS and have agreed a couple more I sent my nephews Mothercare viar Genworth and got quite a hopeful letter back still waiting. Do you think it may be worth trying with cigna.
  18. I noticed a number of storecards going via the underwriter (Genworth) which was prior to 2005 and getting paid thats why I wondered if this could be a way forward. I dont think the FOS will even look at it if I go the Igroup Route ??
  19. Yes but that is the reason I sent it to FOs I have to give them reasonable time to look at paperwork surely !!
  20. I haven't heard from FOS only acknowledgemnt it will be a while yet before I hear anything only been with them a couple of months. I wrote letter and even spoke to the directors office and still they didnt send thier workings so gave up in the end but did send a lot of paperwork to FOS
  21. How long are B/C going to be allowed to play games this is the very reason I put mine in the FOS hands. They upheld the claim but just would not send a breakdown no matter how many times I asked.
  22. Cant see FOS looking at it as was sold in 2001/2002 . If I went via underwriter they may look at it .
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