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  1. Still waiting for Welcome to respond to letter all I get is it is with our legal department . I have made numerouse calls requesting a response !!!
  2. Friend found a credit agreement from these people has a Beneficial logo in the corner . She remembers paying it off a bout 3 years ago when her husband died as advised by a financial advisor but it now transpires on looking at this that there was a sickness and redundanciy cover. Who does she need to claim against tried HSBC and sent copy of the agreement and they keep asking for sort code and account number. We done an SAR on her bank to see when the last payment was made. She went into the bank and they were just useless so and SAR was the best option. Who do we need to send to for SAR on Sterling CRedit ????
  3. The point is they would have sold the debt at a fraction of the value and I was hoping to make an offer to clear a few of my friends creditors with the cheques. All so confusing !!!!
  4. Now I am confused. I have a letter written as per DX100 post what should I be doing ?????
  5. Thaniks DX They have also stated that they are refunding £756 in Charges. Which they have advised Aktiv Kapital to refund . Can They do this ????
  6. Welcome have made an offer and they would be taking the amount off the debt. A letter was received in June stating that they had sold the debt to Aktiv and they were now responsible. Can they still take the money or should they send me the payment ??
  7. Hope all goes well there will be a lot of people rooting for you !!!!
  8. Any news on date . I watch you're thread with great interest !!
  9. I have the agreements but they were taken out in 2003 -2004 will I still be able to claim PPI
  10. Good Luck hope all goes well I await the outcome with interest
  11. Is there a Company Registration number anywhere o the paperwork for the mortgage group. I always check on the companies House website . It is nearly always quite small
  12. Right IMS will do this is the letter they sent with the list. Should I respond or go to FOS
  13. No Worries IMS I know how busy you are. Would appreciate your comments
  14. This is list just received on one of the M & S accounts can someone advise if this is correct. They dont appear to have compounded the interest is this part of the FOS remit. Appreciate any help please before settling
  15. Went via Genworth and they upheld the complaint only paid 8% though I wondered if I should go after Santander for Compound interest on Payments now ???
  16. So if Santander have refused and Genworth have upheld the Claim can we go back to Santander and request the interest paid on the payments ???
  17. I have gone to FOS with mine got tired pof showing them how it should be
  18. HFC Sent a breakdown Friend still waiting for payment if I remember rightly was over £1000 sorry I dont have paperwork any more gave it back to him . but definately correct.
  19. Yes I have all they sent was a statements when I phoned them they told me there should be another 115 pages. I said where are they then so hopefully they should be here in the next few days and I can do a double check on everything apparently there was another loan before this.and this was taken out to clear that. so I'll wait if its not here by Thursday then I will chase again and send a non compliance letter
  20. No apparently they are saying they sent another 115 pages but we havent seen them yet but the figures were on sheet thats what I copied .
  21. Shes had a letter this morning saying that an overpayment of £18 has been forwarded to the council. I have requested a breakdown of every penny she owed as I paid it on my card she was in such a state.
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