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  1. I have checked further and we have 1 letter with a ref number no date no amount Delivered by hand in large red letters and headed bailiffs removal . I have discussed this further with my son . The original debt the bailiff had was over 4k on the one and only time he met the bailiff he argued that the figures were wrong and in fact the bailiff called the council and it was amended . He actually called me last night not a nice person and advised that charges listed on websites and by the CAB were all rubbish. The payment was made on the phone and my son paid the figure he asked for to get him off his back. There is or never has been any paperwork from the bailiff which shows any charges or in fact any sums at all. Do we write to the council or the bailiffs. Have we any chance of getting any of this money back ??? WE have CCTV footage of his visit which shows that no paperwork was handed over . I really appreciate your help
  2. My son has just paid his business rates by credit card after the bailiff levied on goods. The original debt was over £4000. After a visit to the council it was reduced to £2888. I paid the bailiff an amount of £3489 Making a difference of £601. When I enquired as to what the extra fees were for I was told Enforcement. Today on the phone I was advised that the fees were 101 for charges and £500 because the debt was over £3000 . I have been looking into this further and found this web site and the chrges just dont compare what do I do now. I have paid http://www.bdl.org.uk/images/02_EW_NDL_Bailiffs%20and%20Council%20Tax.pdf Any help would be appreciated
  3. FOS Claim for Credit Card Upheld and settled. Had a problem with the Mortgage one so didnt send to FOs (arguing the points they had stated) until 23rd July which I beleived was within the 6 month timescale. I have now had a response saying that RBS are stating that they refuse to look at it as they say I am out of time. Their final response was sent on 11th January but not received until 9th February. I responded on 10 the february 2013 Was so tied up with personal things didnt send of to FOS until 23rd July they are saying 12 days out of time. I am confused as I have had a response to my letter dated 10th February from Halifax so why do they use the original letter as the final response. I have spoken to the FOS. I now have to write another letter and an actual ombudsman has to look again but doesnt hold out much hope. So need to be very careful on this 6 month rule as can be misleading. The final response is from the date of the letter that they say is their final response and not their actual final response ie the last letter received. So RBS are using Financial Regulations as get outs. Hopefully will be able to plead my case . !!!!
  4. Received from Aktiv so FOS it is now I cant see any other way of getting payment sent to my friend direct. I refer to your recent email dated the 13/11/2013 regarding the above referenced account. A remittance is received from Welcome Finance via a payment file, this is transferred in lump sum and the reference number of your account will be listed with how much has been paid and this is then adjusted on your account with Aktiv Kapital. I can confirm that the balance has been adjusted in view of the PPI refund at a total of £756.00, this has been deducted from the outstanding balance which now stands at £2,873.65 when previously at £3,629.65. The deed of assignment is a contract between Aktiv Kapital and the previous creditor, Welcome Finance in this instance. This is a private and legal contract which holds no information relevant to your request and therefore we cannot provide with the purchase figure of this account as a portfolio of accounts is priced as a whole, not individually. As we are not the original creditor we do not hold the documentation required to suffice your request, this has been ordered from Welcome Finance and will be forwarded to you upon arrival. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards,
  5. So looking at my earlier paragraph from FOS are Welcome Allowed to buy back ??
  6. Just looked at credit report Welcome states satisfied 30/06/2013 nothing on there at all for Aktive seems a bit weird !!!!
  7. Just found this on th FOS website . I am a bit bemused by the first sentence highlighted. What does it mean I am now thinking maybe they have bought the debt back how do we KNow I cant get any information from either Aktiv or Welcome ??? But if the debt was sold on to a third party and it cannot be bought back, or the business chooses not to buy it back, we might take a slightly different approach. That is because the consumer does not owe the business money – it owes money to the third party that bought the debt instead. When selling the debt the business made a commercial decision and accepted an agreeable price for the debt. In those circumstances, we would usually tell the business to calculate the compensation as normal at the point it sold on the debt – and to pay all parts of the compensation to the consumer. The business should also consider the possibility that the consumer might have incurred further losses since the debt was sold on as a result of PPI being included on their debt. Based on examples of good practice we have seen, the example below shows how a business might set out how it has calculated compensation for a mis-sold PPI policy alongside a loan that has been sold on to a third party:
  8. Probably clutching at straws. I had an Abbey Loan prior to May 2000. I know it had PPI but unfortunately I have no details. I do have the number of the loan taken in 2000 which part was used to pay off the previous loan which had the PPI on. Abbey are saying they can only find one loan. I have asked my bank if they can help with anything showing the payments but too old. Surely if they have the other loan then they should be able to see how it was dispersed which will give them the details of the other loan. Is there anything I can do ???
  9. :-(I am ok with what Welcome have offered in redress its the way they want to pay ii that is the problem. They want to pay a 3rd party (Aktiv) who they sold the debt to. We all know that these debts are sold at a reduced amount. This being the case. how do I know they have paid them the full amount for the charges £756 . These are questions I have asked and been advised that they have a provision in the contract between Aktiv an themselves that they can buy back part of the loan which relates to PPI and charges. I want proof of this. I also need to ascertain whether this is ethical .
  10. Good afternoon, We refer to your email received on 23rd October. We have sent request to Welcome Financial Services requesting them to send a letter indicating that they have sold the account to ourselves, and a copy of the remittance as you have requested. However it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks for us to receive these documents as we are not the original creditor. Your account has been placed on hold until receive the information you requested. With regards to the reduction in the balance of this account we had been informed by Welcome Financial Services that this account had been sold with PPI and this was the reason for the reduction in the balance. However we can reconfirm this with them, if this is not the case. Kind regards. Received this mail from Aktiv. Have now responded as follows:- A remittance is is normally sent with a payment. Therefore Aktiv should have a copy in thier possession when receiving funds or they would have no idea what or who the payment related to. I already have confirmation from Welcome that the debt was sold to yourselves and is no longer anything to do with them. . I actually require a copy of the agreement which states that Welcome can buy back part of the debt which relates to charges or Payment Protection Insurance. I also require a copy of the sum actually paid for the debt. These are all items which Aktiv should have in thier possession and therefore should be sent buy return. Should you not forward these on I will have no alternative than to contact the OFT and the FCA Just getting the runaround from Welcome and Aktiv
  11. The initial loan was only going a matter of weeks. They sent a check for charges on that one of just over £6. I have requested a copy of the remittance from Aktive for the £756 charges they received from Welcome and also a copy of the agreement which they have with Welcome to date no response. Next step FOS
  12. I have written to Aktiv asking for confirmation of the amount of £756 the debt has been reduced by and proof it was pai and who by . Not heard anything yet.
  13. Hope this works I really need some help now
  14. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47006[/ATTACH] This is the response from Welcome !!!!!!
  15. Well what next with these people. Phoned and requested that my letter be sent as promised firstly last week was told it had been sent on the 8th next Chris Palmer tells me it hasnt been sent at all now today I find it was sent second class on 4th . I know this is the letter I am waiting for as I asked that part of it be read out. These people are unbelievable I have now insisted that it is sent Special Delivery so that I receive it tomorrow. Miracles do happen now and again I can but hope !!!!!
  16. Still waiting phoned today and asked where my letter is still not sent I Wonder why !!!!
  17. Brought that to thier attention Welcome ignored it and said they have contractual agreements . So waiting for the confirmation letter explaining exactly what they mean to take it further !!
  18. Ok but should they pay a 3rd party a PPI Refund and also Charges which are being refunded ????
  19. Still not heard anything. I dont even have a ppi document only the one from I group. Cigna werent even mentioned so I dont know where we go if a refusal appears. What will you do next ???
  20. Hi DX I have today spoken to Chris Palmer in the legal department of Welcome and requested everything be put in writing. Also requested proof that they actually paid the full amount of £756 pounds ( the value of the charges) to Aktiv. I requested a copy of the contractual provision which apparently is between Welcome and Aktiv. I also requested the amount Aktiv actully paid for the debt. All this is very confusing. !!!! I stated that as the PPI was not thier money to do as they will with and they no longer hold the debt they cannot just send it to Aktiv. Should they have sold the debt withe knowledge that it was in query ??? HELP !!!!
  21. Right so when he tries to explain this tomorrow I will ask him to put it all in writing and then what will be my next course of action will that be FOS or court !!!!!
  22. Right today I received a text from the legal guy at Welcome. They assigned the debt to Aktiv in June . My friend received a chase letter at the end of August after claiming chrges and PPI from Welcome. Suddenly the debt has gone down to £756. which is the amount of the charges. I have been chasing a response to me letter written 21st August as per DX 100 advice,. Today I received a text stating that they will not be paying my friend as they have a contractual provision which covers this . Can anyone enlighten me as to what this can be if they have sold the debt. Should I ask for a copy of the remittance showing the £756 was paid to Aktiv in full. We all know that they sll these debts at a fraction which means they not necassarily have paid the full amount of the charges of £756 My friend has not signed the paperwork stating that they can take the money off her account as Welcome no longer own it .
  23. Beneficial House Easthampstead Road Bracknell . I thought they no longer existed. So I will try Beneficial then
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