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  1. Well still not received final decision due 18 th I phoned and asked where the letter was posted on 12th second class asked for copy to be sent special delivery to I have to wait 7 to 10 working days from date of letter is this a new ploy from lloyds to delay things past the 8 weeks
  2. Right will get on that staraight away . Thank You DX Hope you are well
  3. Good morning All the loans were successful. So really pleased. Phoned yesterday as 8 weeks is up. Was told they are defending the TMPP . Still not got letter. Whilst going through paperwork I noted that he had contents insurance as it was on his expenditure sheet for mortgage . Contents insurance is charged as a seperate entity on his mortgage account. So he didnt need it as he already had it. Can this be claimed for? As soon as letter arrives I will put up as I will really need some help . I will go to FOS as this will be a hardship case. but lets see what Halifax have to say first. So odd that 5 loan PPIS paid with no problem . Would be grateful for input re Contents Insurance.
  4. Unbelievable!!!! Sent claims Letter of authorisation with my date of birth etc for security. Today I get a call on my mobile asking for my friend by name . I iknew it was Halifax so I said you have aletter of authority you can speak to me. No we have to speak to him first thats our procedure. How ridiculous I have had letters acknowledging all his claims. All the paperwork for his SAR was sent to my address. I particularly asked that they do not call him as he cant speak on the phone due to a brain operation which has left him unable to hold a conversation and he just get tongue tied on the phone. I al;so told them if they wish to ask any questions then do it in writing and he has stated the reasons for misselling on his questionaire. What is thier game. They even wrote and asked for a letter of authority for his TMp claim which we sat and wrote by hand and sent to them what use are these letters ?????
  5. Completed questionnaire posting tomorrow I have 5 in all . A copy of this sheet will be attached to the relevant loan . Let's see what it brings forth this guy could sure do with some cash
  6. Just going through my friends paperwork on Halifax loans. Pretty straightforward. I am just a bit concerned with the following : Headed up . Repayment quotation for a branch request. Obviously a settlement figure for previous loan. Total Payable without refund £9023.66 Refund of insurance £933.78 Cr Total payable with refund 8089.88 (Amount paid into bank account) Figure to be used to repay account INT2 78.09 NIB 933.78CR PRIN 8945.57 Total Due 8089.88 Premium Amount to be posted to E/00032**(426.94 Commission amount to be posted to E/00050****(506.84 Its the following message which bothers me. Due Date DO NOT ISSUE THIS PRiNTED RESPONSE TO THE PUBLIC. £933.78 was I believe refunded unfortunately s copy of the loan account has not been sent in the SAR. It just shows that the Commission is quite high on these PPI policies
  7. Hi been going through about a foot high mound of paperqork delivered by DHL . In March 1998 he went into Halifax for a new mortgage . He already had an endowment mortgage with TSB but want to change and generate some capital. I have copies of so many forms all dated the same day with x on for signature must be a good 8 . Amongst these are Life Insurance , Contents Insurance and Mortgage repayments Insurance. There is nothing which shows advice given can he claim for the Repayments . He had full pay at work when he was off sick and doesnt remember being explained anything. Could this be TMP .
  8. Hi dx Hope you,re well. Yes it will I feel more confident about the loans which were all consolidated. It's the mortgage I've never claimed before on a mortgage repayment. It's also the seperate form which has the cross . We all know that these people just put forms in front of us and say sign where the crosses are . The thing is everything else was joint but not the repayment and this was in 1998 . Should I put something on the form or claim letter to stop them phoning him and why or just leave it . If anyone could do with the money this guy could illness has caused divorce loss of of his home. It's odd because he is one of these people who got a cheque from Halifax saying they made an error in one of his products. this will be a lot he paid 22.77 up to 2001 and the added to his mortgage and it increased to 27. Up to 2010 . GONNA NEED HELP.
  9. Hi Everyone, Been ages since I've been on here. Yet again I,m helping a friend. A bit complicated got all the SAR stuff from Halifax and he actually has a mortgage PPI and 4 loans. Ski will deal with the mortgage first. Spent a few hours going through all the application stuff . Not really much at all relating to mortgage repayment insurance only 1 form with crosses on which have been signed. At the time he had taken out LIFE AND CONTENTS with Halifax which is fine and was on the proposal but the only thing which relates to the repayment protection is the form with crosses. The loan ones are all typed forms again with the ppi added. I looked at the handwritten interview sheet which has nothing about ppi on his previous mortgage he had nothing. He has a sickness package at work and now 17 years later he is still there. Sorry this is a bit long winded but he is now divorced but the cover was only in his name. Another factor is that I know Halifax are hard nuts to crack and do phone people, although he is adamant he didn't need this and the mortgage ended in 2010 . In 2011 he had a brain had brain surgery which has left him with a stutter and difficulty in speaking.. Will just sending a booklet be enough for Halifax to refuse his claim. This guy really needs my help he is now left on part time and disabled .
  10. I spoke to them yesterday guy said that Barclaycard have to rework the redress on a number of claims and they are being dealt with in date order. I asked about interest and he did say yes it will be paid up until the actual date the claim is settled.he even gave me a direct number to redress team so I will be calling monthly
  11. Are you any further with this . I sent a claim to FOS for exactly the same reason and still after many calls it hasn't been dealt with. I just keep getting told its in the correct department
  12. Thanks DX for quick response hope you're well Even if there is nothing in thier SAR info
  13. Right so far so good an offre has been received. Can they reopen an old debt and take the money.
  14. . Yes but that was 2years after they certified my via as failed would they have passed paperwork on ?
  15. Just realised she had ppi on 3 of creditors on IVA? This was with Wilson Philips I have checked and they are no longer trading . This was failed as per certificate in October 2007 Wilson Philips went into admin in 2009 I need to get the paperwork relating to Iva where do I go now ???
  16. Just checked and we believe that this loan was paid off and not part of the IVA so should be ok . Is that right ??
  17. Is it worth doing an SAR if it is over 6 years . Should I just send a letter of claim ???
  18. I do not have the account number and obviously have moved a couple of times . Can I still send an SAR to nat west and which address please
  19. Piece of paper no company name justs states name and County court 118 of 2005 Certificate of termination. Says hereby Give Notice -- -- has failed to comply with terms of her proposal in the above VA Accordingly the Arrangement is hereby brought to an end In accordance with rule 5.34 of the insolvency rules 1986 this notice has been circulated to the debtor all known creditors the count court and the insolvency service Accordingly all creditors should contact debtor direct Dated 18th Oct 2007 So is this now statute barred ???
  20. Hi I am trying to help a young relative who has fallen on hard time. Some years ago she had a loan with Nat west and entered into a debt Management situation and defaulted on this. There is a certificate which states that the creditors must now chase themselves for the debt. This was in 2007 . This is now statute barred. Can she still claim PPI on a nat west Consolidated Loan which she was forced to take out PPI on . Or would this open up a can of worms. Any help would be appreciated as she is a single parent with children having left an abusive relationship with absolutely nothing . Thanks Guys
  21. FOS now dealing Barclays have agreed to take average ppi for 1st year of statements available which gives a£1per month but they have the used a count back method from 1992 to. 2000 which gives an extra £301 extra so total up to 3010 after tax still seems very low have requested line by line transaction to compare their interest rates and make sure they are high enough. Just keeps going on and on but still not giving up
  22. had an email from Bailiffs on 3/4 asking for ref no. Sent that over but nothing chased up yesterday . Not veruy forthcoming with responses.!
  23. We have got no notice of seizure. Nothing to say what the charges were for only verbal from Bailiff when he said 101 was for charges and £500 as the debt was over 3k. I have requested info from Bailiffs but so far nothing
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