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  1. Hi All Been reading and reading so i feel more confident now Have sent my Prelim but will amend schedule if missing 2 months turn up. If not will estimate. If it goes as far as court will I be allowed to sign everything as my sons representative.???
  2. Starting new thread under Abbey as advised now I'm used to the site. Just to recap I have most of the info I need. Except Abbey have missed 2 months in 2002. I spoke to Sheena Small (Data Protection) 26th and asked for letter confirming cannot find 2 months. She has been really helpful and has actioned everything she promised was advised a mail would be sent to the dept concerned giving them another chance and a letter would be in my hands before the 9th November when my LBA is due cinfirmed conversation in writing. I have claimed £7395 on Prelim sent 26th October. This is all on behalf of my son. Not very good when it comes to figures and letters but a superb tiler and not a bad son either.
  3. Good for you. I think that in my case (Or My Sons as it is his card ) I'm just doing this to help him out they have made a big mistake. They stopped taking the insurance for arouns 6 months then started again. So presume will be a bit easier we will have to wait and see.
  4. Hi Again Phoned Sheena Small this morning (Data Protection) asked it be put in writing that the 2 months can't be found as I may need for court . She said no problem she will mail department concerned once more and will definately have letter in my hands within a week . Keeping a friendly dialogue and it is working well so far she has done everything promised will confirm phone call in writing though now Prelim has gone off.
  5. Hi Again Got statements today all ties up with list of charges they sent. Went through checking and low and behold although they had put a stop on the card 9th May 2005. They had added Interest of £98.00 and after not charging Card insurance from May until December decided to start taking it again. So although they had agreed to suspend interest and agreed a payment of £55 per month they were taking £39 or so every month for insurance on a card which was not being used. Would you believe the Card number was different as the card that I had had expired. So they have issued a new card which I know nothing about and is definately not in my possession and have been taking card insurance monthly. So on top of charges I have insurance premiums + an interest added totalling £410. Will be on the phone first thing tomorrow. How can they stop taking this and then suddenly start taking it again when I am trying to clear the debt at an agreed rate. No wonder the debt didn't seem to be going down. Good job I have dates and times of calls and agreements made and letters confirming. :x
  6. Hi Catherine Many Many congratulations. You have given me the confidence to go for my sons charges £7300. Preliminary going out tomorrow. He's getting married next year after living with his partner for 16 years not been able to afford the wedding he wanted thanks to Abbey. His account is closed and he has been paying every month to clear the overdraft not much left now. Really annoying when I look at his charges and the way he was hassled to clear the debt. Never mind this might help a bit or even a lot (if all goes well) towards the big day. I will need all the help I can get. I have spent hours reading this forum but your case has really egged me on. Enjoy your shopping you certainly deserve it.
  7. Hi All Forgot to say when I received original list of charges plus £10 cheque back they said will credit my account with £670. which they have done. Real quick response still will wait until get statements see if it matches ther list. If it does fine will go for balance. Belive it all to be a total of £1647 Seems a littel bit back to front but at least moving in the right direction.
  8. Well sending preliminary request tomorrow £7395. Wish Me Luck !!!!
  9. No just normal interest Going to send Prelim Tomorrow. Grateful for all the help will need it. If I have to file N1 will bring amount to £9100 +
  10. Hi Been getting spreadsheets prepared nearly ready to go uo to over 7k with interest . Just want to spend time checking everything. Quite enjoying the challenge
  11. Hi, I have looked at some of the links re missing data. I actually phoned and spoke to Sheena Small of the Abbey Data ProtectionTeam (01908 344061) who is really quite helpful even wished me luck with my claim.The pages I received had a range number on the rest was blank with handwritten "not Found" she explained that they just cannot find them. So even if I sent a non compliance they couldn't supply them. I think I will work out the average of 3 months either side and use this on the prelimanary request. I am using Mindzai spread sheet which is really good and simple for an old un like me.
  12. Well today got info going back to May 2000 unfortunately 2 months missing , We are up to £6935 already. Do I claim for unauthorised overdraft fee as well . Now the hard work begins will be needing loads of help. As a pensioner I do like a good fight so will keep in touch. I would like to go for fasttrack hate giving anything away so will take time and look at all aspects.
  13. Thanks Glenn had a quick look don't think it is relevant anyway thanks again for your response
  14. Just got a bit more info I would like clarified. I paid insurance for unemployment etc to cover payments but as i was self employed have been advised that i wouldn't be covered anyway . Can anyone advise ???
  15. Thanks Glenn will do when info arrives
  16. Thanks haven't got to courts yet just used the simple spreadsheet recommended by Vampiress. Maybe I'm confused I thought 8% is added at the N1 stage So which spreadsheet should be used at prelim stage?? Maybe I haven't got myself clued up enough Glad of your help. Will carry on reading no harm done.
  17. Can anyone advise please
  18. Hi Have sent SAR to MBNA received a response with list of dates and charges and my £10 Cheque back. I defaulted on my account but came to an agreement to pay a monthly payment by direct debit if they would suspend interest. Sent SAR form withh Proof of Identity. I have done a spread sheet in anticipation of Claim from their list but as interest stopped in May of 05 is that the day I use in spreadsheet? Can I claim Compound Interest or is that already calculated in the simple C/Card s/sheet Thanks in anticipation
  19. Certainly . He's getting married next year so here's hoping.
  20. Hi I am new to the forum but am finding it an absolute godsend. Abbey closed my sons account due to funds not being deposited charges were leaving him no money at all at end of month so changed his account.He has been making regular payments never missed. Still has balance left. I have sent off SAR got allsorts of print outs including info on someone elses accounts (from data Protection dept!!!!!) also got another letter Microfiche cop out from different address. Followed through with Non Compliance. Spoke to Sheena Small on Friday 13/10 has promised the balance of papwerwork will be with me By 19th as requested. I Have been trying to get these since 12/8 original request made to his branch.My belief is that he is own thousands in charges. Can he still claim even though account closed ??? Terrific Site By The Way
  21. I have just started the process to claim back bank charges for my son on a closed account. My son has sent a letter of assignment on this account does this mean that I can deal with Abbey on the phone on his behalf.? Can anyone help I am getting the usual runaround re s.a.r although I have been sent irrelevant paperwork by the Data Protection Team including some relating to somebody else's account including name & address and transaction details in response. This from a data Protection Team!!!!!!! No statements but acknowledged cheque letter dated 6/9. On 6/10 receive another letter from Pam Speed saying statements would follow in next 5to7 days for 14 months and the microfiche get out again acknowledged receipt of cheque. Non Compliance sent to Data Protection Team now getting letters from 2 different addresses. Have sent letter to Data Protection by Special Delivery.
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