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  1. Logic does not come into it with B/Card. they have used what they see fit. Its odd that there were no statements prior to 2004 available when I sent my SAR in April but when I start disagreeing with thier redress 3 and half years statements turn up in November and the first 4 available have Zero PPI . This bothers me I just hope the FOS with look at it fairly. The firms are told to treat consumers fairly when it comes to redress this certainly is not fair. Just waiting for response to my mail by FOS and then see what to do .
  2. I really wanted to send one final response prior to going to FOS but just haven't got a clue what to write !!!!
  3. Yes DX but Barclaycard are stating that thier offer is from 1992 but they have used first 4 months of 2001 which are first available statements and used and worked back and reduced to when the ppi was sold so all at Zero !!!
  4. This is the one I have used. This is the bit that has confused me and doesn't make sense. We are not required to retain statement information for more than 6 years which means in some situations, where statement records have not been retained , we will use details from the first available statement on our records and work back to the point at which the policy was sold. This is based on the assumption that your PPI charges and balance would have reduce to zero. The first 4 statements have 0.00 PPI from Jan 2001 to April 2001 and that is what they seem to have used as thier average which is ridiculous. After all the messing about with statements. How do we know they do not have any prior to this. The SAR was sent in April and the statements were sent at 3 different times the last lot on £26th November 2012. I Spoke to FOS today they say it is the redress team who would answer the question so I have mailed them. I hope they put in writing their take on this then I will go back once more to B/Card if not FOS route. Running out of patience.
  5. Ah so I have used the wrong spreadsheet for Credit Card then. It says regulatory method so thought it was right. I thought they had to pay interest plus the 8 % as interest would have been charged at the monthly rate on the card . I averaged out the interest rates from Jan 2001 to Oct 2012 and the PPI from the same. Thier letter in my post 45 is so confusing. This paragraphh.:- We are not required to retain statement information for more than 6 years which means in some situations, where statement records have not been retained , we will use details from the first available statement on our records and work back to the point at which the policy was sold. This is based on the assumption that your PPI charges and balance would have reduce to zero. They then stated that they had requested statements from Jan 2001 to April 2004 to be sent. What bothers me is how do I know that these are all the statements they have and how come they have now come to light months after the SAR was sent. ???. They have now sent these in 3 different packages. It seems convenient that the statement they used was at zero. So from 1992 to Jan 2001 they are stating that no PPI was paid impossible still waiting for list.
  6. Does this look right to you its a huge amount. I still dont understand what they are actually saying in thier letter in post 45
  7. Have received the extra copy statements and have worked out average of interset rates etc its even more now but they are only offering £2511. what bothers me if you look at the letter they sent is that they use a reducing back method . Can anyone advise where there is a dircetive for months that statements not being available. Would appreciate someone explaining how they are claiming they pay back to 1992 Still waiting for list
  8. I have done all this and this where they sent the response so awaiting paperwork for previous years to see where I go from there. I have mailed the FSA to see if they have any guidelines in thier handbook that I am missing .
  9. This is exactly how mine started. I sent them paperwork for 2004 which they had actually sent to me . eThe interest worked out at less so I sent another letter with all the monthly interest and the APR and my monthly figure back to 1992 was 12.11 they then said that they used the average of Jan 2001 to Apr 2001 when the PPI was nil . so its a case of whatever suits them. I need to find something that states they need to use the average overall my next quest. still waiting for paperwork 2001 to April2004 which is upposedly on its way. This is another thing with Barclaycard they are very slow.
  10. I have the same problem with Barclays see my thread. Claim for over 26k offered just over 2500 I am trying to get a breakdown wrote a strong letter explaining exactly how I had worked things out. They sent back and said they were using Jan 2001 to Apr 2001 as thier average on which there was not PPI. As I have never recieved Paperwork back to 2001 which apparently they have I cannot check so am now waiting for more paperwork but the more people who demand breakdowns the more thaey will have to revisit the old workings. I mailed a copy of all my recent letters to [email protected] it goes to directors office then. Maybe thats what all Barclaycard claimants should do . I will be watching your thread with interest
  11. HSBC Deceased Success 4 Loans no paperwork but all paid and was really easy. !!!http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?361155-PPI-re-Deceased-husbands-HSBC-card-and-loans-**WON**
  12. Took your advice just wrote a few lines requesting sheet. Thanks DX . Think I was angry that they had witheld paperwork should I report them to ICO. Barclaycard seem to make a habit of this
  13. Could you please have a look at what I intend faxing over tomorrow whilst waiting for thier paperwork to arrive I thought I would at least push them for the list. Barclaycard are so long winded in sending stuff I started this in April.
  14. That would be intersting DX But no sheets just the letter I'm not one to give up as you know . So will; see what I make of it when the extra paperwork arrives in the meantime I will send a fax on Monday requesting the sheets showing the reconstructed agreement. Really appreciat any help THanks
  15. No all they sent was the letter. The first offer had the following figures A Total of PPI £1274.66 B Refund of interest charged on PPI £1056.96 C 8 Simple interest per annume £78.40 D Refund of default charges & Interest £12.00 E Total Refund payable A +B +C +D = E Total £2422.02 I responded letter 3/10 The next offer was as follows :- A Total PPI £1364.30 B Refund of interest charged £ 1040.25 C 8% Simple Interest £78.40 D Refund of Default Charges £ 28.71 E Total of A +B +C +D = Total Offer £2511.66 I responded Letter 5/11 They have responed with the latest letter. So they have taken from Jan2001 to April 2001 when there was no ppi and used that to average the PPI back to 1992 which would mean they are saying that no PPI was charged from 1992 to April 2004 How can this be. They have also suddenly found records prior to 2004 and yet I had to fax over 2004 paperwork .They have made the Interest different. Now they have come up with paperwork back to 2001. Need someone to look at this still no list from them. Need some help to compose a response when I receive the extra paperwork . They definately need reporting to the ICO this proves they are not sending all records they have in hand in response to SAR. Once I have the extra paperwork I will start again and send another letter this also shows that what Barclaycard staff are saying re average of PPI being used is wrong. Would still like to find something from the FSA to prove them wrong in thier assumptions. I also would like a transaction list as I have requested which they still have not sent. So another long letter will be winging its way to Barclacard once I have the rest of the paperwork.
  16. Well here we go my letters followed by Barclycards and my 2 spreadsheets .Its all very odd that they have suddenly found information from 2001-2004 none of which was sent when requested under Data protection. Also they are use they 4 months from Jan 2001 to April 2004 to calculate old PPI . I am also concerned with this reducing down what is that. I would love someone to have a look and tell me what they think. I did think when I did the first one it was a lot but when I did the average after speaking to Barclays staff it was nearly double and they are offering just over £2500
  17. As soon as its in my hands I will post up with a copy of my spread sheet. I know they said something about reducing down to 1992 whatever that means all good fun keeps the brain going !!!
  18. Oh Yes I have spoken to my friend and he is happy for me to do anything that shows them up or even gets them to at least make some sort of offer . Really appreciate your help.
  19. Chased up letter has been sent from Directors office WOW . Apparently they are now sending more information dating back to 2001 and state that thier figure is correct. Until I get the letter I can't comment. I did say if you have this information why didnt you send it when requested with my SAR no comment. I honestly believe that the ICO need to really clamp down on Barclaycard. It is obvious they are witholding information. Will post when I receive letter it is in my friends hands so hopefully will get it tomorrow.
  20. Thats Great DX gives me hope. Judt got a call from another friend 2 x M & S won no thread on these just waiting for breakdowns. Not so bad being 70 Lol !!!!
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