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  1. No after receiving SAR from BPF still waiting response from BPF. Trying to get to the bottom of it all . The Credit Check etc. Looks very Iffy in face there was none !!!
  2. SAR contained no letters of assignment . No credit checks nothing have sent details to financial ombudsman for irresponsible lending . It’s really a bit of a mess . Wasnt defaulted or anything in his credit file it’s all odd something not right .
  3. The difference is he was advised on the phone in june it had been written off . And sent a mail stating balance was zero . This has only come to light recently it has never been put on his credit record either . It’s all a bit hit and miss . There is something not right about the credit check . Hopefully the financial ombudsman will get to the bottom of it
  4. Just got SAR the debt was written off on 27/4/2018 in full the description on the account was policy write off . In 8/8/2018 a CCAaccount adjustment credit of £63.47 was put on the account des.CCA Adj. on the same date aCCA W/O Adj debit 10184.63 was added and then a CCA W/O Adjustment credit put the account at zero . so they wrote off the debt and then reinstated to sell to Hoist . It actually states the balance at zero !!! Which they twice. there is no credit agreement enclosed which would have been actioned by Big Cars . We have a complaint in with financial Ombudsman for irresponsible lending . Waiting for outcome still have a bit to read on this paperwork but very small print . thanks for your help dx100
  5. Still waiting for SAR . Git copy of agreement from Hoist which was by a credit intermediary big cars who have gone busy so need the SAR
  6. The question how much did hoist pay for the debt and that was the figure quoted . We’re still waiting for the SAR
  7. Hes visiting tomorrow as he is my bubble . So will go through things with him must have been about at 3/4 years ago and i live at his previous address and nothing came here at all . hopefully the SAR will give us more info . i have read about problems with fairness etc with Barclay Partner Finance should never have given credit in my opinion but was through a car company which has now gone bust, to a student . Lets see what happens unfortunately no copy of agreement either . Thank god hes grown up now and has no debt . Except for mortgage. Appreciate your help Phoned Barclays Finance got loads of info including how much they sold the debt for . HAve written to Hoist now waiting for paperwork . So at least getting sorted now
  8. Hi Trying to help my grandson . Some time ago he bought a car financed by Barclays Partner Finance . At the time i found it odd that he had been granted credit , The car company has since gone bust. He only had a temporary summer job whilst at Uni. the time came he couldn't pay . He had a call some time later asking about payment. Went through things with the person on the other end who stated that he realises he couldn't pay and the account was put to £0 . I believe there was some sort of problems later which showed Barclays not treating customers in debt fairly. Whether this was the reason I have no idea, His credit file showed as settled and no default was ever registered. Now out of the blue a DCA (Hoist) pre Legal assessment letter has appeared. Has anybody else had this problem ? I have requested an SAR to see if we can pin point what has happened. If this is an error on Barclays part what is our next course of action. It is so odd that no default was ever on his credit file . Appreciate any help . We will obviously have to wait for SAR to see why Barclays Finance have said this matter was closed and then assigned to a DCA
  9. Sent a response asking for updates at the end of every month . If they don’t happen I will write to her solicitor I do know who it is but if they’re dealing with this why aren’t they keeping me up to date ? What a mess
  10. I have been polite in my contacts but this is what I’ve got back . Shows what she’s like I’m afraid . I’ll just sit and wait . I’m not desperate for money just wanted to make sure they weren’t trying to con me as they have in the past . DWP are dealing with the query. Obviously under under unprecedented pressure due to pandemic. I do not any help thank you. To be honest I’ve had enough she’s now sent me this Nobody else is hassling me. Your solicitor can contact mine you know who it is . Please do not contact me directly again. You have no idea what problems we have here
  11. Well at last I have received a response which says problem with DWP not really telling me much . I was under the impression that all this should be sorted prior to probate
  12. It’s an individual I haven’t been advised if a solicitor is dealing with things
  13. It’s an individual I haven’t been advised if a solicitor is dealing with things Honeybee i really appreciate your responses . I have no partner so have to deal with these things on my own . At 78 it sometimes is hard but then I lick myself up and carry on .
  14. It’s an individual I haven’t been advised if a solicitor is dealing with things
  15. I just feel I’m being kept in the dark which to me seems unethical . I just wondered if I can insist on an update and also copies of the accounts to date ??.
  16. I’ve been reading up on different websites . It appears that she should as a matter of courtesy keep beneficiaries informed . It just isn’t happening the other beneficiaries are her family . I just find it odd . There’s just 1 bank account no property involved it’s just straightforward bequests . I have quite nicely now asked for the reason for the hold up . If that doesn’t happen I will send her copies of info I’ve found which states her duties as an executor . It’s just ridiculous .
  17. I have taken your advice and ask for details of the hold up. Is she legally bound to advise me of this . IT such a small amount but its principle. I know her mum woud have wanted me to have the £1000.
  18. No by whatsapp. kept all copies on screen prints
  19. Well hi again did eventually receive a response. JUst said I,m having some difficulty with settling Mums estate as soon as this is resolved you will receive your bequest. Didnt state what the problem was. I have a copy and all looks quite straightforward ,there was no property involved . Today I requested more information as I am finding this really odd now . Does she need to tell me why theres a hold up ? If this keeps up can I demand the money via County Court ?
  20. Well I feel I’m just being ignored but will give until end of week . I know this person and she thinks she is above the law . I’m keeping it very polite even said I hoped she was coping ok in the current environment . I think the next text at end of week will ask if she would prefer I contact her via solicitors .
  21. Well I bit the bullet and sent a really polite message asking if all was ok and requesting an update . No response so far so let’s see what happens . If and when this is received a donation will certainly follow . Thanks for responsed
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