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  1. Right, Well I've sent of the schedule to DG, and I'll take your advice and wait for the info from the court to arrive before sending them the schedules . Jon
  2. Hi Lateralus and Jeneil, Thanks for all your advice , I feel a lot better I'll definately follow your advice , I keep this post updated and we rely on your advice again. Many Thanks Jon
  3. HI All, I'm getting a bit worried now. I entered a claim on MCOL on 18.05.2007 its has been acknowledged by DG and now today I've just checked to site and a defence has been entered. I need all of your advice and I haven't sent any paper work to DG or to the Courts yet and I'm getting worried having read lots of threads saying that everyones send copies of their paper work. Help!!!! Big Thanks You Jon
  4. Hi Oyster, Thanks for your reply, oh where and what do I need to send to the court? I was under the impression that they would contact me for all the paper work, I am I wrong? Thanks
  5. Hello Everyone, Well I'm making my first step out into the Forum. Basically, I sent my SAR letter on the 23rd March 2007, and got a very swift reply back with all my Statements. I then sent my Letter Claiming my charges back. £670.00 in charges and £203.07 interest. Total claim for £873.07. Got a reply back from Collin Langdale saying as many of you have received that they would investigate my claim. I waited nearly a month and nothing. I decided to email the service and quality team , and got a reply after 4 days by then nothing , I kept emailing and getting acknowled
  6. Hello Guys, What a brilliant site!!!! I can't wait to get started and get some money back. Just wanted to say hello to everyone.!!!! Jon!!!
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