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  1. I know i should have kept to the arrangment with the court but i genuinely just forgot. Why is it that they wont arrange payment plans? The woman truly didnt care at all. I dont know how these people can be so harsh! I have got the money to pay but didnt really want to go into my overdraft! Think i will borrow my husbands credit card to pay it and see if they do charge this fee. If they do i will be back to claim my money back!
  2. I recieved a letter yesterday from Drakes saying i had seven days to pay £205 in full. This is for a fine i got in June for a motoring offence. I arranged to pay £40 a month by cheque and i started paying them. Then I forgot to pay a payment and they havent contacted me about it at all! They have just passed it to Drakes and they have whacked £50 on as well. I rang Drakes this morning, when I finally got through i spoke to the most rude, arrogant and unhelpful woman i have ever heard. She was so abrupt and wouldnt listen to me at all!! She basically said she could extend it to 2nd Jan but i have to pay before then or they will send the baliffs round. I offered to pay in installments but she was having none of it. I told her i was a student with two kids and havent got £205 to pay in one go at xmas. She said she has done all she can by extending it, so i had to leave it at that. Came straight on here to find out off you lovely people what i can do?? Why do they think they can speak to us any way they like just because we owe someone money? Please help.
  3. That letter is very good, think i will use that one next when the bank fob me off after the letter i sent them!
  4. I agree with steven. Dont panic! Easy to say i suppose but I am in the same situation with Lloyds TSB. I am refusing to pay any money into my account as they took a charge without notifying me and then they added more! I have complained to the bank and they are 'dealing' with it! You need to start the ball rolling by sending off the first letter on here asking for the money back. Then you just take it from there, it can take ages (9 months in my case with cap 1) but as long as you are in dispute they cant do much. Have a good read through this forum and we will all help! Good Luck.
  5. Well I went into Natwest this morning and they spouted the same old crap! I told them I wasnt having it as it was money meant for my kids! She dissappeared into the back to the manager who said that they would be able to give me a £550 overdraft! I have previously asked for an overdraft and they replied no. I was fuming but accepted £200 overdraft as I knew another charge was coming out tommorow and that would take me overdrawn again and then get another charge and so on and so on! They wouldnt even stop tommorows charge for me which really got me going. Anyway they said they were sending my letter off to the main branch where they deal with this and I would hear from them soon. Really wished I had the time to sit in protest but I had to be in work. At least the ball is rolling now against them, just hope it doesnt take nine months like Crap 1 did!!
  6. Thanks Tonycee That thread was a good read! I have typed a letter and am going into Natwest with it tommorow morning, will let you all know how I get on! Lyns
  7. Honey i have gone through the tax credits check and ended up overpaid by about £16k. Even at this massive amount i only pay them £10 per month back. I work and so does my husband and we still only have to pay £10 a month. When I spoke to them i had to go through all my incomings and outgoings and then they decided an amount they felt i could afford. You should make a list of everything you pay out monthly and what your current income is, just to be ready for when they ask for this. It is a pain getting all the documents ready to send but if you are having trouble finding them all just give them a call and i am sure they will be ok with it. I also agree you should go to your local CAB who are brilliant at helping people sort through things and understand whats happening. Good luck.
  8. Since 31st August I have had £144 taken in charges from my account and I think another may be coming out any day! The problem is I do not have my wages paid into this account any more and havent since the middle of August. All that goes into this account is my child benefit and tax credits. I want it back, i remember someone else going through this and they managed to get them to stop taking the charges as it was benefits? Does anyone know what I need to do to get my kids money back and stop them taking it in the future?
  9. My husband got this letter also, funnily enough he applied for a credit card the other day and was declined! We thought this was a bit strange as he usually gets accepted for things all the time. Gonna call him now to ask him to check out the credit expert thing to make sure that no-one has been applying for things in his name!
  10. I Did!! When I went to court the judge wouldnt allow it! This was with cap 1
  11. I have a problem with these ignoring me also! Not to the same extremes as you but I have been asking for my proof of ncd for weeks and still not had it! Hope you get it sorted soon.
  12. Sent non compliance letter today asking them for the rest of the info I requested. Lets hope they comply and I dont have to report them to the ICO (did this last time and to be honest was a bit of a waste of time as they didnt do anything!)
  13. I got a letter today from Lloyds with my charges listed but only from this year on one of my accounts , nothing earlier which is strange as I put down on the letter I wanted statements from all my accounts plus the credit card I had with them. Should I send them another letter asking them for the rest? Will I have to pay again? It also said in the letter that they are not dealing with any claims until the test case has been heard. Is this true, and has anyone else had this letter?
  14. Well done! I am just starting with TSB fresh from a capital 1 win.
  15. Thanks guys lets hope i dont have to go to court on this one! Sent S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) on 10th Sept, LLoyds have until 19th Oct to reply with my statements.
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