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  1. Cheers Elsie - fingers crossed!! I put my claim in, so just awaiting verification. Will let you know how it goes. PS - well done on getting your son all that money back -bet he was very happy. Bettyboop
  2. Thanks Milktrayman, much appreciated. Bettyboop
  3. Hi I sent mine to Head Office in Belfast, but I don't think it really matters. If you send it to your local branch they will pass it on for you. Good luck Bettyboop
  4. Hi Can anyone advise me on this one - When I am completed the online claim, is there a specific address for Nationwide I must enter, or can I put the address of my branch? Just wondering because I am in NI and it would make it simpler if I use my local branch address on the claim. Also - if it is a specific address, can anyone let me know what it is. Thanks in anticipation Bettyboop
  5. Thanks Barty and hi all Went to court today and guess what - WON!!!!!!!!! Yippee I did have to go into the witness box believe it or not and even had to take an oath, but I have to say to anyone else who finds themselves in that situation, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be and in fact the Judge (a lady) was very supportive and informal. And thank goodness for all the help on this site. Initially, the judge did insist to me that the OFT had directed charges of £12, and if she did award for me, it would be just that (the difference that was over the £12 set).
  6. Court tomorrow morning - checked account and no change in balance. Lloyds even had the absolute nerve to ring me this evening about a late payment even though I had already paid this month and am up to date! have all my papers ready (mountains of them). My main worry is that I have checked and this is in fact in a proper courtroom (magistrates Court), so I will probably not sleep too much tonight! Hubby can't get the day off work so I am going on my own (eek!). If I survive it (or even find the courthouse as I'm not familiar with the area), I'll post the result tomorrow night.
  7. Thanks Gary, much appreciated - will read through it tonight. I'll update my thread on Wednesday night - lets hope its good news! Thanks again Bettyboop
  8. Hi all Well I rang the court and unfortunately they weren't really able to tell me anything (because its not in Laganside). I just need to turn up on Wednesday morning and see how it goes. I am taking my preliminary letter, LBA, schedule of charges, all my statements with charges highlighted. I can't get the 'court bundle' file to open for me (damn computer) so I would really appreciate it if someone could pm me any of the other docs that are relevant. I have never been so nervous in my life. Any tips or suggestions would be really appreciated! Cheers Bettyboop
  9. Hi LTWFB See you are still helping out on the site! Yes, I think I better ring and find out because I haven't a clue what's going on - they even changed the court venue. I'm worried that because it says "Transfer - civil case" I could be in for a shock if I lose it (court costs). According to the court papers, the defendant (TSB) doesn't even have to attend. I have a feeling this may be when the judge decides whether or not I win/how much. As you know I have been through the claims procedure a few times before, but have never encountered anything like TSB (which has only
  10. Hi Denis Congrats - looks like you must have won as they paid the money into your account. Am having similar problems with Lloyds TSB that I won't go into,but they really do seem to be the pits - they've totally ignored everything I've done so far and my court case is 14 February, so hope like you the money just appears in the account before the date! If I were you I would probably ring the court and explain the situation, they should be able to advise you on what to do next re the court case. Well done! Bettyboop
  11. Hi Gary Thanks for the reply. Its a Northern Ireland claim, so if anyone out there has experience of this in NI, could you let me know what it all means? Am getting more nervous as the court date gets closer. Bettyboop
  12. BUMP Any advice would be appreciated guys. It also says on the online claim -"Transfer - civil case" Anyone know what this means? Bettyboop
  13. Thanks Debtmountain I think I will go ahead with it (gulp!) Bettyboop
  14. Hi a Am finally ready to submit my online claim. Have taken a long time to think about it simply because my mortgage is with Nationwide and I am worried about that. Can anyone give me advice. My claim is in respect of my flexaccount (different account). Any advice would be appreciated Bettyboop
  15. Hi all Two months down the line. Lloyds have just totally ignored everything, so I applied for a default decree a few weeks ago. I have now received a letter saying the case will be in court on 14 February for a small claims assessment. Have also been told I need to attend. HELP!!! what do I do? Bettyboop
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