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  1. thanks for your help. i will contact them and see what they say thanks again pauline
  2. hi can someone please point me in the right direction for what to do whe you have been to court been awarded your claim as they didnt fight the claim. so how do i go about getting the money owed to me.Is there any standard letters i could sent saying i want my money.
  3. hi just to say that i claimed back maintenence charges.
  4. :? hi i have just tried to fill in the form 1 and 1b to claim back from barclaycard credit card account. I sent it into the Edinburgh sheriff court. They sent it back saying if you wish to raise your claim in Edinburgh sheriff court,your statement of claim must include text stating why your claim should be raised in edinburgh. i have had a look through the site and cant find what i am ment to put. As the barclaycard head office is in manchester. :?
  5. Hi i have just came back from Edinburgh sheriff court to file a claim. I put The manager of royal bank of scotland , She accepted it ok. Hope this helps
  6. Hi. I done that £750 THEN the 8% interest = total +costs . Then toddled down the sheriff court office for them to tell me it has to be added in the original claim as charges + 8% interest = £750 (then costs of bringing to court )£39.00+8% judicial interest from the date of the claim. Hope this is a help
  7. Hi just an update I got a letter from sainsburys bank visa yesterday. After sending them the "letter before action" they have said they will give me half of what i asked for. BUT i have to sign a form saying thats full and final payment. So today i am preparing the letter to go to the small claims court. Do they really think we will only accept Half our money back ! not this girl !!!
  8. HI just an update RBS has sent a letter back saying they are looking into my concern. So im sending an court letter next. they havent resolved the complaint quickly as the letter was dated 21/08/06 next step here we come pauline
  9. :o LBA letter going to the RBS tommorow stating an answer within 7 days another step forward. pauline
  10. No. Just a basic letter. Asking for my Refund.
  11. Had usual reply today. saying sorry for any dissatisfaction of the charges. Saying that the charges are fair,reasonable and transparent. they have also said if i disagree can i let them know the dates and amounts of the dispute. Just to double check. I dont have to provide them as they know how much they have charged and when. Or do i have to give them to them. Please can someone confirm for me. thanks
  12. HI Ive just posted my two letters after spending all last week looking at this site. Thanks for all the information. Its a good site. I have sent one letter to the RBS and another to Sainsburys bank Visa. The only thing im concerned about is that I have a Mortgage with the RBS, if it goes to court and they close my account down can they then ask me to find a new mortgage provider. Sorry if this is a silly question but its been on my mind. Can anyone help. I will keep you posted on my fight with these companys thanks
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