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  1. When I finally got a job in social care after moving to the UK from another country, no one wanted to see my police check from abroad, even though I had it translated and verified. Instead they did a new check and put in wrong details about where I was born. Guess what, the check came back clear! I pointed out to them that the details were wrong. Oooh, they didn't like me doing that! They had me stay at home for another 3 weeks while they rechecked. Funny thing is, a few new people have started working at my workplace, and guess what? They are already working even though their CRB checks aren't through...!
  2. They still have not paid. Issued a warrant today. Feels odd, but what else can I do... Since it's after 9 am MCOL will deal with it tomorrow. Cost us another £35, but in reality it's cost them. And all of this for £50.
  3. "In accordance with your request, judgment was entered against the Defendant on the 20th April 2007." ...yep, they never even replied to the claim!
  4. Yes, me too! They actually offered to pay the £50 after we had filed on MCOL. I told them it was fine if they paid the extra costs I had incurred in the meantime (£30.- for filing the claim). No reply.
  5. Requested judgement by default yesterday, hope to see the result later today.
  6. ...the story continues... We sent them another letter saying the DPA request was incomplete, they replied there was nothing else they could supply (this was December '06). We sent them another letter in March '07 reminding them we weren't going away and would take them to court for non-compliance. Then all of a sudden we got a proper letter saying we had never asked for bills, and they would send us copies asap. These arrived a few days ago. Unfortunately the penalty charges (late payment) aren't listed, so we sent them another letter (today), saying we would like to have a list of all the penalty charges they had applied to our account, otherwise we would have to take legal action for them not complying... Getting there, slowly but surely...
  7. OK since I've got no reply I'm sending the letter as it is today
  8. DON'T PANIC That's what they do, they try to intimidate you. You say when you've sent your letters, but when did they reply - or didn't they reply at all (apart from sending the statements after ages)?:? Anyway - read up a bit and you'll find this kind of behaviour is not that unusual. I had it with NatWest, and what did they defend, nothing, they paid, so no worries, just do some reading and that will put your mind to rest;) .
  9. Hi y'all Started this in November 2006 but was too busy with other claims and things going on to continue with it until recently. We are asking £50.00 unlawful charges back, and you'd think it was easier than with big sums, but no... We gave them more than enough time and sent another LBA to remind them we are not going away on the 13.03.07. Gave them another 14 days, then issued a claim at MCOL. Today we get a letter saying ok, we will give you £50.- back if you sign the acceptance form. This is my reply, what do you think? Dear Mr Goldie CARD/ACCOUNT NUMBER: XXX XXX XXX XXX Further to your letter dated 30.03.2007, which I received on the 04.04.2007. I trust you have by now received a copy of my claim which I issued on 28.03.2007 and which was deemed to be served on the 02.04.2007. You will therefore understand that I am unwilling to accept your offer to refund only £50.00 as I have now incurred further costs by having to issue the claim (£30.00 court fees, £10.00 costs for all correspondence so far, and the interest of now £3.60), which adds up to almost double the amount I originally asked back. This has been ongoing since November 2006, and I have more than proven my patience and willingness to resolve this matter outside of a court, granting your bank far more than the usual time before issuing a claim. I trust you understand my viewpoint and supply you with a further copy of the list of unlawfully levied charges. Sincerely, Warms Any suggestions for improvment or is this ok? Cheers and good luck to y'all:D
  10. Hi pta6 I agree with harrythehawk and wanted to add that there is a paypal donation button on the site which takes you to the paypal area where you can fill in how much you would like to donate. Straightforward, done it myself in the past. Good luck with your claim, and ask yourself why should you get less back than what they took off you?
  11. Thank you for your encouragement, Rachee:) - and congrats on getting your money back!
  12. Finally managed to continue with this... Sent another letter asking for money back (two weeks ago, just to remind them of us...!)threatening legal action, still no reply, so today we filed a claim on MCOL.
  13. Today we received a letter from David Albiston, Customer Services. It's the usual: they are sorry we we feel the charges are unfair, they disagree with our legal analysis. I am also going to send that guy a letter. He also had the nerve to write the following: "May I take this oppotunity to remind you that the best way to avoid similar charges in the future is to remain within your credit limit and ensure that your monthly payment reaches us with the required timeframe." We haven't been using our Barclaycard for how long now? A year?! So this David Albiston says they are prepared to credit our account with the difference between the charges that we have incurred "and the £12 fee recommended by the OFT". A third of what we are asking back! As a goodwill offer! Goodwill my foot. We are going to file a claim on MCOL.
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