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  1. Hi KSharman, DON'T post it to your branch...! They are under strict instructions to refer any of these sorts of letters on to their customer services team... I wrote to these people first, and then I wrote to the second address, which finally got the result I was after...it's up to you which one you try, my first 2 letters went to the first address, and then my letter before action went to the second address.. 1) HSBC Bank plc Customer Credit Services P.O. Box 1321 Mr. Colin Langdale Service Quality Team HSBC Bank plc
  2. Well thanks to this website I have successfully reclawed all of the charges that have been applied to my current account since January 2006. I received £496 as, 'although we do not admit liability...HSBC is [sic] mindful of the management time and irrecoverable costs that may incur in relation to such a claim'...i.e. they do not want to have to fight in a small claims case! Ha ha! Thanks to all who are keeping the British Consumer a force to be reckoned with. Matt
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