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  1. no probs hun, in court again end of month by the looks of it xx
  2. not been hiding hun- just not been around lol- kids and work taking up too much time haha, hope things are ok....things don't seem to be moving too quick round here. i think theyre due in court again this month? i'll have to have a look round x
  3. I'm here mate!!!! just getting fecked off now with it all, just been looking on ur posts, good luck if you go for hardship hun, fingers crossed xx hope u r ok x
  4. when i filled in the AQ it was pre test case so i dont know if any others are about, i requested disclosure too. The courts will probably stay the case, i got to my second day in court and they stayed it then, i was gutted
  5. hi, i got at far as court b4 they requested the stay, the first time A&L failed to show, but they had a lenient judge, the second time they sent their solicitor, who agreed to pay me out, just after test case!!! i have claimed 3x before and these just take the mickey....just dragging it out lol.
  6. lol, hope they decide to just save a&l some money like good boys n gals and just pay us out...what r the chances hun????? lol
  7. yeah hun its.... Adhurst LLP Broadwalk House 5 Appold Street London EC2A 2HA
  8. yeah lol no harm in sending a bump letter
  9. me too hun, this has been going on FAR too long now, the letter just says that they are the new solicitors and it encloses a form sent to the courts, nothing about my case - just a general letter. Jenny x
  10. Hi All, has anyone who has a claim on hold received a letter from A&L's new solicitors, seems like they have kicked wragge and co out and got some new guys, Ashurst. Shouldnt affect claims at all but it'll be interesting seeing how the new guys are? Jenny x
  11. LOL x we'll get there...getting fed up too hun
  12. me too hun ...me too!!!!! how long has this been going on xx
  13. awww mate, i'm sorry theyre at it again.....its getting beyond a joke now and we're all in need of the cash, best thing is they told the judge they would pay me out...just gotta wait til they have finished there appeals....and bloody A&L are not even part of the damn test case!!!
  14. hiya hunny, doing ok ta chick n how r u? just more waiting now lol like were not used to that!!
  15. hi mate!!! big news hun, banks vs oft in court tomoz at 10....should hear something xxx
  16. Hi Jan, hope u are doing ok xx Hardship doesnt apply really....i am coping ok, better than some, its just normal day to day costs with 3 kids and a home to run lol...just wish we could see the light really!!
  17. me too hun, need this cash more and more, makes me worry if it'll ever come now!!
  18. hiya sweetie!!!! nice to be back here lol, how r u? still no news for us hun xx
  19. hiya hun, i've missed ya!!!! Nothing to report as far as i know but i've been a bit awol too not had a look around in a bit .... jenny x
  20. just noticed this thread, good luck hun, A&L deserve all the crap u can give them lol xx
  21. Thanks to u both, i have written this to send.... To whom it may concern, I am writing regarding the previous letter I sent dated 24.07.08 (copy enclosed). Upon speaking with your HR area representative, xxxx, he asked me to provide proof of my alleged grievance, this proof he asked for should be kept by yourselves. As required by law you should have maintained all my wage/salary details for the past 6 years, it is also recommended that you keep all minutes of staff and management meetings for the same period of time. I would request you forward copies of the data to xxxxx and would like you to forward me copies also. This data should be sufficient proof that I was not paid for my worked hours, should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call me on xx or e-mail xx I ask for this data to be received within 28 days , I see this as sufficient time for the data to be sought. I would also like to inform you that this letter is to be treated as a stage 1 grievance letter. Kind regards xx
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