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  1. What is Michael43 on? These parasites hinder your ability to pay in full and on time by increasing the interest rate on your mortgage just about every month. They will not listen, they do not care and they certainly do not play by the rules. It would take me hours to give my side fo the Kensington "trap" suffice to say my fixed term (redemption period) runs out Jan 09. Then it will be goodbye to Kensington. REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT A CUSTOMER, YOU ARE AN INVESTMENT.
  2. Your best bet is to read some of the other Abbey threads for some reassurance and what will or may happen next an try not to worry because they are following standard procedure. However, you may like to consider filing a wasted costs order should they fail to defend, as they have threatened to, or just take all that lovely cash and spend it!
  3. Hi, I had the same letter in response to a £65 "debt" to Kays (Littlewoods Group). This account has no less than £166.00 in charges applied. I CCA'd them on 31st March, so they are currently in default, they sent me an unsigned copy of the agrrement and asked my to sign it and send it back! Oh how I larfed, they will commit an offence shortly and Thursday I got a copy of the letter you have received. Anyway, I have wrote back and gave them two options A) Full closure of the account and an entry marked at the CRA's account satisfied or B) failure to comply with the above will lead to court porceedings to recover the full aomunt £166.00. I also reminded them of the following; "that any non-agreed disclosure of personal data to third parties, without express written permission, is a criminal offence under Section 35, of the DPA". I would write back and remind them of their legal obligations. Hope this helps.
  4. NDR are Shop Financial Directs in house debt collectors. As this is a catalogue debt unless you signed the CCA forms they will not have the relevant paperwork in order to collect. I would ignore it and let the clock tick for an offence.
  5. Thanks Caro. Is there a letter template on the site I can send? If so, would you be so kind as to provide me a link. Much obliged.
  6. In that case we need to file MCOL sharpish because the balance they are claiming is made up (and more) of unlawful penalty charges.
  7. Hi It was for an overdraft, payable on demand, we were paying £5 per week but stopped the payments when they defaulted on the CCA.
  8. My partner submitted a CCA request to A&L last month,she oews the £180.00, they closed her account because I was pursuing charges on our joint account.They already in default, criminal offence will be commited on 30th April. They have sent a full list of statements but no CCA or Deed of Assignment (they use thier in house collections agency - Security Division). Anyhow, we received a letter from Moorcroft advising that A&L have informed them we wish our debt to be collected through them, sent us a post office payment book and a demand the first payment be made by 28th April. We faxed them and A&L get lost. We are now using the statements in order to collate how much has been unlawfully charged to her account, LBA sent and refused last week. Question is..................Are A&L covered by the CCA regs?
  9. SAR Barclaycard too..............you can bet your life there are lots and lots of unlawful penalty charges.
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys. Would someone be so kind as to move my thread to the store cards furom. Thanks
  11. Go get em Meg or Mog.............whoever you are!!!!!!
  12. I would use any VM address with caution, they don't reply. They must be snowed under what with DD charge, late payment fees and Sky withdrawing some channels. And who was it said NTL were crap? Not I!
  13. I have written to VM on two occasions, once in February and again in March at the Swansea address and did not receive any sort of reply whatsoever. In fact in the March letter I gave them 30 days notice of my intention to terminate the agreement, the 30 days were up on 11th April, and still got no reply. So don't hold your breath!
  14. I CCA'd Howard Cohen on 12/03/2007 regarding a very old Burtons store card I had. I have been paying them £5 a month for about 12 years. There was a CCJ on my file regarding this but it has long since dropped off. They signed for it the following day. On Saturday I recieved a full statement and a copy of a Deed of Assignment. The DOS did not have any reference number on the front and was dated some 2 1/2 years after I had been taken to court. Basically, I do not believe this DOS is the correct copy. But crucially, they have failed to supply a copy of the original CCA. Bleating on about the fact the account was opened in 1987 (my heart bleeds) and their client has long since destroyed the original. Am I right in thinking that it makes no difference whatsoever that this agreement is 20 years old? I orinally owed around £734.00, according to the statements I have paid £812.00. I do not want to pay them anymore. They have defaulted on the 12 day rule and will shortly commit a criminal offence. Furthermore, I am 100% certain that the vast majority of the original debt was made up of unlawful penalty charges, what's my chances of claiming these back? Any advice gratefully recieved.
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