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  1. Thanks for getting back. I have all the statements with all transactions including admin charges. So what is the next stage in the process, please? Much appreciated
  2. Hi Folks, I'm hoping some kind soul will point me in the right direction for my next move. I have had an account with JD Williams for at least 7 or 8 years now. Last year, I got fed up with all the 'Admin charges' that were placed on the account, so I wrote asking for a summary of all transactions. Oxendales duly did so and I was shocked to find the charges over the years totalled beyond £700. (I do accept, and do not want to get into the argument that I should have simply not made my payments late. There were extenuating circumstances, including living abroad with the RAF which compl
  3. Hi Folks, I'm hoping some kind soul will point me in the right direction for my next move. I received a letter from 'Oxendales' 'Without Prejudice' which stated, amongst a lot of waffle about whether the charges constitute penalties, that they are still not willing to refund the charges. Furthermore, they have now removed the credit limit for my account although, naturally, they are quite willing for me to use their company as a cash account. I looked at my account today: The 'available to spend' is now a minus figure The balance is the full amount due The credit limit is £0 So
  4. Well, today I received as letter from HSBC offering to settle my request IN FULL! I've filled in the acceptance form and posted it off and should receive the money in my account within seven days! The whole process from start to finish took less than seven weeks and from Preliminary letter to Full Settlement it was only four weeks. I am so impressed and very thrilled, and now have a number of friends and colleagues I will be referring to this site. Thank you so much for your advice and support without which I wouldn't have known where to start.
  5. Hello everyone! "Long time listener, first time caller";) Well it's been just under six weeks since my first contact requesting statements to today when I received an offer from HSBC of £1040 in lieu of my claim for £1153.50. Tomorrow they will be receiving the 'rejection of settlement' letter. *deep breath* What's been everyone's experience at this stage of the claim. Am I likely to have to file with MCOL? Cheers! Juliet
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