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  1. Thanks very much for that Hils. Havn't decided wether to go to court or not yet, but will let you know how I get on if I do.
  2. Hi Hils, please could you give me some help. I'm in court next wed to apply to have my stay lifted. What should I include in my stay bundle? Apologies if i'm being a little thick! Thanks.
  3. Hi Hils, Sounds like you had a pretty hard time in court! Just out of interest, which Judge was it? and how many claimants were there? Did you personally stand up and explain your request for the removal of stay application? Not looking forward to attending!
  4. Hi Hils, Really would love to know wot happened at Court today. I have applied to have stay lifted on my case v YB and got a notice of General Application to be heard at Leeds Court on Nov 7th. Is this the same as you've been to today? Did you need Stay Bundle as I haven't done one yet! Please post all the details. Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Hi Zoots, trying to file an application to have stay removed v YB at Leeds court. Have done witness statement but says I need to include OFT test case POC and list of settled cases. Could you possibly give me links. Need to get this in post urgently. Thankyou. Barnett.
  6. Thanks caro, you're a gem! By the way do you know if anyone has updated the template letters to go back more than 6 yrs?
  7. Thanks Hun, Don't need to contact Court as I have only agreed verbally to settlement figure. Could do with a thread for reference as to who has been paid this and how many hours. Know any?
  8. Don't know, sorry. Don't mind you thinking that at all. I know how much a test case would mean to everyone! Will keep you informed as to any progress. By the way, do you know anyone who has received costs for their time @ £9.25 per hr in the merc court? Would be grateful for info. Thanks.
  9. Hi Caro and all reading this! sorry I haven't been on line to fill in the details of the goings on in the Mercantile Court. To be honest I was exhausted! Others have very kindly given details of what happened so I'll jut fill you in on my case v Yorkshire Bank. Firstly on arriving the YB solicitor handed us an information sheet of an application he was going to put to the judge. The basis of this was that they wanted to stay all YB cases until after the OFT report thus delaying everyones cases for months! I intend to scan this to Bankfodder and he may post it for all to read. I am sure that they intend to produce this at future hearings. The application was not fully heard as the YB cases were settled. There was origionally 10 listed but only three by the start of the day. One of these three claimants did not attend and his case was struck out. The Bank even asked the Judge for costs and this was accepted. My two cases were settled but only verbally so until I sign the acceptance form and notice of discontinuance the cases are still live. In my opinion the Judge was anxious to have an unsettled case left to put foward as a test case.
  10. They sent me a letter on 5th april offering me half which i refused and they haven't been in touch since! Tried to ring Kirstie Ross today but it says this service cannot be connected - bet shes changed her number. Any advise?
  11. Hi Caro, I agree, I'd love to know whats happening! Spoke to Court on Monday and was told that out of the 77 cases listed only 30 have settled. Of course that may have changed today! There are 8 against YB and 2 of those are settled. What are they playing at!! I've got 2 cases listed and am ready and prepared to go to the court on Thurs. Can't see them settling tomorrow as I wouldn't have time to accept or refuse! What do you think?
  12. Hi, just trying to find out if any of the cases against the YB, due to be heard in the Mercantile Court on April 26th in Leeds have been settled. If you have settled with the YB and were on that list please would you let me know. Thanks.
  13. Hi Calculator, Which Bank was it that settled with your relative? My case is to be heard on 26th and no settlement yet, so if I go will let you know the details.
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