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  1. Thanks V Much! I shall get my prelim sorted now! aimz
  2. Hi all! right ive got my S.A.Rs back really quickly! im just going through it right now.. just to clarify.. Do i claim for being charged £24.00 for going over my credit limit? Do i claim for 'interest on your cash balance'? Do I claim for 'interest on your standard balance'? and lastly.. do i claim for 'late payment charges'? thanks people, your all doing a fab job! I shall donate as I did when I won my Nationwide case! aimee.
  3. Thanks very much, thats helped a lot, and I shall read up on the CCI. cheers! aimee.
  4. Hi all! Im just starting out a brand new claim with capital one, Ive won my claim against my bank (nationwide0 but noe going for the credit cards also. Would anyone be able to give me a couple of pointers in what I can claim for? thanks guys! aimee.
  5. Hi, I've never tried to claim my unlawful charges money back from a credit card company before so im unsure what I can claim for? Can anyone give me a few pointers? ive already won a claim against my back nationwide so I know the order and processes but just a little unsure what I can claim for and what differences there are between claiming from credit card to a bank account? thanks everyone! your all triffic!
  6. Thanks very much, Ill bare all that in mind. Will keep you up to date! thanks, aimee.
  7. Hi, If the S.A.Rs are taking so long isnt that a breach anyway? and cant they be reported for failure to comply within 40 days? thanks, aimee.
  8. Hi All, im now starting to get my money back from Barclaycard, ive already won my case against Nationwide so im confident. Whats the general consensus? Is everyone winning? thanks, Aimee.
  9. thanks very much! im on it!
  10. Hi all, Could someone tell me where I send the HSBC S.A.R letter to? thanks in advance. aimee.
  11. Hi! Right this is the start of a brand new claim, ive already won £2000 from nationwide so hopefully ill get success from HSBC too!
  12. Eeek! does anyone know how to stop the court process? thanks, aimee
  13. Ive won my claim for just over £2000, got paid today! woohoo! Me Vs nationwide (amarsden) aimee.
  14. Hi, today was the last day of the 28 days acknowledgment Nationwide had on me and yes they've refunded my charges just over £2000 in total! thanks for everyones advice, i will be donating! aimee.
  15. Hi, from the looks of things, you should start getting your money anytime now, ive been given some back bt waiting on the rest, they have 2 days left of their 28 days of acknowledgment with me. good luck! aimee.
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