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  1. Hi there again ,... have put my answers in red ,... feel very down today with all the lies and FOS and others are useless s you say ,..
  2. situation is this £31k unregulated taken out in 2003 ,.. what is the best route forward ?
  3. Hi nightmare4banks ,.. thanks for your concerns and offer of help , much appreciated , but to be truthful feel powerless to act apart from taking legal proceedings , have tried every route ,.. and call each organisaton in person this week ,..FOS , OFT, OMBUDSMAN ,brokers used , INFORMATION COMMISSIONER , LAND REGISTRY ,. its like a brick wll is put in place each time ,...what more can one do ? ,.. I have chased everything up over many hours this last week ,.. still in same positon as at the beginning of the week ,.. now keyboard playing ,... illimantui curse
  4. Hi N4B,... I am very worried with G E ,.. they are lying out they back teeth ,.. even givig us a different brokrs details who we know 100% we have never used ,.. this company does not even show up in a google search ,.. so if nothing in google then sure 7 years ago they will of been nothing ,..so how would I have found them,..untraceabe ,.. plus the signed agreement sent does not look right at all , no terms or conditions in 4 corners of signature ,.. no brokers fees showing ,.. put down as ppi ,... so if I never paid broker and not shown then surely this is admitting a secret commission , as someone will need to pay broker , as we all know brokers charge a fee ,.. not in business for nothing ,.. I have my own personal resoluation manager who wants contact just between ourselves ,.. I have told manager to talk with MD of company let him know my evidenc i hold , come to the table and sort this out internally,...
  5. believe it or not I did bring this up when they tried to evict us ,... and guess what ,. we mentioned this to duty solicitor ,.. he told this info to G E's solicitor ,.. when we went in courtroom , 5 mins later knock at door court clerk with 2 fax's , with the charges in FN name ,.. and say they changed they name in 2005 ,.. thanks for your help and lookforward to info tomorrow
  6. I have contacted lenders again and they give another address over the phone ,.. this points to the company I got the recording from ,.. so have them confessing to not knowing me or ever dealing with me ,..
  7. Lenders were First national ,.. and these had and still do have a charge on the property ,.. G E took over in 2005 ,.. and they never changed charge ,.. broker was ocean finance ,..lenders quote some company as our brokers once we questioned secret commissions ,.. our request refused for underwriters sheets ,.. and told to take this up with broker (the one they quote) if you can not gain this information might be because not trading now ,.. they give last address of contact ,.. a company now at that address with very similar name ,.. and further checks show name mentioned as a trading name with same director as the name lenders give ,.. i contacted this company at the address given for bump company and i have them taped confirming never heard of the company i stated , check records and nothing connected to me ,.. i have them just about , just looking for good point of attack
  8. hi thanks for your reply ,.... well my lenders changed names , but never changed this on charge on property ,.. definately not ,.. plus stated we used a different broker once we sent a CPR request ,.. the company they quote last accounts filed in 1983 ,..
  9. and how would one stand if lenders said you used another broker then the one you actually used ? and this company not in business now , give wrong address for last point of contact ? we are having fun and games , even mis-leading in letters ,..pure fraud
  10. Am I right in thinking , that if your original lender changed names charge on property should of been changed , and if not ,.. is this an offence ? is it legal ,.. can we attack on it ???????
  11. bumping ,.. come on folks . thread is dying , lets club together to attack .// lenders have provided a different broker to who we used ,.. and guess what advised us that if we can not contact the broker , probably because the broker is not in business no more ,... this is a pure lie ,.. will not supply underwriters sheets ,.. and as for secret commissions or any commission for that fact (prove it),.. and you will need to find admin to take this up with brokers ,.. last address for brokers ,.. total wrong address , wrong number ,... we have them worried enough to totally lie and say we used a broker that do not hold an credit license ,.. never have done and do not preform business today , no contact name ,.. and no other details to trace them ,... but we have a great trick up our sleeve , and regardless how many bent companies they operate , can not get out the next problem we will cause them ,.. and it will show we never had any doing with the broker they quote ,.. absolute joke ,.. even original broker who we recently contacted said we cancelled our loan ,.. and the lenders were the same lenders we have now ,.. so why would we cancel with the broker we know we used ,.. to get a loan with a broker company that as never held a credit license ? with same lenders ,.. absolutely stinks ,.. and I am on a mission to prove they are lying ,.. they know they are , I know they are ,.. prove the case and show the judge they are lying ,...
  12. Now Pac , your return is over due ,... Good to see you have the same thoughts as my husband ,.. I was spooked after coming across your post ,.. I laugh at my other halfs thoughts sometimes,.. I will certainly be mentioning this to him ,.. but they again it will be hours of crazy thoughts lol
  13. Hi all some reall interesting news , and some big surprises ,.. does anyone have any dealings with a company called Central Marketing Limited? or anyone heard of this company ,.. ????? think we have found a break through to attack and prove the lengths G E will go to to put you off track ,.. more lies and more evidence ,.. it gets better by the day ,.. and is it legal for a employee to refuse to give they name when you call ? ,.. and would a broker keep your record for 7 years , if you only enquired and never went through with loan ???????? honestly I think we have them and we are going to bring in legal help to fight this as on a no win no fee ,.. as lots at stake now ,.. and certainly feel like we are making ground ,.. our prodding away at them is reveiling lie after lie ,.. we have agreement and will post it up for you all to look over ,.. its got our signature but a complete joke ,..
  14. Hi Frettful ,.. how are you ? fine I hope , well I have not recieved any advice on the above ,.. was hoping for others to pop in and give they 2p worth , but sat twiddling fingers waiting ,.. well going to stop posting up progress as no replies , plus giving lenders spies ammo against me ,.. not so bad when you get advice and thoughts for the risk of posting up ,.. but when not much interest why bother ,..
  15. Bump,.... come on folks ready to attack , any help or advice appreciated ,..
  16. Well if not complying I would stop payments ,.. like I have done , but sure many will say continue to pay MP ,.. but like they say , if you are paying PM then this acknowledges the debt ,.. suppose you could change your act for disclosure ,.. as now they do not comply or should I say sent what you did not want ,.. you can use CPR 31.16 to get a copy of original agreement with intentions to take legal proceedings ,.. but need original to see were you stand and if you can come to a soluation to problem/concerns you have ,.. but these are just my thoughts , continue to read the posts and get the best way forward set in your own mind ,.. train hard , work easy , as my Dad once told me ,.. good luck in your journey ,.. it a long road ,.. but many short cuts to get to the end ,..
  17. Yes I agree ,.. but really itching to let resoluation manager know my concerns ,.. and I would be happy with balance set to zero ,.. see his reaction ,.. will still start proceedings regardless of advice given tomorrow if I call, and would always request anything in writing ,..plus any advice would need to be written in a letter for my future reference ,.. maybe it will be interesting to hear they thoughts ,..
  18. what are your thoughts on me contacting the resolution manager tomorrow , to point out it is not a complaint and that it was a request for agreement ,.. also point out some of my concerns ,.. as believe all cards on the table approach? and the amount of concerns I have will surprise him ,.. also why after freezing the payments are we in arrears ???????15 month no contact then eviction ,.. also I wish to state I have a reconstuction agreement from 2 years ago ,.. so I hope the original matches what information is on recon ,.. plus advise them about the fraud act , and by refusing to disclose information requested is fraud ,... I think they are starting to see my points of view ,... 15 month no contact , especially on a suspended repossession order ,.. obviously I contacted them ,.. and they advise that it will be dealt with in house ,.. to attack after 15 months ,.. for arrears that added up over the 15 month ,... I will be starting legal proceedings tomorrow after my call to lenders ,.. for disclosure of agreement / underwriters sheet ,.. is it a good idea to contact them ????? and also could I request other information if I never mentioned this in original request letter ,.. well any thoughts greatly appreciated
  19. I think if you quote the law (fraud acts) this gets them to start listening to you ,.. I contacted my main lender regarding put my main mortgage on interest only some time ago ,.. I explained our income had dropped and struggling a little to make ends meet,.. I was told could not put onto interest only ,.. but once I contacted them quoting the fraud act ,.. fraud by abuse of postion ,... as they were abusing they postion by saying I could not switch to interest only ,.. as this would be an alternative to going to court should problems arise ,.. guess what we were told as a goodwill gesture , mortgage will be switched to interest only ,.. so like already said , its how you ask for things ,..
  20. I have to dis-agree with this ,... the new fraud act is put in place to make it plain and simple to spot fraud ,.. if a lie (which it is ) if enough to prove fraud , or mis-leading advice , then this too is fraud ,... so yesterday when I recieved the letter quoted , it advised me to contact FOS if not happy with proposal ,.. this was mis-leading ,.. as my agreement was before 2007 , so FOS can not deal with my compliant(if I had one) because agreement unregulated,... so fraud , and have it in black & white ,.. and if by mis-leading , the law states fraud , then how do they get out of this ? I do not suggest to start criminal proceeedings,.. its merely a threat to get them to follow through with your request if you have requested agreement under a different act that allows them to send a reconstruction ,.. as a reconstruction will look above board ,.. so you would have no ammo to challenge your concerns ,.. we must work the same way as lenders , threaten them into action ,... as they say what goes around comes around
  21. They do as they can get away with it ,.. its up to us not to let them get away with it ,... and CPR 31.16 will make them sit up and listen to what you are saying,... well certainly did in my case ,..
  22. SNAP ,...Totally agree ,..CPR is a powerful tool ,.. and believe it or not I am making good headway using this act ,... I have the RESOLUTION MANGER offering to deal with my concerns ,.. without the need for court yet ,.. And offering proposal for resolution ,..
  23. also another point ,... a reconstruction can be supplied under other requests ,.. but an original bearing your signature would be needed for court ,.. you can not reconstruct agreements / thats like reconstructing evidence for court ,... how can you reconstruct 100% if no original agreement to take reconstruction from ? ,... also county court judges might side with lenders and screw you ,.. thats why you can shoot the fraud option,.. as this would be a criminal court , and evidence can not be reconstructed for a court dealing with criminal intentions,...
  24. I do apologise then , as thought it was aimed at myself ,.. as I will certainly go to any lengths not to pay these criminals ,.. as that what their are ,.. if committing criminal offences day after day ,.. even a small lie is fraud ,.. did you know that ,.. if so then can you see the crimes these are committing ,.. so who supports criminal intentions? certainly not me ,... and I understand your point regarding the use of another law after requesting under another,.. then obviously ,.. you are correct that the right law should be quote when requesting the info you want ,.. now if you intend to challenge this in court ,..then you can request your agreement/underwriters sheets under CPR 31.16 ,.. refusel is a crime ,.. and if these companies have done no wrong then supply the info from request made ,.. as at the end of the day onus must be placed with lenders ,..
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