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  1. Discontinued my case with Citi today no point as I had confirmation by email that the ICO could not assist me any further (Worth a go ) they suggested I go down the route of Trading Standards and FOS , chasing Hillesden now (for non compliance of the CCA 1974), so I have already wrote them numerous letters my compliants to Trading Standards and the OFT will be starting next week , I need as much ammo as poss if I consider taking them to court.I would prefer them to argue with me having the backing of Trading Standards at least.
  2. My claim was with the judge for quite a while as he was off sick ,so I was told ,it went through though ok in the end, sometimes better not to speculate.
  3. Do you think the media should investigate this like they did with Barclays and go under cover, wouldn't that make good viewing?
  4. Sorry Katie But I would never offer anything except as a last resort, don't know about anyone else?
  5. Just had a look at the Conference PDF it disgusts me , how sick is this?
  6. Hi Curly I have to phone them for more details or write a request of amount of loan without knowing the interest rates,because this piece of junk mail should have been enough to seduce me into curiosity.
  7. Hi All First piece of junk mail received today from Central Capital Mortgages Ltd.They want to lend me money!!!!!
  8. Cap One did not file a defence so entered judgement against them .This included compound interest rate , the only prob i had that Cap One wrote and told the Court that they had settled and paid the amount to a DCA and they only paid 8%. I argued this with Cap One and informed the court ,then Cap One further reduced the alleged debt more than the compound interest would have given me and then I agreed to settle the claim a day before the hearing.My alleged debt is around £500 now but before it was around £1,300, sorry have another court case Friday so I haven't got time to dig out details at moment.
  9. I won compounded , but not until the very last stages and not without a fight.
  10. Hi Katie Take a deep breath and one step at a time approach, RMA may have committed an offence under the CCA Act ,if they are pestering you night and day I would advise you try Curly Bens approach complain to T/S and OFT etc but it is still advisable to try and get this agreement from Barclays as if they do come up the agreement you would have to see if this agreement complies to the CCA 1974 requirements. Hope this helps (I always request from the Original Creditor and the DCA) as sometimes confusion is one of their best tactics as I am finding out at the moment. Hope this helps
  11. Laiste is an inspiration to all Picks herself up everytime she falls Amongst all the confusion and mayhem She remains calm and is ready to slay them Keep going Laiste , we all wish you well On behalf of us all GO GIVE THEM ALL HELL subscribing
  12. Sorry Un1boy , I don't know the answer maybe someone can help BUMP
  13. Hi Guys I am awaiting junk mail then,as i only applied a week or so ago, let you know what companies contact me (might be of interest).Not ready for a week or so yet to do SAR as have got some serious studying to do before Friday as some of you know. Cheers for all help
  14. Hi Redsue Hows it going, any further news .
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