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  1. Hi all, I've had a loooong running dispute with HSBC regarding a managed loan, got the Ombudsman to look into it last Feb, but in the meantime problems... HSBC say they will hold all action on my account until the FSO have looked at everything, but no. I get letter after letter from Metropolitan Collections (a DCA) demanding full payment. I write to HSBC who say 'sorry, our mistake, we'll stop all letters from Metroploitan' and then find out that they've closed my account down! I didn't receive a single letter saying this was going to happen and this took place while the FSO was still g
  2. Yes they did and also with the 'liberty to restore'.
  3. HSBC have decided to go ahead and close the acc... They totally ignored my latters asking what legal grounds they had to close it down (at the advice of the FSA). As well as contacting the FSA, I have also emailed the Ombudsnman, called OFT and Trading Standards and all are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Or a bank. I've also been in touch with Watchdog at the BBC. Perhaps I'll go to the national press next. I've had it with HSBC. KJB
  4. Well, Egg have appointed new solictors to sort this mess out and guess what? They are offereing full settlement! Fingers crossed I'll have payment in the next few weeks! Will keep you posted! KJB
  5. Hi Zoot, Yep it has been allocated to the multi tarck but stayed pending the outcome of Ladymoonray's Paragon nightmare. What joy. KJB
  6. Heres a pickle. After finally getting rid of the horrible Capquest last year, the Eggy ones have now put ARC (Europe) on the case as debt collectors. So, after winning with the 'prove you own the debt' CCA letter to CQ last time it was used again with ARC as they were getting seriously heavy handed with the phone calls and bad attitude. CCA letter was sent to ARC on the 15th Jan then a week or so later a letter from Trevor Munn Solicitors shows up saying that unless a payment is made they will, on behalf of ARC, begin court action and that we would be liable for costs of upto £340! The su
  7. Thanks for that Zoot! Got it. Obviously you'll all be aware of the Ladymoonray Vs Paragon tale, to which I was also party too at court a few weeks a go. It's sad to hear Lady M is not going to continue with the fight but I can totally understand her reasons. Paragon's solicitors are a real slimy bunch and the stresses are many. However, as my case was stayed at that hearing, I do think there may well be slight room for progress because of one very key factor. The ERC I have gone after, as I think I have mentioned elsewhere, is listed on the statement I received from Paragon as 'Penal
  8. We have a recent development with my managed loan debacle: HSBC have now demanded full repayment and when I went to use my card in one of their cash points yesterday it got retained... upon asking why I was told because the ML has been 'called in'. I was given no indication in any correspondence from them that my card would be retained just because of the ML. Maybe it has something to do with a 2nd claim I have against them so now they are playing even dirtier. Gotta love 'em.
  9. I think I'll just report them to the FSA and be done with it. It's the principal that counts and that they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of thing.
  10. Also it may be useful if we could try and get a figure together to see how many of us poor HSBC 'customers' have been lumbered with a managed loan, I think it may have been been talked about elsewhere on this thread somewhere. Perhaps if the FSA, OFT or Ombudsman knew how widespread a problem these things are then action to stop HSBC ruining thousands of other people's credit files and lives might actually be slowed or even be stopped for good. Not sure how we can go about compiling a list, maybe someone out there knows? The more I think about managed loans and having to deal with such a
  11. After many long months battling with HSBC to sort my managed loan fiasco out, I have received their final response (Iv'e been writing back and forth with them since August 2006) so now I am off to the Ombudsman. I am absolutely sick to death of this whole thing, they forced me into the ML because of their own uselessness: I have asked on countless occaisons that the full circumstances be taken into account (I was pushed down the ML route because of HSBC forcing me overdrawn by allowing an £800 S/O when just the previous month they returned unpaid due to insufficient funds an amount far, f
  12. Well, good ol' HSBC are going to close our joint account because we are apparantly unwilling to adhere to their terms and conditions... In other words we got a refund once and now after going after less then £130.00 they have decided to end our relationship. Ok, a parachute account was set up way back during the first claim just in case this happened so no problem there. It is purely retaliatory action, but is there anything we can do to stop them closing the account? Can the FSA or OFT get involved with this sort of thing? Any advice warmly welcomed!
  13. Hi all, Been out of the loop for a while having my tonsills out and a 'nose job' to sort out my snoring, much to the delight of my wife! I also have heard from the court (in Tunbridge Wells) with an AQ hearing of the 24th of January. Lady M, I'll no doubt be seeing you there too! Also, I agree with you about the tone of Paragon's solicitors, talk about trying to put the frighteners on you. More as it happens and see you on the 24th!
  14. Good news! CQ have written back saying that they no longer have any dealings with my wife and all correspondence will now come from The Shelled Ones... The Egg (from one problem to another perhaps)? I guess after CQ found out we had reported them to trading standards they cut their losses and bailed. They won't be missed. So to anyone else who is having grief from CQ keep the pressure on and demand to see the documents they say they have! It takes time but you'll get there! Good luck! KJ
  15. Hi and thanks for your reply. Sorry for the slightly belated response! Well, the NHS have made an offer and it is nothing more then an insult considering the injuries sustained and also considering how much you can claim for slipping over on a wet floor in broad daylight or having your feelings 'hurt' by a rogue comment... Unfortunately, my Mother has decided to accept as she has simply had enough waiting around (she is also due a hip op anytime soon too so that is playing on her mind). I guess my final question is this: even though she has accepted their offer, is there anything else she
  16. Thanks for that info, I have since been to the court and dropped off the AQ with the £100 fee and also a letter detailing the £150 refund... Now we sit and wait. Again.
  17. Okeydokey, been a while waiting to post back here as Paragon are taking it to the wire.... We have filed with MCOL for the redemption penalty and admin fees and Paragon have refused to budge. Time ticks on, their solicitors are now sending letters and hello, whats this? A cheque for the admin fees (£150) which they said they'd never refund? So, after MCOLing them they have sent a cheque for part of what we are after. How does this affect the claim though as the amount submitted to MCOL will obviously incude this £150? Does it make any difference? They have also asked that the ca
  18. Well, the Egg saga rumbles on... Just delivered my AQ to the court today so now we must wait for a hearing date... It better not clash with my tonsilectomy! Also, Egg never did supply my full SAR details... I had to call them and hassle them for my statements which they then sent out. But, when my wife's Egg SAR came back it weighed a ton and must have cost about a dozen trees as there was so much paper. Me, I just got statements... So I have filed out an N1 to request disclosure and took it to the court who said it's the wrong form. They gave me a green claim form called 'CPR part 8' and
  19. Hi AC, Been seriously busy working on a film project and so not had much time to post back recently. However, there have been developments: MS have come back offering the full amount (plus PPI) but minus the court costs of £80 and their ridiculous conditions have also been reduced. Now they include calling the court once they have settled, making the payment into my account and that the offer remains confidential. No great shakes, just need the full amount with court fees and we're all done, fingers crossed! Hows yours going, all done and dusted yet? More as it happens... K
  20. Had a LBA from CQ today about them taking us to court and they don't own the debt! Trading standards have been informed. So how the heck can DCAs get away with sending threatening letters out like this when they don't even own the debt?
  21. Hi AC, nice one on your semi victory with MS, I too have had an offer minus the PPI from them. They have added all kinds of conditions too, like not taking any further action etc... Er nooooooo. Seeing as MS charged me for the PPI I think it's only right they should refund it. MBNA have refunded it (I had to send them all kinds of stuff to prove I wasn't working) and I'm just waiting on the cheque... MS have a damn cheek, in one letter they say I am a valued customer (as long as I pay the charges right?) while the phone calls suggest shady goings on and a total disrespect for my wishes no
  22. Oh yeah, the original 12 days plus 30/calendar month are long gone now so TS have been sent the details about Blair, Oliver & Scott's activities, including details about the threatening letters... Just got to wait and see what happens next.
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