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  1. Thanks for that, I will get the pen and paper out again. Kind regards
  2. My circumstances are as follows:- I was very lucky and received my bank charges back in 2005 care of Halifax.......Thank you very much. Unfortunately in 2006 I was involved in a car crash resulting being off sick and losing over time. I now, rather annoyingly find myself receiving bank charges again, due to the loss of wages and the continual physio. My question is, can I claim my bank charges back again, or are you only allowed to claim once? Any advice would be greatly received.
  3. Just stick to the process as described on this site and you will be there soon. Good luck, just remember you are never alone. Kind regards Mama
  4. Top result for all of us. I keep checking my account, it's amazing to see that amount of money in my account and it's not pay day!!!
  5. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY ........... I have just checked my account and there it is £2840 plus £202.43 how stunned am I, my next step is the donate button, a huge thanks to your site, I will be keeping an eye on and helping anyone that I can. BIG BIG THANKS LOVE YOU ALL LOTS AND LOTS!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for that, just wanted to make sure. Kind regards
  7. I have been looking at my Money Claim form, it has been acknowledged, can anyone tell me what the box next to it is for, it has a start button on it, when I go into it, it talks about judgements by admission or default, do I need to do anything here? Any replies would be helpfull. Thanks again.
  8. Good luck, you have the backing and support of a great site, I will be keeping eye on you see how your getting on. I have just submitted Money Claim awaiting response after Halifax said they will be defending. Most important stick to your guns......
  9. Thanks for the support, will update as to any developments. Kind regards
  10. I'm not counting my chickens yet, I know what my luck is like!!!! Do I have to do anything at this stage?
  11. Just a bit of an update Re my action:- My action was filed on 21/06/2006 deemed to be served on 26/06/2006, Halifax have until 10/07/2006 to reply. Just received letter from Northampton County Court (27/06/2006) dated 23/06/2006 stating that acknowledgment of service of your claim has been filed today, defendant now has 28 days to file defence. A.O'Brien (Head of Legal Services) intends to defend all of the claim. Is all this normal, I thought that was abit quick.
  12. No I haven't done this, but I will, thanks for the explanation. Kind regards
  13. Excuse my ignorance, I don't understand your short hand, could you explain. Kind regards
  14. I would jut like to say this site is fantastic, I have just been through all the steps you have set out and strangely enough Halifax have ignored me all the way, I have now just submitted my Money Claim. I will keep you updated with the progress, I am looking forward to be able to donate some money to yourselves as a big thanks for helping me out. Big fingers crossed, speak soon.
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