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  1. Hi Gary, Once again you are a star. We have already sent in the documentation but will be following this advice and taking it in person to be handed to the esteemed Judge Beresford to add to our case files. Thanks again and we will keep you posted. J & M
  2. Thanks PKea, Here are our pocs 1.The claimants had accounts******** and******* with the defendant which were opened on or around 1988 and suspended in 2006. 2.During the period in which the accounts have been operating the defendant debited numerous charges to the accounts in respect of purported breaches of contract on the part of the claimant and also charged interest on the charges once applied. The claimant understands that the defendand contends that the charges were debited in accordance with the terms of the contract between itself and the claimant. 3.a list of the charges appli
  3. Hello, yes, thanks for the reply. This is my thread. The letter we received has a final paragraph which says "The matter is listed for further special directions on 26th September 2007 at 3.00pm at*************county court, when the court will further consider the matter and give such further directions as are necessary to enable the matter to proceed to trial. This is where I am confused, as I have followed the same template as last time (when LTSB solicitors contacted us the day before with a full offer) and I cannot understand what has changed. We sent the particulars of the
  4. Hi Thanks for being so prompt. We used an N1 form, and when you say particulars of claim, we used the format recommended on here, which I believe is tried and tested, and which we used last time. We included a full schedule of charges which has been included with every correspondence both with the court and the bank. Can you let me know what information you need as I have everything but dont want to include anything that is irrelevent. I am just a little confused,as I am following the same format as I followed last time and I have only a few days in which to send the information. Also,
  5. Sorry, I am either having a senior or a blonde moment here - POC? I am sure I can post it if I know what it is. Thanks for your help on the rest though - it just phased me a little as I never received this one last time.
  6. We have been sent a General Form of Judgement or Order form and are unsure how to proceed. Can anyone help us/ We have claimed before and won, however we received a hearing that time. Although this never got to the hearing stage, and LTSB settled the day before, it was a different procedure to this one. If anyone out there in the ether feels they can help us with the next step we would be grateful - we have until 4pm on 15 th August to send the details they want. This is how it is worded: The claimant shall comply with the following directions, a. The Claimant shall file and serve a s
  7. Reading through these messages. Its a real shame for Kevin, but I am convinced that if he appeals and takes time to get everything right (dotting i's and crossing t's etc) he should win. Everyone else, this should just add fire to our bellies. Remember David and Goliath...come on folks, don't get disheartened. We CAN win, and we WILL win. It was unnerving to hear on the news that LTSB have won, but bear in mind, it wasn't planned, they had no legal representation there. Keep it up everyone. This is ONE case. The little people have won THOUSANDS! We ourselves have won a huge amount back
  8. Thanks Barty and Gary, we will file the claim. Thanks Jo and Mick
  9. Hi Gary, I tried to IM you but your mailbox is full. Could you take a quick look at our new thread and offer any nuggets of wisdom. Appreciate it if you can, Jo and Mick
  10. Hi Everyone, Its been two months now and despite sending two letters to Barclaycard, they have not replied. Can anyone give us any advice how to proceed now. Are they within their rights to ignore our request? Confused... Jo and Mick
  11. Hi All, We have just received a letter from LTSB signed by one Jamie O'Neill, Assistant Manager. It goes like this, Dear Mr and Mrs Butler, Thank you for your letters dated 7 February 2007. I have noted your comments, but unfortunately I cannot add any further information to our previous letter or agree to your request. Since the bank's final response has been issued, I must advise you that we will not be entering into any further correspondence regarding the points you have raised. Yours Sincerely, Jamie O'Neill. So, I telephoned the customer service recovery centre, and g
  12. Hi All, Well just as expected, the bank has not acknowledged our letter requesting repayment of the charges, so we are about to send the letter before action. Hopefully, one day, they may realise that we are prepared to take it as far as it will go in order to regain what is rightfully ours. I feel as if we are on yet another emotional rollercoaster! Still, we keep plodding on. Does anyone have any advice, or new info that we may be able to action? Jo and Mick
  13. Hi Isiris, Just reading your thread with interest. We have already won one claim from LTSB and are in the process of another two. Could you tell me how we can contact Kieth Boden via email, I would like to send him copies of the letters we have sent via snail mail, and ask him what he can do about these claims etc. thanks in anticipation, mick and Jo
  14. just had a look through Dave and your responses and pre-empting are impressive. Hope you wont mind if we borrow some of your ideas, letters etc. should we need them. good luck, and we'll keep watching with interest. One of these days, they will realise that we are not prepared to lay down and be trampled on!! Jo and Mick
  15. Hi, The [edited] still manage to wrong foot us! I've just got home from work to find two letters, one from LTSB threatening me with all sorts and the other from their minions SC&M also threatening me, this time with attachment of earnings, warrant of execution and charging order. If the [edited] pay us what they owe us, it will more than clear the £759.00 overdraft we have with them! It appears to me that the left leg has no idea what the right leg is doing. And we are still waiting for a cheque they promised us two weeks ago!! Any advice anyone - this cheque would come in really handy
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