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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thank you Crem, your response is appreciated, I will try and claim as you suggest, but will not hold my breath. Julie
  3. Can any one assist me with some guidance. I made a huge error by not correctly displaying a valid ticket in a private car park and ended up having my car clamped and removed. When i returned after work no car. I had a witness who confirmed the time of removal. I contacted Elite Parking Management and they gave me the number of the firm who had clamped and towed. Unsure of my legal rights at this point, I paid the 375 cash demanded to get my car back. What is the current law on the clamping and removal of cars? I have read and read a lot of threads but can not find the inf
  4. sorry, i should have clarified a bit more.. they are saying that i have held two accounts with them, one at a previous address and this current address, they are requesting £10 per account. It was my understanding that the £10 was per SAR request. thanks for reply
  5. i am in the process of asking Tiscali for SAR. They have replied to my initial letter, asking for £10 per account.Can someone clarify for me this is correct? assistance much appreciated. Julie
  6. i couldnt find a specific area for 'hired', i hope its ok put in here. i hired via the internet on easyvan site, one van for a period of 24 hours, this was to be collected and retured at specific times from a local van hire company. I arrived at the appointed place at the correct time to find it was closed, i waited for over half an hour, tried the number advertised but with little joy. As it was urgent i needed a van, i found a local one open and managed to obtain a van from there. I am now trying to chase for a return of my money paid to easyvan. I spoke to the local comp
  7. Hi, I thought i would post here that A&L have agreed to refund monies paid for PPI as part of a loan i took out 18 mths ago, i was miss sold as i informed the sales person i had private PP ins, and he insisted that without this being part of the loan i would be refused. A&L have issued new loan agreements taking off the ppi charge, i am awaiting my returned payment of $550. I also challanged the first offer as they did not add the 8% interest, they added it without any quibble at all. thanks
  8. hi i wasnt sure where to post this, but as this is connected with the new classified section, thought it as good a place as any! i have looked and looked through the new section and no where can i see how to place adds! can someone point me in the right direction
  9. JulieR

    julier V MBNA

    ok now what do i do!! Gareth rang to say that of the two accounts i had with them only one incurred charges and that was £50, he added the interest and says he will deduct the £30 already sent to me and forward the balance! as for the other account there were no charges = now as i explained to Gareth, i would love to take his word and close it all there and then! and i certainly dont like saying i dont beleive him! but, how come this card was the only card i owned during this time where i did not incur charges as it was all during a difficult time in my life! He has agreed to send the bala
  10. JulieR

    julier V MBNA

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i have not recieved any of the promised paperwork to date, tried to contact them last week, had to wait for a call back that i then missed as i do have to work for a living to!! emailed Gareth to say sorry i missed your call but i do have to work for living, please respond by 18th or i will be estimating my charges and going ahead with court action, i did add tha i would like with his support to avoid this action! i got a read reciept at 0730 this morning! (long hours they are having to put in eh) todate i have recieved two cheques for £30 each, this i think is due
  11. they havent returned my cheque or carnt tell me where it is either!! they were just concerned about had it been cashed or not!! if any one gets my cheque let me know please!!
  12. JulieR

    julier V MBNA

    update - finally got a call back - Gareth rang me this morning! full of opolgies about delay - i have asked for a complete breakdown of charges on TWO cards as per my original request, he assures me i will have these on monday or tuesday and i asked them to work out the intrest as well, save me working it all out!
  13. JulieR

    julier V MBNA

    that was the one i rang, girl was very pleasant that i spoke to, but no return call as promised! i dont think i will be home by 5 so wont be able to call tomorrow is any of the email addies one to someone in the advocasy office?
  14. JulieR

    julier V MBNA

    thanks for that - update - rang advocasy office this afternoon, told i would be contacted by a stand in as my names person was not in today! i asked if it would be today and was said oh yes it will be before 5pm - its now 5.30 and no return call!! and now i am back at work tomorrow and the chances of my getting a moment to call are slim!! Grrrrrr
  15. JulieR

    julier V MBNA

    ok - i have cut and pasted from various posts and the resulting letter goes as follows! if its any good to anyone help your self - but dont forget to alter it to suit your particular case. LETTER BEFORE ACTION – Data Protection Act 1998 Dear Mr Bailey MBNA Account(s) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I refer to your letter dated 21st July 2006. I am disappointed in your response to my letter dated 20th June 2006 I believe the letter clearly laid out my DPA request and I enclosed a cheque for the £10 fee, being correct payment for this request. To re
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