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  1. Thank you I will look forward to your help!!
  2. :cool:Did you get any joy with Ticketmaster? I have the exact same problem!
  3. well they have continued with persuing me, we are in court (small claims) on the 15th!
  4. We were allocated DLA higher rate mobility for my son in August 08, we swapped it for the motability scheme and paid £3k in deposit for an S Max on Contract hire via the motability scheme. Its a 3 year contract so in effect it runs till August 2011. I have just had a letter and renewal pack saying the DLA is to expire in April 2010 and I have to reapply. If my son is not awarded the DLA at higher rate, do we have to continue with the car payments?? what happens?? Can we terminate the agreement ? HELP PLEASE:confused: !!!
  5. Apparently according to them (the DCA) Ofsted require nurseries to have a 2 mth termination period!! I too was baffled, I used to be chair of a nursery PTA and I have never heard anything so stupid. Shall I post their POC?
  6. Money Claim Online Northampton County Court 21-27 St Katharine’s Street Northampton NN1 2LH 18 February 2009 Dear Sir/Madam Claim No: XXXXXXXXXXX DEFENCE I am agreeing to the sum of £241.37 as the only amount outstanding owed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Nursery. I have been harassed continually by Bullock and Clarke with regard to an alleged debt of £882.66. On each occasion that I have asked for a breakdown of where they assume I owe this money I do not receive any proof or copy documents. Apparently the nursery Terms and Conditions state a two month
  7. How do I apply to have the CCJ set aside? Are there any templates anyway?
  8. Northamton MCOL court!! I am so confused I dont know what to do they refuse to send me a copy of the contract I supposedly signed, they are adamant they are in the right because they have a photocopy of the nursery T&Cs which do say 2 mth notice period but I have never seen them, my argument is purely I have not seen it before, nobody made me aware of such and since my daughter left there was a whole year before any one came to me alledging I owe this money, I have no notice of assignment that the nursery had sold the debt on, handing it to a DCA, nothing, out of the blue wa
  9. Hi How did you get on?? Just reading your thread with interest.
  10. Thank you trouble is they are saying as its a nursery fee debt it does not come under normal guidelines!! My daughter left the nursery 2 years ago so I am not overly concerned apart from the naffing CCJ threat which I need like a hole in the head!! Any help is appreciated.
  11. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/190828-ccj-action-started-i.html Thanks everyone for your help I have started a new thread here.
  12. I have had notification from Bullock & Clarke that I owe over £800 in nursery fees dating back to 2007, this was the first I had heard! They are saying there was a 2 mth notice period that entitles them to charge me as per their Terms and Conditions to which I had not received nor do I remember signing. Well so far I have issued a letter asking for a copy of my signed agreement to the terms and conditions of the nursery, all they sent was a photocopy of standard T&Cs hi-lighting the paragraph about 2 mths notice period, thing is as I keep telling the woman at the
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