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  1. thank you, we'll keep you posted on the result! I'll take as many notes as I can in court so I can report back & hopefully help anyone with a court date coming up.
  2. Thank you for advice/threads. I want to speak on behalf of my partner in court, even though this is his case, he feels unable to speak in public about something he really doesn't understand. Due to his dyslexia etc I have handled this whole case from the start, writing letters etc. and I feel confident to speak in court on his behalf. Does anyone know the procedure for this? Should he stand up and ask if I can speak on his behalf? Should we compile a letter that states he wants me to speak for him to hand to the judge? Should I have done this before court date? Any ideas?? I know this is a bit odd, but he really can't do this on his own.
  3. Hi everyone! OK so we're in court this Friday (I'm speaking on behalf of my partner) & I feel nervous now! Since he moved his banking over to "Abbey" and stopped using this account, (as advised) he has had nothing but grief and problems from Barclays. I spent an hour on the phone to a call centre manager last night trying to sort out a total cock up with his Barclayloan. GET THIS... He tried to take the protection off his B.loan months ago, they wouldn't do this- said he needed a new unprotected loan & they would pay of old loan with these funds. Instead, they put a load of cash (£4500) in his current account instead of paying off his loan, this wasn't even enough to cover the old loan anyway, so there it is sitting in his account! PLUS he has 2 loans going & 2 DDs set up for nearly £400 a month! I registered a complaint, they said it would take 5-7 days to resolve this problem. I mentioned that I would be highlighting this incident of Barclays' incompetence when we see them in court re; bank charges- His reply, " I don't think so Madam, every case is on hold pending an investigation, so you won't be seeing us in court for a while" (in a really sarcastic voice) To my delight, I replied "ah but I have a court date of Friday this week" The mood changed to say the least -a polite, helpful Manager emerged! I said I had given Barclays ample opportunity to respond to my claim and I was really looking forward to Friday! God I hope I win now!! WILL BARCLAYS ACTUALLY TURN UP TO COURT ON FRIDAY? WILL THEY SEND A STATEMENT TO BE READ OUT INSTEAD? IF THEY DON'T TURN UP DOES THE CASE AUTOMATICALLY GET THROWN OUT & I WIN? SHOULD I MENTION ALL THE LITTLE INCIDENTS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS YEAR IN COURT? WHAT IS THE LIKELY OUTCOME OF MY CASE AT THE MOMENT? (given the changes in response from Barclays). Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Love you all x
  4. Right, I reckon this is going to be the last question that I ask on this site before I shout "hallelujah, case won" (I hope) My court bundle (x3 copies) is ready to submit. It says in the FAQs; Q. The bank has responded and left me no choice - I am now prepared to go to court. Where should I address the court papers? A. You can send it to any of their registered addresses. Sending it to the branch or the Head Office is the norm. 1) I keep one copy for me, I send one into the court and I send one copy to Barclays Head office. -Is this right? Should I address it to someone specific and should it go recorded delivery? (I will post court copy by hand) 2) I will header the bundle with "MR X v Barclays Bank", "court name, claim no. & date of hearing" and "copy of the documents I intend to rely on at the hearing". I know this seems like a silly question, but is this everything I need to do? Don't want to think about this claim anymore, just want it over with and all the docs submitted!!!:-|
  5. thank you for your reassurance guys, onward I go!
  6. If I forego 6-7 months interest, will my claim still stand up in court? I'm worried that Barclays will do the calculations themselves and discover that mine don't add up? I don't mind about losing the extra interest, it's my fault for taking so long with this. I really don't want to amend my claim, as I don't think it's wise to rock the boat this near to the court date and I am worried that it will change the outcome. (also don't know what's involved in this process) Shall I just carry on as I was; preparing the court bundle with the old figures? (I'll be guided by your experience, won't hold you to it though!) Do you think I've got a realistic chance of success with the case if I leave everything as it is?? Thank you for your help on this.
  7. sent prelim letter Oct 06 sent N1 form to court May 07
  8. yes thats right, it been best part of 6 months now. But more importantly, the amount I claimed on my schedule that I sent in with my N1 form is the interest up to last year when I first used the spreadsheet, not up to the date of issue.
  9. thank you for your quick reply, but what about when I sent my N1 form in? I'm sure I had to state the amount I was claiming in full including the interest, now the full amount claimed is going to be massively different?? or am I missing the point?! Also which one is the date of issue? Is the the 1st response from court to my N1? Sorry for being such a pain, I'm really regretting calling my self clued up all that time ago when I started this!
  10. sorry - court date August 24th! What on earth do I do now? Do I leave the charges as they are & hope that Barclays don't win on the technicality of me not adding up the interest correctly? Or do I re-submit my schedule of charges with interest up until now? Am I going for the set amount that the bank owe us in charges then the interest is automatically added or does the court award the amount that I submit to the court on my schedule? Sorry this is getting complicated now, I am panicking.
  11. Can anyone please help me? Urgently trying to put together my court bundle and I have realised a MASSIVE ERROR on my part. When I submitted my claim to the court I also said I was claiming for a certain amount i.e. money owed plus interest. What I didnt do is adjust the amount in interest owed from my original schedule of charges, therefore the amount now differs in interest. I've totally mucked this up I think. Now I am putting together the court bundle should I do a new schedule? What date should I do the interest to? At the moment it has never changed from my original letter to barclays (sent beg. of year!) so now i am owed more interest, but this changes my overall claim amount with the court. I have just been asked to submit bundle so I have time to do what I need, but I really need some URGENT guidance please. court date 24th July*
  12. Thank you so much for organising my thread for me Bookworm, I was getting lost! I have just received a court date of 24th August, asked to submit any evidence that I intend to rely on etc I'm sending correspondence, schedule of charges, relevant case law summary, etc (court bundle) tomorrow. **Having a bit of a nightmare though, until I get home tonight, I am unsure where my copy statements are as this has been going on so long (we've moved twice!) If I can't find them, am I stuffed? I thought my schedule of charges was a summary of all those statements, oops! Lets hope I can find them??!!**
  13. Thanks Guys, was good advice to ring the court they told me all I need to know! Lady said that Barclays entered AQ on 17th July and now I have a court date of 27th August @ 2pm (how exciting!)Says letter went out 2nd class, so now I wait for instructions. I guess I should send in my court bundle as soon as I receive the letter, try to speed things up (Oh sorry I forgot I'm dealing with the SLOW BANK)!
  14. Also if there is anyone out there that could put all my mini threads onto 1 thread that would be great, I'm rubbish on the pc, been doing this claim forever! Thank you, I'm nearly there phew!
  15. Hi Everyone! I am at the court stage with my claim, I entered my allocation questionnaire & paid £100 a few weeks ago and since then I have received a letter saying that before the hearing was bought before Judge "Bloggs" in my local court, Barclays had (7 days) until yesterday to enter their allocation questionnaire. (Sorry, I am at work and don't have the letters with me for exact wording)! I haven't heard a thing, what should I do? Haven't been given a court date, haven't sent in bundle, or been asked to! I did submit a full allocation qu. with all the suggestions and add ons suggested in FAQs. I also included the list of charges made when I filed my claim at court. I'M WORRIED THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING OR SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING TO GET THINGS MOVING??!
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