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  1. Thats excellent!!! I wonder if its a mistake and they will revoke their offers? Hope not. I've sent the signed letter back to them today, recorded delivery.
  2. We were offered £750 of a £1300 claim a few weeks ago. We decided we would accept it but we didn't write to them (we let the court know though) we just took the money from our account. On Friday we had a letter from SC&M telling us that they still intend to defend in court and all the reasons why. Then Saturday we received another letter from SC&M 'strictly without predjudice confidential' basically telling us that their charges are correct etc etc but as it costs them more to go to court they are willing to pay the full claim!!! I'm really surprised at this as we hadn't even got a court date. Really pleased though!! Anyone else had this?
  3. Lloyds have filed a defence today, we got a copy through the post this morning. But yesterday we got a letter from them offering us £750 of a £1300 claim. Do you think I should take it and run or shall I reject it? If I reject it hoe do I go about doing this? Thanks in advance
  4. I have had the same letter offering back £124. Problem is that it arrived the same day that I took my papers to the court. Is this going to effect my claim now? I really hope i don't have to do it again as it cost £120.
  5. Thanks for your replies guys. The only interest I have included is the 8% that is worked out by using the bank charges s/sheet on here. Hopefully my next attempt will be more successful. Thanks again for your help Emma
  6. My partner took our claim (done on the N1 form with schedule attached) to the local court last week and they told him that I needed to show the interest workings? Is this normal? I have used the bank charges template on here so don't really understand what they want. Grateful for any advice. Thanks Emma
  7. Thanks Barty, Just out of interest is it easier to do the MCOL way instead?
  8. Hi all, I sent my LBA a couple of weeks ago and the deadline for Lloyds to reply was yesterday. I've heard nothing. Is this normal? I thought I would have had some type of response telling me to poke it!! I've completed the court form and will take it in at the weekend with the schedule of charges and fee. But just wondered if anyone had a response at the LBA stage? Thanks Emma:)
  9. I was hoping you would say that. Thanks for the reply. Will be sure to keep you posted. Emma:)
  10. Hello, i'm new on here. Well kind of new - I've been lurking for a whle now. I recently sent off my letter to Lloyds requesting them to repay £1234 on extortionate excess overdraft charges (used the template on here). They have now responded basically telling me that they are completely within their rights to charge me as they are not for default charges but for a service they provide. Can anyone tell me if this is a standard response or if I am actually not able to claim these charges? Many thanks in advance. Emma
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