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  1. can anybody help i need the address where to send my prem letter to hsbc
  2. just started and wondering what offer i will get???
  3. that after the offer has been accepted that when everything comes to light and the banks realise they are in the wrong that claims can be made for the rest. in your defence saying the money was need at first to help out but wanting it all back eventually.
  4. also is there something that would make her exempt from court costs???
  5. i am currently doing my girlfriends claim and have been offered £1000 by barclays.she wants to accept but im willing to goa allth eway.if it did go to court would she have to be the one who attends or could i do so, as i have started the claim?? how fdo i start court claim.do i do a moneyclaim or a form n1 that everyone seems to keep writing about.should i write to barclays saying i wish too negoiate settlement, rather than go to court???
  6. dont want it to drag on for ages, how long am i looking at???
  7. i had the same leeter from barclays, why are they so confident.its obvious they will have top solicitors working on the case.im worried and might just accept offer of £100 and run, rtreat myself and that be ned of it, good luck
  8. you gotta wait all that long, who know by then they might be able to worm their way out of it as there gonna have the top solicitors on the case
  9. i thinking the more people start to claim and they drag it out there will be a loophole they find and then could walk away with nothing. as we all know there has to be some charge there end for doing the paerwiork on charges
  10. if so at what stage and did u take their offer?? im thinking of taking offer, do they go all the way.can i lose???
  11. should i send letter requesting £3000??? how do i go about making a court claim??? where do i start if need be
  12. i have had an offer back from mr laurence white of £1000, im trying to claim back £3400. i am in process of writing a letter requesting £3000 as final settlement instead.should i send letter or just ring him on phone and try an arrange a compromise of a figure that we can both agree on??? i want to sort it sooner rather than later beacause the more they receive the more people i think they will take to court and eventually win!!!
  13. i have sent both letters, how do i write letter accepting it as a partial refund
  14. i am trying to claim over £3400 in charges and have received a letter today offering me only £1000, do i accept the offer?? or how do i take it further and will i have to appear in court??? im in walsall, where woulfd i have to attend.really need help.anyone???
  15. what do i do now, how do i make a claim??? where do i look for the template letter
  16. i didnt even have an offer made, why could this be???
  17. had my reply today from the lba letter, said looking into it and will reply to me no later than 28 days, what should i do now??? do i wait???
  18. just sent off my lba letter, now i wait
  19. sent off my 1st letter and got a letter back saying will respond in next 28 days, im trying to claim back over £3000.im worried they will make me an offer, which im vunerable to take as its money i never thought i would have.what offers have people had and did they accept them???
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